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  • Pubblicato il 4 mag 2019
  • Timestamps
    00:07 Using wet wipes on the go
    03:20 Life hacks with gloves
    06:57 Totally useful honey hacks
    12:53 Smart and crazy life hacks with toothbrush
    15:55 Glue gun hacks
    20:49 Brilliant hairbrush hacks
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Commenti • 368

  • Florence Pierce
    Florence Pierce 13 ore fa

    Believe me, if kids can open *'Child-Proof'* caps faster than Adults, gluing a *'Wetwipes'* lid onto an electrical outlet will stop them for how long?
    5 Seconds, maybe?!?

  • Likuu xd
    Likuu xd 23 ore fa

    23:19 how can she smile like that when her tooths are BROWN

  • Tricia Cardone
    Tricia Cardone Giorno fa

    I don't think I'll be rubbing pollen and tomatoes on my sunburned skin thank you very much. 10:43

    • Florence Pierce
      Florence Pierce 13 ore fa

      Tomatoes really *DO* take the burn/sting out of sunburn!!!

    YAGIRLEMMA 5436 4 giorni fa

    2:35 is that Joey Graceffa it looks like him

  • Zohran Abbas
    Zohran Abbas 6 giorni fa

    If there is nothing in the video people read comments

  • Rainbow Unicorns
    Rainbow Unicorns 14 giorni fa +2

    and don't do these hacks because your just wasting ingredents that u can use later in life for somthing else other than that

  • Rainbow Unicorns
    Rainbow Unicorns 14 giorni fa +1

    and the other one after that go buy yourself some ginger tea or buy some medicane cause u sick and nobody else need that sickness

  • Rainbow Unicorns
    Rainbow Unicorns 14 giorni fa +1

    for the breath one you don't need their little thing etheir brush your teeth use mouthwash chew gum have a mint or somthing but anything other than that stupid thing

  • Lenifer Cooper
    Lenifer Cooper 14 giorni fa

    Me to period poo

  • Natasha Irani Ahmed
    Natasha Irani Ahmed 16 giorni fa

    That womens hair is to greasy

  • Selin Buday
    Selin Buday 16 giorni fa

    See my cover please

  • joeisawesome6644
    joeisawesome6644 16 giorni fa


  • Марат Тибилов
    Марат Тибилов 16 giorni fa +1

    Актёры из них не очень

  • Tessa Pace
    Tessa Pace 16 giorni fa

    10:46 looks like she put poo on a tomato and rubbed it on her face

  • Leverne Thomas
    Leverne Thomas 17 giorni fa

    That girl with the blonde hair with the mermaid shirt is cringe and looks ugly no offence

  • Eva Bisson
    Eva Bisson 17 giorni fa +1

    6:05 my current relationship status

  • songs Khush
    songs Khush 18 giorni fa +1

    Make it at home

  • Makenzie Stuart
    Makenzie Stuart 19 giorni fa


  • D RealLittleMissSunshine
    D RealLittleMissSunshine 19 giorni fa +4

    oh my I wasted a lot of wipe box cover then....sigh!

  • x Meriton
    x Meriton 19 giorni fa

    wooooot the fack

  • April Oberer
    April Oberer 19 giorni fa +2

    thats alot of honey and baby wipes. btw i just subbed

  • Gabriela Arriaza
    Gabriela Arriaza 19 giorni fa

    This is awsome

  • Ty Toms
    Ty Toms 19 giorni fa +4

    They make it look so easy...so flawless...SO PERFECT!!!

  • jube jubes
    jube jubes 20 giorni fa +3


  • LadyGlitterSparkles French

    The toilet one was a serious eww, ... butt who else goes and cleans the house after watching these, loaded with ideas with the catchy music effortlessly stuck in their head!?

  • Ronaldo Adriano Bonifácio Bonifácio

    Yes like

  • Bruno Fiorentin
    Bruno Fiorentin 21 giorno fa +2

    fas um video maquiagem

  • Amanda Pearlstream
    Amanda Pearlstream 21 giorno fa +2

    10:19 REMEMBER!

