We Are in Awe of Beyoncé’s 'Homecoming' Coachella Documentary and Performance

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  • Pubblicato il 17 apr 2019
  • Real fam, have you watched “Homecoming” yet?
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  • Marcus Martin
    Marcus Martin 3 giorni fa

    BayDay smh

  • Melody Mckane
    Melody Mckane 17 giorni fa

    Loni ❤😂

  • Ericka j.
    Ericka j. 23 giorni fa

    BeyDay? Wtf. I hate tamera for this. It’s BEE. Not BAE.

  • Ciarra Johnson
    Ciarra Johnson Mese fa +1

    The monster Matthew built

  • K.O. Yoss
    K.O. Yoss Mese fa

    It's not BAY, it's BEY as in BEY!

  • EklipsedDarkness
    EklipsedDarkness 2 mesi fa

    Tia and tam are dumb hoes.

  • kordeisus
    kordeisus 2 mesi fa

    tamera really said bay week 🤢

  • J
    J 2 mesi fa

    Yeeeesss I went to Howard and watching that performance brought me back and gave me so much pride! Thank you Bey for embodying my HBCU experience and sharing it with the world in a way I can’t

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll 2 mesi fa

    They call it the real but its really fake propaganda in awe of beyonce smfh in awe of a singing stripper Im good

  • Joanna Herodotou
    Joanna Herodotou 2 mesi fa

    Jeannie almost had a heart attack when she said no alcohol!!! Is she so addicted to it that she can't live without it?? She's over the top, too fake!!!

  • Jeremy Askins
    Jeremy Askins 2 mesi fa


  • Joseph Oroz
    Joseph Oroz 2 mesi fa

    Do not forget, Beyoncé is human like the rest of you losers.

  • Leslie Scraps
    Leslie Scraps 2 mesi fa

    I live for Adrian’s off the shoulder looks 💯

  • John doe
    John doe 2 mesi fa

    She sounds like a record stuck on a album over and over over over over over

  • Grand Dad
    Grand Dad 2 mesi fa

    That Asian chick and that Hispanic chick need the d quickly

  • Iamme whoelse
    Iamme whoelse 2 mesi fa +1

    Look I have had a love - hate relationship with Beyoncé. I just watched a little bit of that documentary and then I had just had it.
    I don't know why, but it was boring for me at some points. That album that she dropped with some songs that were on other albums of her is just real cheap. You're an artist create new content, go big or go home.
    This is my personal opinion, I like Beyoncé but I'm not drugged by her like most people. I still have a mind of my own.

    • Iamme whoelse
      Iamme whoelse 2 mesi fa

      @ThatOneDANNYboy Hello, that she can do whatever she wants is great but if I'm going to buy an album I want brand new music from the artist and not music that has been published on another album.
      I mean if you buy a book and some time later the writer brings out a new updated book version with alot of the same things written in it. Are you still going to buy it?
      ;) Have a great day.

    • ThatOneDANNYboy
      ThatOneDANNYboy 2 mesi fa

      Iamme whoelse this was an album an project for the fans. It wasn’t a whole new album rollout or era or anything of that nature. Real fans appreciate it for what it is bc that’s who it’s for. Others will complain bc they expect so much of her at all times when she’s already given so much and more so she’s at the point in her career where she’s doing what she wants when she wants. Period.

  • John Mead
    John Mead 2 mesi fa

    Beyonce is a luciferian queen witch who worship Satan. I'm shocked that they are glorifying her

  • Lidser G-B
    Lidser G-B 2 mesi fa

    So watched this just because. I'm not a Beyonce fan but I was surprised how base she was. Her lyrics are so inane, I thought she was more sufficticated. Her bum was absolutely too exposed. Like a Cardi b or Minaj. And her drummer said she's into witchcraft. Well the stage is a pyramid, glowing red at times with the sun at the top. Then Beyonce herself is projected on the top as an Egyptian goddess throwing up 666 hand signs....for no reason. Of course she enters like an Egyptian goddess too. She's not Arab! Thought this is all about her culture? It's just a bit witchy. The whole thing. And the speaking points are arrogant at best & pretentious.

