38 Moments IRRESPECTUEUX dans le Foot

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  • Pubblicato il 17 feb 2019
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Commenti • 10 522

  • LeagueofFootball2019

    8:31 yep how is that disrespectful?

  • LeagueofFootball2019

    All I can conclude from this 'horrible' video (I meant the actions were horrible), is that football a decade ago was far more interesting.

  • Serah Ann
    Serah Ann 9 ore fa

    Why didn’t that dog chase that guy and bite him. He shouldn’t have got a red card he should’ve got a bite.

  • Коля Эргарт

    По губам видно что Месси сказал

  • nikkakillss
    nikkakillss 14 ore fa

    Okay why would you kick a fan for the ball ?

  • Gav laaar
    Gav laaar 17 ore fa

    He better hope John Wick didn't see him throw that dog.

  • Jose Edwar Bautista Dominguez

    La de ronaldo no tuvo nada

  • La La
    La La 18 ore fa

    Le pauvre chien

  • Agario Official
    Agario Official 18 ore fa +1

    Para que vean que los pamboleros no tienen disciplina y los del americano si

  • Justin Nutt
    Justin Nutt 19 ore fa

    2:45 that guys an asshole

  • D i a b e t i s
    D i a b e t i s 22 ore fa

    Tbh the should be called “gay soccer players crying for something little, pussies”

  • Üzeyir Akman
    Üzeyir Akman 23 ore fa

    WTF Ramos

  • Marko Radivojevic
    Marko Radivojevic Giorno fa

    Is that alisson from liverpoll 0:41

  • Michelle Stratton
    Michelle Stratton Giorno fa

    The guy who through that dog at the needs to get a life sentence in JAIL🤬😡

  • Aline Manso
    Aline Manso Giorno fa +1

    Do cara do cachorro se eu tivesse ali eu matava esse cara ele merece morrer

  • Nahuel Matta
    Nahuel Matta Giorno fa

    El fútbol es una mierda

  • Tanya Allgrove
    Tanya Allgrove Giorno fa +1

    I dont understand 7:33

  • Jeremy CastellonPalacio

    I want to beat the guy who therew the dog freak him

  • yafet tuwanakotta
    yafet tuwanakotta Giorno fa

    That dog guy..is not a guy..just a demon

  • Aaronbrett Lama
    Aaronbrett Lama Giorno fa

    1:41 he head butt him because the other person disrespected his sister so its not disrespectful but instead justice.

  • MechasLocas
    MechasLocas Giorno fa

    7:45 esto lo hizo el jugador Arturo Vidal en el partió de cuartos de final Colombia VS chile

  • anshul bhatia
    anshul bhatia Giorno fa +1

    3:48 messi 💓 u

  • evi erawati
    evi erawati 2 giorni fa


  • evi erawati
    evi erawati 2 giorni fa

    young. jancok

  • Gabriel Rocha
    Gabriel Rocha 2 giorni fa

    Guys calm down. The guy who threw the dog was just trying to take it off the pitch, not abuse him. However he accidentally hurt him.

  • TheGreenKnight
    TheGreenKnight 2 giorni fa

    This isn’t football this is soccer

  • Nik. Gr
    Nik. Gr 2 giorni fa

    the 2:45 is a hates player

  • Глеб Блинец
    Глеб Блинец 2 giorni fa

    Какой дебил живадер,чумошник

  • faqrullah zero zero seven

    Why fekir shows he jersey was irrespectfull

  • Gabriel Berumen
    Gabriel Berumen 2 giorni fa +2

    I was about to cry 😭 when he grabbed the dog.when he threw it I was filled with tears
    Like to praise him

  • xehn
    xehn 2 giorni fa

    1 nothing is a prayer for the dog

  • Rafael_YT2020
    Rafael_YT2020 2 giorni fa

    7:56 eso le pasa a el mas odiado y tu no hables sergio ramos que messi es el Rey y te ha destrozado

  • A Cabsalt
    A Cabsalt 2 giorni fa

    Suarez and Ronaldo, the 2 biggest suckers on the field.... never touch a ref, ronaldo and how he celebrated suarez if the penalty missed...disgusting and 3:11 that was the ref who was disgusting here. and 6 25 was basically an accident,,,what to make a fuzz about?

  • the samarai
    the samarai 2 giorni fa

    5:04 false teeth Jose

    JOSNI ANTUNES 2 giorni fa

    Só jogadores merdas que fazem esse time de coisa

  • None Of the above
    None Of the above 3 giorni fa +1

    2:45 if I were there Ima do that to him too

  • PinkerRanger
    PinkerRanger 3 giorni fa

    what a ladys sport

  • NightHawk X
    NightHawk X 3 giorni fa

    Fucking everyone whinging about the dog, how about the dark bloke who was booed by his own fans? People are delusional

  • Miguel Duran
    Miguel Duran 3 giorni fa

    Muy famoso

  • Miguel Duran
    Miguel Duran 3 giorni fa

    Usa mi flow tv soy muy real

  • Αλεξανδρος Μανωλακης

    ΑΕΚΑΡΑ 💛🖤💣🦅

  • Les Revol
    Les Revol 3 giorni fa

    L’Arabie sahoudite n’a aucun respect

  • chris percastegui
    chris percastegui 3 giorni fa

    When you see a girl and you want to impress her

  • chris percastegui
    chris percastegui 3 giorni fa

    😈😈😈😈😠😠😠😠😡😡i would fliping break them knes and trip him so hard 2:30

  • Dark Player
    Dark Player 3 giorni fa

    Il c manger juste une claque il tombe par terre comme si on l’avait taclé

  • Gladys Palomo
    Gladys Palomo 3 giorni fa

    Minuto 30 hasta 42😣😭😢

  • raúl santoyo baéz
    raúl santoyo baéz 3 giorni fa

    Muchos del Madrid eh? Panda de impresentables...

  • Angel Zaragoza
    Angel Zaragoza 3 giorni fa

    6:09 who else saw the dude clap in the background when the soccer player kicked the boy?

    • 1nf3r
      1nf3r 3 giorni fa

      Lmao es verdad XD

  • ElCapullo
    ElCapullo 4 giorni fa

    Ramos fucking shit player
    Puyol >>>>>> Ramos

  • Boualam Chikh
    Boualam Chikh 4 giorni fa

    Zidane lo hizo por que insultó a su hermana

  • G Milldy
    G Milldy 4 giorni fa

    this is grey, you're gay

  • Jack's Asylum
    Jack's Asylum 4 giorni fa +3

    I'm not even gonna look at the comments but I know everyone is gonna be only talking about the dog

  • Devin Sorensen
    Devin Sorensen 4 giorni fa

    5:30 Stereotypical soccer player

  • David Moreira
    David Moreira 4 giorni fa

    Pobre dog

  • Rosh Boshski
    Rosh Boshski 4 giorni fa

    anything that happens to sergio ramos on the pitch is legitimate, the prick.

  • Mateo Lui
    Mateo Lui 4 giorni fa

    The guy that tossed the dog a piece of crap

  • furrycheetah2000
    furrycheetah2000 4 giorni fa

    Now this is what we call FIGHTLETICO MADRID STYLE.....AHOOOO!!!!!

  • พัลลภ สีกะมุท


  • Szymon K
    Szymon K 5 giorni fa

    Mam chęć wyrzucić takich ludzi którzy rzucają psami trochę szacunku dla tych zwierząt

  • Mr.Anonymoos
    Mr.Anonymoos 5 giorni fa

    He didnt do the nazi hand thing, he meant sum else he didnt know what that meant