DAY6 "Beautiful Feeling" M/V

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  • Pubblicato il 10 set 2018
  • DAY6 "Beautiful Feeling" M/V
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Commenti • 13 096

  • Shiina
    Shiina 5 ore fa

    2:42 Dowoon my heart im- 😭❤

  • Ellen Anderson
    Ellen Anderson 9 ore fa

    I have no idea how many times I have replayed Dowoon's part, probably too many but I can't get enough of it

  • Lauren Kim
    Lauren Kim 19 ore fa

    This song has gotten me through so much. Whenever I’m upset I come back here and watch this mv or just listen to this song on Spotify. Just knowing that day6 will be here with beautiful songs no matter what happens in my life is enough for me ❤️

  • yes please
    yes please Giorno fa

    you know what’s beautiful?

  • Celia Annetta
    Celia Annetta 2 giorni fa

    Im a new myday and im obsessed with DOWOON .

    • Shiina
      Shiina 5 ore fa

      Not a new Myday but my bias is Dowoon ❤❤
      He's so cute and his voice is so nice like im sdskjkjdks
      You should see the video where he's singing "I think about you" by One More Chance with Wonpil if u haven't already. It's so beautiful 😭❤❤❤

  • Yulianada exoL & my day

    Dowoon voice. 😍

  • Syu Kim
    Syu Kim 4 giorni fa

    i'm an old kpopers but i'm a new My Day..

  • No Sana No Life
    No Sana No Life 5 giorni fa


  • kiu [큐]
    kiu [큐] 5 giorni fa

    i always find myself coming back to this mv... it makes me so happy knowing that day6 loves myday the same way we love them, it feels like we're made for each other hhehe

  • Lucie Jorge
    Lucie Jorge 6 giorni fa

    I am a Myday. again

  • Aghnees Sahila
    Aghnees Sahila 7 giorni fa


  • Monserat Morales
    Monserat Morales 8 giorni fa

    Abril 2019??

  • Pau Romero
    Pau Romero 8 giorni fa

    I love day 6 😍❣

  • Parina Pun
    Parina Pun 9 giorni fa +1

    Day6 is JYP's hidden gem whose eyeblinding shine cannot be hidden, ignored and unseen💖

    FOCUS ON JUS2 9 giorni fa +2

    The only problem with this MV

    is that it ends

  • Literally Epiphany
    Literally Epiphany 11 giorni fa +1

    I know dowoon sings and all but why do i cry everytime i hear it

  • hellokth
    hellokth 12 giorni fa +2

    FINALLYYYY AHHHH I FOUND THIS SONG IVE BEEN FINDING THIS FOR MONTHS 😭 i just heard this somewhere on youtube but i dont know what group or song it is. Ive watched nct and stray kids mvs bcs i thought it was their song 😭😭😭 i fell inlove with one member's voice 😭😭 WHO IS THAR GUY WHO SANG AT 0:32
    i always search 'areumdaun neukkim' cuz that is what i remembered from what i heard AHHHHHHH this is a good song 😭😭 finally found it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • M T
      M T 11 giorni fa +1

      The member that sings at that timestamp is Jae, check out his youtube channel Jaesix

  • Jihoonie_Wannable _07
    Jihoonie_Wannable _07 12 giorni fa +1

    New fan here !! ❤

  • Andreea
    Andreea 13 giorni fa +1

    I miss day6😔😔💕

  • Devi Withanage
    Devi Withanage 14 giorni fa +1

    This song basically sums up my feelings toward Day6

  • Annasuke16
    Annasuke16 16 giorni fa +2

    This song makes me cry every time I don’t know what it is, the incredible melody, the soothing voices or the beautiful photos. How can someone love a band so much?

  • Jolin Ang
    Jolin Ang 17 giorni fa +1

    I love this song very muchhh! I fall in love with Day 6 started from this song! This song really make my day become beautiful!