  • Bfoots1952
    Bfoots1952 2 mesi fa

    A "BIG UPS" for Beyonce. She is the epitome of what hard work, decipline and talent can result in. As a person that attended a HBCU, thank you, Beyonce for bringing our "HOMECOMING" culture to COACHELLA and the world via Netflix. Blue Ivy was so cute singing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" toward the end (passing to the next generation)and Frankie Beverly's song at the end--Before I Let You Go!! Damn girl--YOU SLAYED!!

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 2 mesi fa

    If you can't tell these four people are trannies, "mtf" you are fucking blind. Look at the size of their shoulders, way to wide. Disgusting.

  • Mufaro_ Chids
    Mufaro_ Chids 2 mesi fa

    white people you can have Kodak black. Where taking Beyonce #blackgirlmagic

  • Ulysses Alaniz
    Ulysses Alaniz 2 mesi fa

    Not bay day, not bay hive, not bay chella
    It’s pronounced... bee day, bee hive, bee chella

  • Bossy britt
    Bossy britt 2 mesi fa

    So we like best friend's now lmfaoo

  • Tifinee76
    Tifinee76 2 mesi fa



    I love how Beyoncé supports the black community and hbcu’s. This documentary was awesome. One other thing I love about Beyoncé is how diverse her band and dancers always are. She knows that her audience is diverse and she makes sure her band/dancers reflect that.

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 2 mesi fa

    Give the Monkey a Peanut to replace her Illuminati Pea brain.

  • 911 991.2 TURBO S
    911 991.2 TURBO S 2 mesi fa

    Who gives a crap !

  • BMediaHQ
    BMediaHQ 2 mesi fa +1

    Still do not understand why people say BAYoncé i mean use your fucking brain idiots... its BEYONCE - BEY - BEE. HELLO!?? UGHHHH

  • julianne sharpe
    julianne sharpe 2 mesi fa

    WHAT did she Eat??

  • Hafsa Abdulwadood
    Hafsa Abdulwadood 2 mesi fa


  • HeyItzDarius
    HeyItzDarius 2 mesi fa

    Tamera.. now i love you but you know FULL WELL her name is not Bay its Bey. Cmon now you sound like a white women

  • Ivana Ivana
    Ivana Ivana 2 mesi fa

    As a latin born and raised in PR, Beyonce makes me proud 'cause latinos also have African genes!!

  • mac423
    mac423 2 mesi fa

    They would be "amazed" by her clipping her toe nails. They worship her like 12yo's worshiped the Backstreet Boys.

  • Virgo Queen
    Virgo Queen 2 mesi fa


  • Angel Zamora
    Angel Zamora 2 mesi fa

    Its not Bae. Its BEY! LOVE you guys tho!

  • Shane Funk
    Shane Funk 2 mesi fa

    Nobody gives a rats ass about that filthy fat fucking bitch.

  • Goldniz
    Goldniz 2 mesi fa +2

    That is the best show I have ever seen I wish I had seen it live. And the documentary was perfect I admire her

    CENTIA TV 2 mesi fa

    Out of pure respect as a Hive, please it's pronounced as Bee, not Bay. Thank you beautiful ladies.

  • innocentia radebe
    innocentia radebe 2 mesi fa


  • MsCoco Brown
    MsCoco Brown 3 mesi fa


  • Ruby Towns
    Ruby Towns 3 mesi fa +2

    Yes black National Anthem LIFT EVERY VICE AND SING

  • Karen Houser
    Karen Houser 3 mesi fa

    I wish all these men white hating whores would get breast cancer

  • Richanda Lafferty
    Richanda Lafferty 3 mesi fa

    I LOVE IT!! BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK IS AMAZING!!! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • Adeline Jean Joseph

    @therealdaytime Can you tell Loni for me that she is so cute, so danm fine ass girl, I like her so much, she is my inspiration.

  • Janil Maroon
    Janil Maroon 3 mesi fa +1

    Yonce said.... I'm hungry.... Lol I died! Thanks B for all you do just for us! You will forever be loved!!!!!