  • Alexandre Lopes
    Alexandre Lopes 21 giorno fa

    ela morrel

  • Rachel P
    Rachel P 22 giorni fa

    Pollen. You gonna get allergies from rubbing that on you’re face

  • Lego Guy studios
    Lego Guy studios 23 giorni fa +3

    8:16 called fbi

  • Lego Guy studios
    Lego Guy studios 23 giorni fa +1

    5:01 plastic in my food yaay

  • Laura Nataly Agudelo Ochoa

    I love 5 minute crafts I am fascinated with these ideas

  • Zahra Khan
    Zahra Khan 23 giorni fa +1

    They used sooooooo much baby wipes

  • mafersato8915
    mafersato8915 24 giorni fa +2

    Those are realy good ways to recycle thing's

  • Jose Angel
    Jose Angel 25 giorni fa +1

    16:47 The girl in the right is sooooo cringy

  • Mariya Banks
    Mariya Banks 26 giorni fa +3

    I tried this and it doesn't work

  • Evelyn Pereira evelyn
    Evelyn Pereira evelyn 26 giorni fa

    Que merda isso não presta é tudo falso oq vcs fazem

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 28 giorni fa +5

    If your coughing than just drink warm apple juice it taste good and it works

  • Damienne Mcottrell
    Damienne Mcottrell 29 giorni fa +3

    *when you are lonely*

  • Ariana Xoubi
    Ariana Xoubi 29 giorni fa

    what if i dont like honey ( i dont like it )??????

  • I love y’all Love me

    I like 5 minutes crafts but they do some hacks that doesn’t work( ̄ー ̄ )

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Mese fa

    I am NOT going to clean my toilet with a toothbrush.. just in case someone accidentally uses the toothbrush.. there are people that are that dumb .

  • Zoey Kramer
    Zoey Kramer Mese fa +2

    Was anyone else creeped out the hair spray girl's smile?

  • Alba Sorribas
    Alba Sorribas Mese fa +1


  • Alba Sorribas
    Alba Sorribas Mese fa

    I love you

  • Ana claudia Do Carmo

    alguem aqui e brasileiro

  • Sandiknits
    Sandiknits Mese fa +6

    Tell me... How many times do you burn your fingers in not just this video but most videos involving a hot glue gun!?!?

  • Anashe Musungo
    Anashe Musungo Mese fa

    Make one about eggs 🍳 🍳 🍳

  • Kumail Haider
    Kumail Haider Mese fa +2

    Love love watch 5 minute craft

  • Belri Kok
    Belri Kok Mese fa


  • Allie Crowe
    Allie Crowe Mese fa

    Me. Weres all my honey
    Sis. I used it for my craft and hacks
    Me. Yyour so stupid they dont even work

  • Meme _Master
    Meme _Master Mese fa

    The glove hacks are gross cuz they put powdery stuff inside them

    • Ariel Lightell
      Ariel Lightell Mese fa

      Meme _Master that’s why you get the non powdered gloves

  • Cute Cat
    Cute Cat Mese fa +1

    18:12 Так мило!

  • kjærlighet of my life

    Who uses that many wet wipes?!

  • Kiah Sayson
    Kiah Sayson Mese fa +1

    Wow i like your life hacks

  • Kit Kat678
    Kit Kat678 Mese fa

    Your so gross now you can’t use ur toothbrush!!! Idiot

  • Indy Rose
    Indy Rose Mese fa +1


  • Илья Лукьянченко

    привет Россия

  • Taleen Fallatah
    Taleen Fallatah Mese fa


  • Rahmawati Hadju
    Rahmawati Hadju Mese fa

    hey kamu ti da lela

  • Nyah Riley
    Nyah Riley Mese fa

    Nobody wants to see yo granny painties

  • shahmeer abbasi
    shahmeer abbasi Mese fa +2

    Why you guys repeat same hacks with new fake thumbnail in whole vidoe 2 or 3 hacks are new and all other are repeated🙄🙄

  • Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland

    Don't take offense just good clean fun. I am subscribed by the way. 😉

  • Deanna Cauley
    Deanna Cauley Mese fa +3

    The kitchen glove with the sponges glued to it , is a good idea as long as the glue holds

  • Resa 050
    Resa 050 Mese fa

    Director: how man recycled hacks do you want?
    5 minute crafts: YeS

  • бери и веселись


  • Nazima Hanief
    Nazima Hanief Mese fa

    Do we have to wash our hair after putting olive oil and honey on hair

  • Hunter Shadow
    Hunter Shadow Mese fa +3

    4:00 to be continues