Portland Trail Blazers vs OKC Thunder - Full Highlights | February 11, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  • Pubblicato il 12 feb 2019
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    Portland Trail Blazers vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game Highlights | February 11, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | February 1, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto  2 mesi fa +32

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    • 100percentswag
      100percentswag 2 mesi fa +1

      Ximo you gotta let me know what instrument that is in the intro

    • gerald gabad
      gerald gabad 2 mesi fa +1

      i miss brian.where is he.

    • Carson Autry
      Carson Autry 2 mesi fa +1

      Ximo Pierto yooo gotta show westbrook's 10th assist video cut it out

  • PY L
    PY L 10 giorni fa +2

    Okay. I don't see a chance the Blazers could beat OKC in 7 games without Nurkic coz he is the reliable big man to stop the P&R and protect the rim. If Paul George caught back the fire liked what he did between December to early Feburary, I could see a sweep is coming...

  • ThatSavage 4Feathers

    Tickets from Elliot....

  • J.B Cooper
    J.B Cooper 2 mesi fa

    PG is so dope. Hes gonna be the next best player in the NBA mainly because russ intensity takes so much pressure off him. Hes the only player I've seen outplay KD this season.

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 2 mesi fa +1

    WTF was that gay ass sound at 8:40

  • im trash at soccer ,

    They need to give adams the ball more

  • Ryan Augusto
    Ryan Augusto 2 mesi fa

    o westbrook ta mt bom !!!!!

  • Plinio Correia
    Plinio Correia 2 mesi fa

    Paul Gorge MVP

  • RawbeezyHuynh
    RawbeezyHuynh 2 mesi fa

    Paul George mvp!!!! but as an okc fan that actually watches games they gotta either control westbrook or get rid of the coach that cant control westbrook cuz i love him but honestly some games even when they win it feels like he lightweight trying to tank on purpose like that houston game a couple days ago....

  • Jaesee Banks
    Jaesee Banks 2 mesi fa

    Paul George is taking over the league.

  • Classic Awesomeness-Trickshots

    I WAS AT TJIS GAME!!! It was EPIC!!!!!

  • mrradrig Grumm
    mrradrig Grumm 2 mesi fa

    please someone tell me what that opening song is shit is fire.. the one thats playing with the athleticcases.com

  • Vick Sosaa
    Vick Sosaa 2 mesi fa

    1:42 oh my god 😂😂😂

  • 21JulioJonesMahomes21
    21JulioJonesMahomes21 2 mesi fa +1

    👀👀👀👀 serious contenders

  • Kenfu Liang
    Kenfu Liang 2 mesi fa

    The double triple double, what a partner

  • Random God
    Random God 2 mesi fa

    I swear, If PG is not winning MVP this year.. I'm done with NBA

  • Elek Strames
    Elek Strames 2 mesi fa

    In 2017 nobody would thought any star player playing with russ would be in the mvp conversation look at him now

  • ziggy vlogss
    ziggy vlogss 2 mesi fa

    lets go steve!!! rep nz hard💙

  • tatonkaa
    tatonkaa 2 mesi fa

    Never really liked Westbrook before this season. Watching him and George play now is a lot of fun. It's going to be Thunder vs Bucks

  • BoogieSowavvey 1
    BoogieSowavvey 1 2 mesi fa


  • Kiel Aaron Alcala
    Kiel Aaron Alcala 2 mesi fa

    Not like harden keeps on scoring that he forgot that his other teammates need to contribute.

  • 노부스윙바디
    노부스윙바디 2 mesi fa

    디오테 버튼♡

  • Supreem Court
    Supreem Court 2 mesi fa

    shoutout that fearless rookie

  • Creed Lindquist
    Creed Lindquist 2 mesi fa

    Remember last year when lakers fans were talking all that shit about how Paul George was coming to LA well damn a year later we are top 3 in the west and you guys got a star player who’s a cancer ! I Trading everybody 😂 I love it . We might not win the championship but we got a lot better chance than you guys

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 2 mesi fa

    Pg13 is the real mvp this season he is better than Greek freak pg can shoot drive and defend Greek can not shoot just drive

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 2 mesi fa

    Westbrook can’t dress for shit idk if the elites make them dress like that or what all that money and can’t dress something is wrong with them dudes

  • Surf4Lifeee
    Surf4Lifeee 2 mesi fa +1

    where tf is that Lesley Taylor?