  • befreekb
    befreekb 3 mesi fa

    Leave your cheating husband if you're so women strong

  • FlashFronk Prepping

    Beyoncé sucks...

  • Mea Domenica
    Mea Domenica 3 mesi fa

    Hang on: she ate no meat, no dairy, no fish no sugar, no alcohol..... Kill me now!

  • Khol Milk
    Khol Milk 3 mesi fa +2

    Her album is just the recording of Coachella though . And the bonus track is old asf . She capitalize for real.

  • Mike Mushipe
    Mike Mushipe 3 mesi fa

    I think what would be really significant would be a Financial donation by Beyoncé to an HBCU.Lets see something tangible out of this

  • R KU
    R KU 3 mesi fa

    I couldn't watch it as it was boring ...

  • Ur Crzyluv
    Ur Crzyluv 3 mesi fa +2

    Never been into her music so I can’t relate 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • T Love
    T Love 3 mesi fa

    How could she say members of the Beyhive but then in the same breath say its Bayday today. Anyway. Bey killed it! LOVE LOVE B!

  • Jeremy Doungous Moulla


  • Alex Mora
    Alex Mora 3 mesi fa

    I cringe every time she says "BEA" instead of "BEY", ugh..

  • natalie storm
    natalie storm 3 mesi fa

    I watched the documentary, it wasn't all that and its coming from a beyhive, Beyonce doesn't do interviews so i would have wanted to see more behind the scene rather than the performance

  • R Mad
    R Mad 3 mesi fa

    Black people should listen to Candace Owens--get off the Dem plantation--Blexit!

  • Amanda Steiner
    Amanda Steiner 3 mesi fa

    Am I the only one who thinks Loni is lying about the "hey, girl hey" moment😂😂😂

  • Shebbia Patterson
    Shebbia Patterson 3 mesi fa

    One heck of a performer that's 4 sure. Bey definitely gives u your money's worth. Thanks Bye! Tell Solo I said hey also. Love my girls from H-Town.

  • FashionSense518
    FashionSense518 3 mesi fa

    Just tell me where Adrienne's earrings are from 💕

  • Jolie Geo
    Jolie Geo 3 mesi fa

    As a Black woman who loves Beyonce I was Proud. As a graduate of Grambling State University which is an HBCU I was also proud. To hear Beyonce say she always wanted to attend Prairie View is awesome. I am so glad at the end of this clip Loni mentioned the fact that the film was to give love to HBCU.

  • Kevin Oshiro
    Kevin Oshiro 3 mesi fa

    Strict diet.

  • Drake Reid
    Drake Reid 3 mesi fa

    Tamera is so sensitive and dramatic when she talks it’s annoying I hate cancers

  • I'm your REAL dad.
    I'm your REAL dad. 3 mesi fa +1

    Beyoncé’s 'Homecoming' = Garbage

  • So Keto
    So Keto 3 mesi fa

    She never said no meat and fish. She just said Sugar, carb and alcohol basically a Keto Diet

  • Annalisa
    Annalisa 3 mesi fa

    Adrienne’s hair though 😍😍 I’m here for this entire look she is serving 😍😍

  • Endy M
    Endy M 3 mesi fa +2

    I must say she represented for the culture for our community she slay the whole concert and the performance was beautiful the dancers hands down its was great 😜😜😌😌😌🐈

  • Buttercup
    Buttercup 3 mesi fa

    All her performance are identical.

  • Buttercup
    Buttercup 3 mesi fa +1

    I'm over it.

  • Derber's Discoveries

    No we are not... retire the bee

  • BossiBabes
    BossiBabes 3 mesi fa


  • Bren Karl
    Bren Karl 3 mesi fa

    Why tf her asss saying BAY? who tf is a bayyy bish

  • Jasmine Valiente
    Jasmine Valiente 3 mesi fa

    Blu ivy was not singing the national anthem Adrienne she was singing the black national anthem.

  • Jamie Ryall
    Jamie Ryall 3 mesi fa +1

    This is important?