  • Elizabeth Alvita
    Elizabeth Alvita 17 giorni fa +1

    I dont know what got into me... I dont understand korean and i dont even know whats the meaning of this song but it made me cry omg ;-;

  • Lan Ngọc Bùi
    Lan Ngọc Bùi 17 giorni fa +1

    I just wanna say that I love Day6 so much and that they've really come a long way, My Day is very proud of Day6 and no matter what happens, we will always be there for each other❤️

  • Rita Valencia
    Rita Valencia 18 giorni fa

    Por primera vez tengo a alguien especial para dedicarle. Que me a encantado 💘❤️ Day6 millones de Gracias. 💝👍✌️

  • Mondirectioner Bebe
    Mondirectioner Bebe 18 giorni fa

    My kind of song!!!! Day6 never disappoints:)

  • yoosungs messed up omelette

    First listen, I loved it. Its not like the songs where you have to listen at least twice to like it. This group is so talented and they deserve more attention and love :((

  • Min Yoon-gi Suga
    Min Yoon-gi Suga 20 giorni fa


  • Anxious Person
    Anxious Person 20 giorni fa

    I'm actually thankful I'm still alive because otherwise I couldn't have come across this amazing band ❤❤❤ Where was I all this time?

  • Ge Dragon
    Ge Dragon 20 giorni fa

    EU AMO TANTO 💜💜💜💜💜

  • idk idc
    idk idc 21 giorno fa +1


  • snitch •
    snitch • 21 giorno fa

    esta buenarda la canción azies

  • June Is my precious boy
    June Is my precious boy 22 giorni fa +1

    My favorite songs of all day6 songs😭😭😭🙏🏻

  • Mariluz Morales Gomez
    Mariluz Morales Gomez 24 giorni fa +1

    2,3M 🎧☺🙌

  • Can I High Five Your Face?

    Loved Day6 since Congratulations. First song I ever heard by them in in my junior year of high school 2016 or late 2015

  • Jack skellington
    Jack skellington 25 giorni fa

    TF 6 MONTHS !!! Swear it was some days ago

  • Titas Bain
    Titas Bain 25 giorni fa +1

    One of the most beautiful MV and song

  • Elena Laínez
    Elena Laínez 26 giorni fa +1

    How can they make me sob with each song? I didn't know that I could cry this hard.

  • Some One
    Some One 26 giorni fa +1

    My days can you guys help a new Stan here get to know these amazing guys

  • 趙宣筑
    趙宣筑 27 giorni fa

    因為昨天讚養直播而來的 好好聽~

  • Tslay Zhangswi
    Tslay Zhangswi 27 giorni fa

    I always have my videos on autoplay so that I can discover beautiful song like this one 😍

  • اسماء DAY6
    اسماء DAY6 28 giorni fa


  • اسماء DAY6
    اسماء DAY6 28 giorni fa


  • afto3410 afto3410
    afto3410 afto3410 28 giorni fa +1

    Day6 should make a song called I Cry ;-;

  • MyDay's 6
    MyDay's 6 29 giorni fa

    Who miss them? Who miss them? Who miss them? MyDaayyyyyy!

  • pls no
    pls no 29 giorni fa

    This video deserves a Grammy
    Like, this is so fkinh cute

  • YoonSkoot
    YoonSkoot 29 giorni fa

    I've literally gone through 6 songs trying to find that one song by these guys and I don't know it's title dksfdksfdsjkhf I'm stanning them now

  • Anamusic30
    Anamusic30 Mese fa

    😮Dowoon canto wtf lo amo ,amo a estos chicos q bonita canción ❤💕❤

  • Abigail Panjaitan
    Abigail Panjaitan Mese fa +1

    OMG this is so goodddd! and no one ever told me this exist, why??!!

  • Mary Exo-L
    Mary Exo-L Mese fa

    I LOVE DOWOON'S VOICE 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Naemini
    Naemini Mese fa +2

    Keep coming back here bc it's beautiful song which gives beautiful feelings

  • Lalisa Rose
    Lalisa Rose Mese fa


  • Aulia Har
    Aulia Har Mese fa

    Day6 song like my healing kpop song. When i am bored listen kpop song i'll comeback here for listened lovely band DAY6

  • 泰瑞 TerryHung


  • SMILE skyy
    SMILE skyy Mese fa +1


  • #Multi KF
    #Multi KF Mese fa +2

    DAY6!!! Songs Are amazingggg.... dowoon singing 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ his voice is just *perfect*

    -SAIL0RSANA Mese fa +1

    dont tell me dowoon singing didnt make u cry

  • Lia Giba
    Lia Giba Mese fa +2

    Honestly this song can't get any more perfect than it already is

  • Glidyl Lim
    Glidyl Lim Mese fa +4


  • ONCE i STAY i'll never be STRAY KIDS, TWICE

    Selling Dowoon's line(s):
    2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42
    2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42
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  • Julie
    Julie Mese fa

    데식 사랑해여

  • Geraldine Polo Castillo

    I started crying when I heard the beautiful voice of Dowoon. OMG. HE'S SO CUTE WHEN HE'S SINGING.

