VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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  • Pubblicato il 8 giu 2019
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    The Crew reacts to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Commenti • 7 783

  • CrazyPangolinLady
    CrazyPangolinLady 15 ore fa

    If you think the CGI baby in Twilight was bad, you guys should check out the robot baby they were gonna use.

  • CrazyPangolinLady
    CrazyPangolinLady Giorno fa

    I think Superman looks like he’s got chew in his lip.

  • Cory M.M.
    Cory M.M. Giorno fa

    That baby really is the ugliest thing. It never should of been made

  • Pretzil43
    Pretzil43 2 giorni fa

    The criss cross eyes should have glowed, right?

  • Juan Ignacio Borda
    Juan Ignacio Borda 3 giorni fa

    React to Mel's Brooks Spaceballs

  • Ay Gokuu
    Ay Gokuu 3 giorni fa

    The mehtrix.

  • SpeakYourMind Lea
    SpeakYourMind Lea 3 giorni fa

    ca you react to NASA vfx

  • JerJay
    JerJay 6 giorni fa

    Why couldn't ROCK be the good guy damnit!

  • cenovio Pereira
    cenovio Pereira 8 giorni fa

    Youre telling these guys never seen the matrix

  • Francesco Navarro
    Francesco Navarro 9 giorni fa +6

    “District 9”, please.

  • Jemar De Shun Blount
    Jemar De Shun Blount 9 giorni fa

    The Matrix, still the best movie outside the Realm of reality. 🧠
    *Red pill* *blue pill*

  • kit kat
    kit kat 10 giorni fa

    please do Kingsmen!!

  • Toffypops
    Toffypops 10 giorni fa

    That cgi baby looks like Alfred Bester from Babylon5

  • Fys K
    Fys K 11 giorni fa

    Man if someone gave that baby I would have Freaked out and punched it in the face

  • 3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7
    3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7 11 giorni fa

    12:41 Is this an issue of scale? My best guess is that they simulated the pieces falling apart, but the model was scaled too big, so the physics felt weird because things appeared to be falling slower than they should. And they knew it looked off, but couldn't fix the physics simulation, so they did their best to hide it.

  • Alex Rojas
    Alex Rojas 11 giorni fa

    do godzilla :kotm i loved the cg in that

  • xVx_CoolDude69_xVx
    xVx_CoolDude69_xVx 12 giorni fa

    Wouldn’t it be easier to shave Henry’s mustache and then use a fake one for mission impossible

    • Ab Cd
      Ab Cd 10 giorni fa

      why would the team behind MI care? thats JLs problem

  • randomness101
    randomness101 12 giorni fa

    Please please react to district 9 and ready player one

  • punkturtles
    punkturtles 14 giorni fa

    what movie did they show at 10:15?

  • Connor McCormick
    Connor McCormick 15 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who saw the bad cgi super man mouth and immediately thought about annoying orange lol

  • rubendrakkar
    rubendrakkar 15 giorni fa

    I am soo subscribe I always wanted to work on movies as vfx artist

  • Aidan Bergman
    Aidan Bergman 17 giorni fa

    Please react to Real Steel!

  • maybetoby
    maybetoby 18 giorni fa

    Colin Salmon also got criss crossed in Alien vs. Predator.

  • Ryan Benson
    Ryan Benson 18 giorni fa

    Come on.... the feeling we all got watching Trinity do the first "bullet time" and then Neo doing it on the roof to prove they could do it again in 1999... was incomparable. It's a great thing they never made any sequels to ruin that masterpiece....

  • Jonas
    Jonas 18 giorni fa

    Wouldn't be easier to create a CGI mustache instead of a CGI mouth?

  • saketh bitla
    saketh bitla 18 giorni fa

    Baby's day out

  • Govind Krishnan u
    Govind Krishnan u 19 giorni fa +1

    can you do first Indian 3d film ("my dear kuttichathan")

  • Jean Moreira
    Jean Moreira 19 giorni fa

    The one thing I don't understand about the Justice League movie is why didn't they just put a full beard on Superman wearing a black suit. It would totally fix the issue while being accurate to the comics and freaking awesome.

  • Bow Man
    Bow Man 19 giorni fa

    Terminator, the first film.