  • Dainty Ann
    Dainty Ann 3 mesi fa

    Beyoncé is inspired by Michael Jackson

  • K Aaron
    K Aaron 3 mesi fa

    Bey= Bee
    Beyoncé= Bee- ON - SAY

  • Andy29212
    Andy29212 3 mesi fa

    HBCUs and Black love.

  • sariba karlsson
    sariba karlsson 3 mesi fa

    Queen b❤️

  • Timothy Kozlowski
    Timothy Kozlowski 3 mesi fa

    I could care less

  • poetic justice
    poetic justice 3 mesi fa

    Gotta respect Bey hustle

  • Barbieyury
    Barbieyury 3 mesi fa

    It’s beychella as in (BEE) not (Bay)chella say it with me bEEchella bEEhive bEEonce 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • Latifa Boug
    Latifa Boug 3 mesi fa +1

    She is illuminati. Do not be brainwashed and do not trust the music industry and Hollywood. Turn to God.

    • Latifa Boug
      Latifa Boug 3 mesi fa

      Jamaican Queen25 Scary. Well the industry is dark.

    • Jamaican Queen25
      Jamaican Queen25 3 mesi fa

      Latifa Boug Its crazy, I had a dream last week, didn't bother to write it down but in the dream it gave off a witchy vibe about her. Image watching somebody on tv maybe in a music video and then seeing something dark in them through their eyes. That's kind of how it was.

    MARIE TAVERNIER SAYS 3 mesi fa +1

    Beyonce is not perfect......shes a grafter, a woman, a mother, a diva. Give props where its due. But stop using beyonce as measuring stick for perfection. Learn from her yes.......but damn we all work hard too just dont have her following, fame or income.

      MARIE TAVERNIER SAYS 2 mesi fa

      @Oh Absolutely Not! I SAID WHAT I SAID! Ask B to like your comment it might help validate your existence

    • Oh Absolutely Not!
      Oh Absolutely Not! 3 mesi fa

      Beyonce at one point didn't have her following, fame, or income. So if "we all work hard" then why didn't we all end up like her? Give her her props and stop being jealous because you decided to sit on the sidelines.

  • Tara S
    Tara S 3 mesi fa

    A- your hair is AMAZING!!! Love Queen Bey.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 3 mesi fa

    there is more to being black than arse shaking and weave tossing. if thats all she has to show. black folks are truly lost

    • Oh Absolutely Not!
      Oh Absolutely Not! 3 mesi fa

      She knows that and she has been demonstrating that for over twenty years. The fact that you don't know this about Beyonce is entirely your fault, swine.

  • Darrander Bavis
    Darrander Bavis 3 mesi fa


  • LeeLou
    LeeLou 3 mesi fa

    It’s BEY-Chella not BAY-Chella.

  • Gazella Manami {Officially Sexy}

    no fish, no sweets. I don't eat a lot a sweets but I do want to cut back on what I eat still.

  • Kori's Korner
    Kori's Korner 3 mesi fa

    BEYchella not BAEchella 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones 3 mesi fa

    feminazi thots

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 3 mesi fa

    I hate Beyonce and her fans are fuckin stupid for liking that egomaniac. Shes a clown.

  • Raquel Li
    Raquel Li 3 mesi fa

    My friend was cool as hell n he let me borrow his netflix account.

  • Trajan
    Trajan 3 mesi fa

    Loni is me, I am her 💀

  • Sckrilla Illa
    Sckrilla Illa 3 mesi fa

    Enjoy and share! With love from CONNECTICUT 😍😍💋💋💋💘💝💝💝👠👠👠👠👢👢👒👒👒👚🐕😑😎😆✌mobile.datpiff.com/search/SCKRILLA

  • Cordel Ogan
    Cordel Ogan 3 mesi fa

    For a tranny

  • Joyce
    Joyce 3 mesi fa

    I loved it it was amazing ❤️👏🏾

  • Vee Cyrus
    Vee Cyrus 3 mesi fa

    a performer, a genius, beyonce is THE standard.

  • Vee Cyrus
    Vee Cyrus 3 mesi fa

    beyonce is just...... out of this world.

  • Sinelisiwe Masemola


  • Tiffany Gibbons
    Tiffany Gibbons 3 mesi fa