No Flag Northern Ireland

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  • Pubblicato il 18 giu 2019
  • Northern Ireland's officially unofficial flag.
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  • Glen Johnston
    Glen Johnston 2 giorni fa

    Whats the north of Ierland (Is fuath liom Tuaisceart na hÉireann agus is O'Neill mé.)

  • Wlla643 :D
    Wlla643 :D 2 giorni fa

    That troubles fight scene caught me off guard but I absolutely loved it

  • Grahm Singleton
    Grahm Singleton 5 giorni fa +1

    My family is called the red hands

  • B Lidge
    B Lidge 5 giorni fa


  • Demonetized
    Demonetized 6 giorni fa +1

    Good robo-dog

  • Un Limon
    Un Limon 7 giorni fa

    2:30 hmmm

  • The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe

    🇨🇮 can't we just use this

    AAALE 7 giorni fa

    1:32 Sardinia??

  • Bashkir
    Bashkir 9 giorni fa

    Can't they use the st.patrick flag?

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 10 giorni fa

    They aren't a country. They're a secret Welsh military base.

  • SADoctorNick
    SADoctorNick 10 giorni fa +1

    You can't talk about an inherently political situation without talking about politics. Stop being such a technocrat.

  • discount_ostrich
    discount_ostrich 11 giorni fa

    The flag is also not official because not all of Ulster is Nothern Ireland. 6 out of the 9 counties in Ulster are in Nothern Ireland while the other 3 are in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett 11 giorni fa

    3:09, and the UK army massacred civilians during the troubles.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett 11 giorni fa

    1:30, it is because Northern Ireland was planted with Scottish people to colonize it. As a result Northern Ireland was kept by the UK on Irish independence.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett 11 giorni fa

    If brexit actually happened, Northern Ireland will leave the UK. And Scotland will likely leave as well. Then England and Wales will likely break up.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett 11 giorni fa

    I predicted the UK wouldn’t brexit on October 31st.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett 11 giorni fa

    I am getting caught up on this channel. I will be sad when I run out of content from here.

  • Film Doctor Studios
    Film Doctor Studios 11 giorni fa

    Could you please do a video on The Troubles?

  • Adrian Simington
    Adrian Simington 11 giorni fa +1

    This comment section is too wholesome and pure.
    aNyOnE hErE iN 2019?!?!?!?!

  • Caelan Saunderson
    Caelan Saunderson 12 giorni fa

    We do have a flag
    It's a red saltire on a white background

  • Lieutenant McFuckshit
    Lieutenant McFuckshit 12 giorni fa

    The 6 pointed star represents the 6 counties (I think)

  • Reddit With Owen
    Reddit With Owen 12 giorni fa

    That's the flag of Ulster

  • Yoshi Owens
    Yoshi Owens 12 giorni fa

    My family was from Ireland and moved to the USA in the famine (you know which famine) and centuries
    later my father marries into a Polish family, then I came into existence and moved to poland

  • Yoshi Owens
    Yoshi Owens 12 giorni fa

    King: ok I’m going off to attack now
    Some nerd like me: NO DONT DO IT THE FLAG IS WRONG

  • Yoshi Owens
    Yoshi Owens 12 giorni fa

    My family coat of arms has the ulster hand on it because I’m an Irish person born in the United States, now living in poland

  • Ryan
    Ryan 13 giorni fa

    Up the ra

  • Nouche
    Nouche 14 giorni fa +1

    Wouldn’t it be logical for the Northern Irish flag to be a cross like Scotland’s, but with the same colors as England’s?

    • Timothy McLean
      Timothy McLean 13 giorni fa

      That...kinda sounds like it would be making the sort of political statement that the Northern Irish government wouldn't want to make, just in case it set off another round of Troubles.

  • The Kobster 05
    The Kobster 05 14 giorni fa

    As a northern Irishman who lives in an undisclosed very unionist area (I mean you’ve got about 6 big ones there, if your from norn iron take a pot shot). I’m not saying my opinion because I don’t want to taint the cleanliness of this comment section, but I will ask what is a flag? What you’re showing look like flegs, you’ve got our fleg, down south’s fleg, some other British flegs, van Dijk’s and king Billy’s fleg. What’s a flag?

  • David Savage
    David Savage 14 giorni fa

    Why would it have its own flag when it’s not a country?

    • pëppërmint_träsh owo
      pëppërmint_träsh owo 9 giorni fa

      It's a province, and in America Colorado has its own flag and so does texas so fuck up

    • Joe Miller
      Joe Miller 10 giorni fa

      Since when are flags only reserved for countries?

  • Azar Kamal
    Azar Kamal 14 giorni fa

    This situation is very similar to indian occupied Kashmir...which is colonized by indian military (700000 +)...and a continuing genocide if Kashmiri people who want to join Pakistan...since they are historically & culturally similar... with a common river Indus...yes its Pakistani & has nothing to do with "british or fake india"!!

  • Svetlana Lucia
    Svetlana Lucia 15 giorni fa


  • Peter Quinn
    Peter Quinn 15 giorni fa

    We doooooooo have a flag

  • Half-life fan 39
    Half-life fan 39 15 giorni fa

    No flag havin ass

  • nobody here please go away

    New flag video when
    I really want to see a space flag

  • nessesaryschoolthing
    nessesaryschoolthing 16 giorni fa

    And once again Cornwall is forgotten.