  • Argon
    Argon 19 giorni fa +1

    Not defending the terrible Pacific Rim 2 (I was also disappointed by the movie) but the Jaegers in that movie are a new generation and they hired teens instead of adults (like the ones in the first movie) because teenagers moves faster and can be more flexible during combat, basically it is intentional that it is a combo of new generation Jaegers and fast and flexible teenager pilots.

  • perfectly Imperfect
    perfectly Imperfect 20 giorni fa

    Terminator - Arnold schwarzenegger In genesys or salvation?

  • TARS Cooper
    TARS Cooper 22 giorni fa

    like air... and what not

  • illistfloo
    illistfloo 22 giorni fa

    Lol did no one trust these kids with a real baby or did they need him to look a certain way wich they just couldnt find?

    • Sara
      Sara 15 giorni fa

      @illistfloo lol yea I've seen clips and they're definitely not sexy (unless you're a monster fucker) and yea the baby "mysteriously disappeared" on set and they never found it. The things those actors went through on set 😂😂

    • illistfloo
      illistfloo 15 giorni fa

      @Sara omg dude u should altho i was just trolling about vampires being sexy:) they are definitely disgusting, super cool concept tho

    • illistfloo
      illistfloo 15 giorni fa

      @Sara xD that i was not aware of

    • Sara
      Sara 17 giorni fa +1

      @illistfloo i always wanted to watch strain but never had time to. I need to get on that

    • Sara
      Sara 17 giorni fa +1

      @illistfloo lol it's still better than that nightmare fuel that was the animatronic baby

  • joshua moore
    joshua moore 24 giorni fa

    The stupidest thing about justice league's mustache issue is that it is well established in the comics that superman can grow facial hair and actually needs to use his laser vision to shave.

  • Yogeshwaran
    Yogeshwaran 28 giorni fa

    it sucks so much that they ruined Pacific Rim Uprising :( it could've been a really awesome movie series

  • ayushposts
    ayushposts 29 giorni fa

    7:17 that explanation was spot on

  • Kaycs gaming
    Kaycs gaming 29 giorni fa

    Bahubali waterfall VfX

  • Kaycs gaming
    Kaycs gaming 29 giorni fa

    Bahubali dam VFX

  • c m player
    c m player Mese fa

    Please react to Godzilla CGI

  • King Awesome
    King Awesome Mese fa


  • Deepak Suthar
    Deepak Suthar Mese fa

    Big hero 6

  • Deepak Suthar
    Deepak Suthar Mese fa

    Big hero 6

  • Deepak Suthar
    Deepak Suthar Mese fa

    Big hero 6

  • Deepak Suthar
    Deepak Suthar Mese fa

    Big hero 6

  • Deepak Suthar
    Deepak Suthar Mese fa

    BIG HERO 6

  • Marco Florian
    Marco Florian Mese fa

    so many ads !!! argh !

  • shadecrawler
    shadecrawler Mese fa

    I couldn't understand... what was the movie after Resident Evil?

  • Thomas K96
    Thomas K96 Mese fa


  • joe kim dacayon
    joe kim dacayon Mese fa

    King Kong

  • geof pe
    geof pe Mese fa

    cool vid

  • Diamond Gamer231

    The jaegers had a new upgrade so mark 6 or 7 can move faster

  • Entertainment 24/7

    Name of the last movie

  • O'Neil Benjamin
    O'Neil Benjamin Mese fa

    There is like nothing better than this on You Tube

  • Austin Directo
    Austin Directo Mese fa

    You guys gotta feel bad for Justice League though. There was just so much that went wrong behind the scenes that things could not go right on screen. I thought the movie was better then people set it out to be.

  • Austin Directo
    Austin Directo Mese fa

    Niko: Do you wanna see the best miniature explosion?
    *gets ad where tanks are blowing things up in the desert for request to join the army*

  • Christian Moreno

    the MAHtrix

  • D-MF-L
    D-MF-L Mese fa +1

    Corridor Crew vs Mysterio Crew from SM: FFH

  • Blue Mos
    Blue Mos Mese fa

    Watch this cgi of a football match from an Indian film in 2019: @

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith Mese fa

    “That little chunk comes off, and it just floats there.” 12:38
    That’s not what you’re seeing there, guys. The first “chunk” that falls lands on his shoulder, that’s why it bounces.

  • Benjamin Rudnicki