Let's play LEGO STAR WARS & other things too

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  • Pubblicato il 12 apr 2019
  • Shot & edited by: mrtaylorstephens
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  • Undead Animations
    Undead Animations 8 giorni fa +1

    I feel like, if he wasn't David harbour, Jack black could have been a good Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. Opinion?

  • Aaron
    Aaron 19 giorni fa +1

    I don't want to actually watch him play games.

  • Land967
    Land967 19 giorni fa

    I wonder, have you played Battlefront 2? the newish one. say what you will about the gameplay, dev team or EA but holy fuck they make Star Wars so real to look at.

  • Colin Beck
    Colin Beck 27 giorni fa

    Im more lost than a camel in the amazon jungle.. this weed got me fuucked up g. Thank you Sir Black for this gold. This channel is a pot of gold at the end of a mudafukin rainbow.. if i could ever meet one human being on this floating rock lost in space i choose to smoke a blunt and chill with this hero. You fuckin Rock mang

  • Daniel Hitchcock
    Daniel Hitchcock 28 giorni fa

    Just do you, it's all good. I grew up watching my friend play his games standing up. He had one control and one chair for like 10 yrs, lol. I learned to enjoy watching as much as getting to play.

  • Hassan Wattoo
    Hassan Wattoo 28 giorni fa

    Jack Black you are so cool and fabulous, u r such a normal guy love and respect for your work as an artist.

  • ecstatic fanboy
    ecstatic fanboy 28 giorni fa +1

    Everyone likes Jack Black

  • princewish
    princewish 29 giorni fa

    Yeah I completely agree, I hate the Ewoks it made Star Wars like the muppets super cheesy.

  • Swing Trader
    Swing Trader Mese fa

    I love the basement

  • sunimec
    sunimec Mese fa


  • Jordan Keenan
    Jordan Keenan Mese fa

    Petion for jack to play halo like if you you agree

  • Jordan Keenan
    Jordan Keenan Mese fa


  • John
    John Mese fa

    Could it be... Is Jack Black FalconloverXxxXXxx?!

  • the English Rocker

    I need to play with this,Jack it was fricking awsome

  • Petarot
    Petarot Mese fa +1

    Jack balck wathc out you have to trhowe EXPLOITSIOVE AT SILVER LEGOES OR ELSE you wont odoo any damige

  • americana_incarnate

    Jack: this thing is filled with not water but some fire retardant liquid.
    Me: so water.

  • Josh Berrier
    Josh Berrier Mese fa

    Exactly how I feel when I feel like I'm being recorded playing video games

  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans Mese fa

    Jablinski games, oh yeah *said in Jack blacks voice*

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z Mese fa

    Did you spank Jumanji hard?

  • alan thunder
    alan thunder Mese fa

    Jablinsky > Dobrik

  • Josue Alejandro Zamora de la cruz

    8:07 "Lets kick some ewoks ass".... Hahahaha easy dude 🙃

  • Insert Name Here

    fake lego star wars, the real lego star wars is on the gamecube

  • Pixel Tall
    Pixel Tall Mese fa

    Jack Black should be in the Star wars return of Skywalker!

  • Billy Hicks
    Billy Hicks Mese fa

    Didn’t know about this channel Just binged watched every video up to this one . Fan of anything the jablinsk be doesin

  • Avenged
    Avenged Mese fa

    How the hell did I only just find out about him having a IT-clip channel

  • CharCole
    CharCole Mese fa

    You should play the complete saga

    ROBY MAULANA Mese fa

    0:23 confirmed jack black kidnapped beastmaster64 and paint him on the wall

  • Dill FunnyWorth.

    You say there just friend Now they r

  • Maurycy Trąbka
    Maurycy Trąbka Mese fa

    I love Jack Black in Orange County :)

  • d3ath360
    d3ath360 Mese fa

    This is epic

  • Kill Joy
    Kill Joy Mese fa +1

    1918?? the chemicals in that flame retardant might be expired bro lol

  • NFS Beast
    NFS Beast Mese fa


  • Block Hunter
    Block Hunter Mese fa

    Jack Black trying to achieve true jedi

  • Mustachio Gamer
    Mustachio Gamer Mese fa

    Lol " here is my wife with brock Obama, dont worry there just friend's"

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob Mese fa

    finally plays a game

  • Bobby Brind
    Bobby Brind Mese fa

    You should play Grand Theft Auto 5

    ATMODEPTH Mese fa +1

    My favourite part is at 1:35


  • Craig Rafferty
    Craig Rafferty Mese fa

    Jack black plays on Xbox. Checkmate PS4 players

    • mynameis bob
      mynameis bob Mese fa

      well considering 90% of this channel is him joking around, it only makes sense he would play Xbox, since it's a joke

  • darth adrian
    darth adrian Mese fa

    You‘re this one pilot that said 'I‘m hit!'

  • Levi Chicwown
    Levi Chicwown Mese fa +3

    Jablinski: Plays game

  • Patrick Organ
    Patrick Organ Mese fa

    This just feels to good to be true

  • Buppy
    Buppy Mese fa

    I thought I clicked on the wrong video because I was thinking this was a house or art tour video

  • LFC HariboBrownie
    LFC HariboBrownie Mese fa +4

    Jack Black has such an amazing personality!!!

  • Jerlock
    Jerlock Mese fa

    Make nacho libre 2

  • Justin Wright
    Justin Wright Mese fa +10

    I wish Felix had that glass fire extinguisher for his house

  • Rob Selvig
    Rob Selvig Mese fa


  • Rob Selvig
    Rob Selvig Mese fa +1

    Hells Bells, Rolling Thunder because I'm on a highway to Hell

  • Alex G
    Alex G 2 mesi fa +4

    The original two Lego Star Wars games were superior to this one like if u agree🤙

  • The HeavyJets
    The HeavyJets 2 mesi fa

    Painting looking like jebidiah Springfield Hahahaha

  • James Bowles
    James Bowles 2 mesi fa

    This video is so cool

  • drew roberts
    drew roberts 2 mesi fa

    Anyone catch the Saving Silverman reference at 3:15

  • yukmsacierzorro
    yukmsacierzorro 2 mesi fa

    Came here for jablinksi, left needing to play Lego Star Wars. Genious.

  • HardyManful
    HardyManful 2 mesi fa

    If you and the rock played on minecraft with Kevin hart, and you competed to see what you could build. No cheats, no creative mode, pure survival....and let the hilarity begin.

  • 4Curses
    4Curses 2 mesi fa

    you know, even if you donßt talk, it´s really fascination seeing jack black all silent and absorbed...

  • Galla Ramesh
    Galla Ramesh 2 mesi fa

    What's jablins jables

  • Saad Me
    Saad Me 2 mesi fa


  • Big Al'
    Big Al' 2 mesi fa

    Dude. Rolling Thunder was awesome!

  • Axewhipe
    Axewhipe 2 mesi fa

    They're not the KKK, they're the gay-k-k

    • Axewhipe
      Axewhipe 2 mesi fa

      The regular KKK but also secretly gay so just the regular KKK

  • Imgema
    Imgema 2 mesi fa

    Wait, was that an Addam's Family pinball?

  • Hawaiin Guy
    Hawaiin Guy 2 mesi fa

    This is like a dream come true