  • no subscriber challenge

    triple double buddies

  • #NBAVOTE pg 13
    #NBAVOTE pg 13 2 mesi fa

    my man pg 13 doing pg 13 plays

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen 2 mesi fa

    Paul George cutting up 🔥🔥🔥

    KB THE SHOOTER 2 mesi fa

    I’m live streaming on IT-clip kb the shooter having a giveaway

  • Jay
    Jay 2 mesi fa

    STEVEN ADAMS played 34 mins but 1 rebound only :))



  • Josh Ozdemir
    Josh Ozdemir 2 mesi fa

    Nice to see the classic intro

  • Lil Leo
    Lil Leo 2 mesi fa


  • Tea Kim
    Tea Kim 2 mesi fa

    장하다 버튼!

  • Mike de Gracias
    Mike de Gracias 2 mesi fa

    Can someone please recognize Raymond Felton?

  • Mike de Gracias
    Mike de Gracias 2 mesi fa

    Russ >> Lillard

  • Madison Clay
    Madison Clay 2 mesi fa

    Paul George is one of the shiftiest dudes in the NBA.

  • Andrew thorpe
    Andrew thorpe 2 mesi fa

    Russ finally passing the ball

  • TheRadFactor
    TheRadFactor 2 mesi fa

    OKC - Carmelo Anthony = Title contenders

  • thugnastyx2
    thugnastyx2 2 mesi fa

    Great game and a great present on my birthday ✊

  • officialbeast42
    officialbeast42 2 mesi fa

    Thank god pg stayed in okc

  • Kristijan Poklečki
    Kristijan Poklečki 2 mesi fa +2

    Paul George's injury turned out to be a blessing in a disguise. Don't get me wrong, I hate the fact he suffered such a horrible injury and lost entire year to get healthy again, but ever since he got back, he improved absolutely every part of his game in order to compensate for the slight loss of his athletic ability. Honestly, there's not a single player in the league right now who can be pointed out as "better" than PG13. This dude is balling like a man possessed!

  • D Great
    D Great 2 mesi fa

    Russ, PG , felton night

  • john wanyutu
    john wanyutu 2 mesi fa

    where is touchdown brian today?

  • Bora AKIN
    Bora AKIN 2 mesi fa

    Where is Bryan?

  • Jay theVillain
    Jay theVillain 2 mesi fa

    Playoff P

  • Funny Rabbid
    Funny Rabbid 2 mesi fa

    The missing piece is melo . Sign melo

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee 2 mesi fa

    It is fun to make a Russ rebounds highlight :)

  • TheBlvision
    TheBlvision 2 mesi fa

    double triple double. What am I saying here!?

  • CCGG262
    CCGG262 2 mesi fa

    westbrook thinks those clothes look good? embarrassing.

  • Terence Portillo
    Terence Portillo 2 mesi fa

    This is my perfect duo !!! WooooooOoo!

  • Julius Milewski
    Julius Milewski 2 mesi fa

    yo bro nice Video but it is time to make the next step more Quality

  • VIA- GRA
    VIA- GRA 2 mesi fa +1

    Lillard 🤧

  • Nelsonsoto24
    Nelsonsoto24 2 mesi fa

    That rookie burton good asf

  • Nathaniel Daniel
    Nathaniel Daniel 2 mesi fa

    Which one of these that got more values?
    A. Russell Westbrook triple doubles
    B. Kevin Durant rings

  • mulgokizary
    mulgokizary 2 mesi fa

    okc and sixers in the final

    ALEXANDER GOGL 2 mesi fa

    2:12 dont look at Diallo

  • ubermench
    ubermench 2 mesi fa

    I guess Bryan who led last season with cracked screens got traded

  • gjsdl2356
    gjsdl2356 2 mesi fa +1

    버튼형 꽃길만 걷자
    좆같은 크블 잘빠져나갔다

  • SCYTHE2525
    SCYTHE2525 2 mesi fa

    OKC looking like the best D I've seen all year. If one man leaps for the block and misses there's another man in line to jump next. That's what I like to see. Congratulations to Mr. Westbrook. Your passion is in the books. George. You're an absolute operator and I'd say playing at your highest level a better all around player than even Durant. Great game nod to Felton and Burton as well! Keep that focus into the playoffs.

  • 김돌
    김돌 2 mesi fa +1

    Burton burton go go go !!!!!!!!

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 2 mesi fa

    1:36 are you kidding me? 1:58 grabbing his arm... okc getting away with murder all night, what a joke.