  • GiggitySam Entz
    GiggitySam Entz 17 giorni fa +1

    I probably wouldn't have reognised it as Northern Ireland without context...

    • knightofficer
      knightofficer 13 giorni fa

      i only recognized it because i play way too much CKII in the british isle, and ironically ulster is usually the first duchy i scoop up because its closest to scotland

  • Greg Fox
    Greg Fox 17 giorni fa

    2:14 when Grey says this video won't have politics

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 17 giorni fa

    Ahhh love living in Northern Ireland

  • fm finlay
    fm finlay 18 giorni fa

    County armagh mates

  • DaDARKPass
    DaDARKPass 18 giorni fa

    Can you make a country woman that doesn't have a skirt?

  • John aka Chara
    John aka Chara 18 giorni fa +1

    0:10 Seriously Gray?

  • Jade Blade
    Jade Blade 18 giorni fa +3

    The forest of knowledge should be an encounter in a D&D campaign

  • Eddy
    Eddy 19 giorni fa

    3:30 it's what we call the plantation it's a big subject in history in Irish schools

  • Amiibo Alec
    Amiibo Alec 19 giorni fa +1

    "in these fair isles, the flag is used and understood"
    Ok Mr. Not the Confederate flag

  • Ghost God Gaming
    Ghost God Gaming 20 giorni fa +1

    I’m northern Irish. It’s because of the troubles. I wasn’t born during it which it happened in the 90’s.i was born in 2007,it’s because Northern Ireland is a mixed culture and the troubles was a mixed religion war. Also,it’s not a Scottish accent. It’s in main Belfast. People in Belfast City Centre and Shankill mainly have the accent.
    Also,Scotland is litteraly near Northern Ireland, you have to go through a sea by boat and hey presto, your in Scotland .

  • knate44
    knate44 20 giorni fa

    So when are you going to do a video on the troubles?

  • Cherisse Fernandes
    Cherisse Fernandes 22 giorni fa

    CGP Grey Presents:

    Fun with Flags.

  • Annke
    Annke 23 giorni fa +3

    I know the true flag of Northern Ireland


    • Infinity Galaxy 501
      Infinity Galaxy 501 9 giorni fa

      Well, take this into consideration, if the “stupid” Uk creates a United Ireland, it will go against the very democracy both nations stand for, and will more than likely lead to unrest by Loyalist groups in Northern Ireland, leading to civilian and military deaths alike. Also the fact that majority of NI still wants to stay in the union, although by a small margin. A United Ireland will only happen if the people of both NI and Ireland agree too it, which isn’t today, it may be in the future, but not today.

    • pëppërmint_träsh owo
      pëppërmint_träsh owo 9 giorni fa

      @Annke exactly!

    • pëppërmint_träsh owo
      pëppërmint_träsh owo 9 giorni fa

      @Infinity Galaxy 501 mkay

    • Annke
      Annke 18 giorni fa +1

      Yeah I did N.I. Should be in Ireland but the stupid UK think otherwise

    • Infinity Galaxy 501
      Infinity Galaxy 501 20 giorni fa

      Annke you didn’t watch the video did you?

  • Connor Fujishige
    Connor Fujishige 24 giorni fa

    Naked Godiva has transparent skirt, but still a skirt lol

  • Ur mom gay龘
    Ur mom gay龘 27 giorni fa +1

    Well, get ready for Troubles 2.0 boysssss

  • CheTonMic McMorScull
    CheTonMic McMorScull 29 giorni fa +1

    United ireland

  • CheTonMic McMorScull
    CheTonMic McMorScull 29 giorni fa +1

    Fak the red hand of Ulster

  • chiefcat12
    chiefcat12 Mese fa

    0:11 BAM

  • Bavarian Mapper
    Bavarian Mapper Mese fa

    Abkhazia and Northern Ireland can high five each other

  • Adorable Patrick
    Adorable Patrick Mese fa +2

    I'd like to see a Northern Ireland video and more videos.. generally

    • _B -Lowe_
      _B -Lowe_ Mese fa

      agreed. DUP disagrees however.

  • captain chaos
    captain chaos Mese fa

    To be fair all British have only one flag. The union flag. All others are just symbolic, just like Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland parliament, you have no idea! Then you have to take your history lessons again and find the symbolism goes back long before the 1950s. Then you need to look closer at the Irish flag. The troubles go a wee bit before the 1970s by only a couple of hundred years.

  • red x17
    red x17 Mese fa +1


    • red x17
      red x17 Mese fa

      @_B -Lowe_ yea which part of ireland says "fleg"

    • _B -Lowe_
      _B -Lowe_ Mese fa +1


  • Lucas-Tyler Harington

    Wales really does have the superior flag

  • Dan Sweeney
    Dan Sweeney Mese fa +1

    I still prefer the blue flag with the harp in the upper corner. Oh, that's a United Ireland, sorry.

  • RAtHOR
    RAtHOR Mese fa

    2:50 for anime fight scene in case ur curious