    • organlover1988
      organlover1988 2 mesi fa

      Yeah, because no one gets away with murder against OKC. SMH

  • Sarrazin Joris
    Sarrazin Joris 2 mesi fa

    I see that Pacers Vs Miami Game 6 PG against Lebron, with a huge improve in 3pts % and better handles.. Just deadly !

  • Miyagi FatGhost
    Miyagi FatGhost 2 mesi fa

    Mannn Sooo GLAD he didn't go to the Lakers.....We woulda missed out on ALL OF THIS!!!

  • Sean Calavan
    Sean Calavan 2 mesi fa

    What a Duo!! BUT Best not forget about Burke!!

  • 1Mrsweetness
    1Mrsweetness 2 mesi fa

    Okc needs AD.

  • Travis Hall
    Travis Hall 2 mesi fa


  • 之后夏天
    之后夏天 2 mesi fa

    maybe PG-13 is suitable for WestBeast compare than KD

  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang 2 mesi fa

    already miss Bryan

  • blazo juric
    blazo juric 2 mesi fa

    another THunder player gonna be MVP wtf is going on

  • Teddy From the block

    Gone be the best postseason in a few years 💯 in both conferences

  • Charles Zha
    Charles Zha 2 mesi fa

    these two should get married.

  • Shawn Shawn
    Shawn Shawn 2 mesi fa

    I think burton will be an all star someday

  • Pastel Hoshi
    Pastel Hoshi 2 mesi fa


  • bintu stjean
    bintu stjean 2 mesi fa +2

    And this game wasn't televised on the ESPN, TNT, or ABC?

    • Lee Y
      Lee Y 2 mesi fa

      bintu stjean

  • Ahshei Gjeej
    Ahshei Gjeej 2 mesi fa

    George's basketball is smooth as butter. Lakers were stupid not to offer ball or ingram for this guy. Didn't offer anything at all considering they're willing to trade their WHOLE team sans lebron for AD.

  • ash de luna
    ash de luna 2 mesi fa

    Scary okc👌🏻

  • Diego Savage
    Diego Savage 2 mesi fa +2

    Our #Rookie is playing well, keep it up young fella 💪

  • Tou Cha
    Tou Cha 2 mesi fa

    MVPG 13!!!!!!

  • Eric300g
    Eric300g 2 mesi fa

    Let’s not sleep on Raymond Felton he did his thing tonight

  • RAR6
    RAR6 2 mesi fa

    bring back the goat enes kenter

  • Kentson Obias
    Kentson Obias 2 mesi fa

    Love this man no.13...even if he came from Injury...he never give up...and Comeback and Rise Again...Salute you PG13 more power...

  • Tremain ???
    Tremain ??? 2 mesi fa +4

    Shoutout Burton! #414 #MKE

  • JeremyCuddles
    JeremyCuddles 2 mesi fa

    PG13 is playing outta his fucking mind this season. Man is straight balling out there. M V P

  • The IronBully
    The IronBully 2 mesi fa

    Russ is starting to share the ball and it's encouraging the whole team. If they keep it up they are a big threat for the title

  • ybeezy 613
    ybeezy 613 2 mesi fa


  • Young LeoNidas
    Young LeoNidas 2 mesi fa

    Pacers Paul George is back🔥🔥🔥.

  • Nicoraba
    Nicoraba 2 mesi fa

    Does Felton take practice at McDonald?

    PRETTY FLACKO 2 mesi fa

    Y’all still got room on the okc bandwagon for one more 👀?

  • Demari
    Demari 2 mesi fa

    Put some Respec on both they name!

  • Caiden H
    Caiden H 2 mesi fa

    Build a superteam around Lillard and McCollum.
    Trade Nurk for a stronger big man,
    Trade Leonard, and Layman for a bigger upgrade on defence.

  • Janet Horowitz
    Janet Horowitz 2 mesi fa

    Nice to see russ hittin some long range shots again

  • 본조비
    본조비 2 mesi fa


  • Shark Loo
    Shark Loo 2 mesi fa

    Damn that Paul and Westbrook combination! Wow,🔥

  • Kauntvlad
    Kauntvlad 2 mesi fa

    Finally they changed A/C commercial. I was really close to get up, find Bryan and kill it with that new case!

  • Terrance Mann
    Terrance Mann 2 mesi fa

    those guys are just as exciting to watch as golden state