  • June 13
    June 13 Mese fa +1

    Best song for night driving!!!!💋 ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nadine Chelsea Chua

    mydays im back to cry over this song once again

  • tedungi beulping

    Dowoon's voice is so beautiful I'm crying

  • Fattin Rosli
    Fattin Rosli Mese fa +1


  • Maria Tsakiridou

    This song reminds me of "what's your name"

  • ελλεν V.
    ελλεν V. Mese fa

    I feel like happy tears are coming

  • Kampanyacı Cassiopeia

    2:42 God...

  • so radiantly
    so radiantly Mese fa +1

    This is like the sweetest love song ever for fans ;-; ;-;

  • _tfiq
    _tfiq Mese fa +1


  • Jéssica Santos
    Jéssica Santos Mese fa +1


  • Jéssica Santos
    Jéssica Santos Mese fa +1

    I love this song is so cute :3

  • Hey Aura
    Hey Aura Mese fa


  • Kotori Itsuka
    Kotori Itsuka Mese fa +1

    2:20 this part is kILLIN' IT

    and the fact that this song is about fans makes my heart pound even more-

  • ghiers10 Watch
    ghiers10 Watch Mese fa +1

    This song of Day6 is A big Wow... Everytime I listen to their song, there was a magic in my soul that full of happiness...

  • Rini Rizki Utami Sulistiyono

    If you wear headset it sounds really really good!!!

  • Yakseli Adriana Ramirez

    It's beautiful
    🎶❤️❤️😱 La amo y amo a day 6

  • yakshitha punati
    yakshitha punati Mese fa +1

    The lyrics and their voices💘

  • Pwark Jisung's VOICE omg


  • You can do it friends

    This song never fails to give me warmth ❤

  • Sada Bear
    Sada Bear Mese fa

    Dowoon my heartu 😩❤️😭

  • Bahjatul Wasilah
    Bahjatul Wasilah Mese fa +1

    0:31 😌 jae part💕

  • Mariluz Morales Gomez

    2,2 😘👌😅😘

  • Noor Melhem
    Noor Melhem Mese fa +1

    The sweetest song ever 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • jasmine
    jasmine 2 mesi fa +4

    i am a new my day and i felt crying while listening to this :( day6 is the best!!!!

  • Rulita Reska
    Rulita Reska 2 mesi fa

    Beautiful song

  • Zoha 123
    Zoha 123 2 mesi fa +1

    Day6 is one of the most coolest bands.😻😻😻Dowoon's voice😸💜

  • Kim Erica
    Kim Erica 2 mesi fa +2

    Simply perfect...❤❤

  • gummisugar
    gummisugar 2 mesi fa +1

    the only thing that has been good about my day is hearing dowoon sing

  • lonely pabo
    lonely pabo 2 mesi fa +1

    This song made me so so so so happy

  • lonely pabo
    lonely pabo 2 mesi fa +1

    Oh I wish I can see them in real life

  • Afra Fairuz
    Afra Fairuz 2 mesi fa +3

    Thank you JYP for bringing all these talented men together. This is the reason why I love you so much among the big 3.

  • The Hand Crusher
    The Hand Crusher 2 mesi fa +1

    I can actually use this song for studying
    *Mind Blown*

  • Катя Симон
    Катя Симон 2 mesi fa +1

    This group is so underappreciated!!! People just really need hype often and not talent (

  • dy X le X ia
    dy X le X ia 2 mesi fa

    I relate to every single lyric in each and every of their songs. I'm proud to be a myday, even if I wasn't very early.
    Special thank you to my friend who introduced me to these lovely boys.

  • MonCaratKonicBlink Wannable787

    This is my fave song of Day6 tho but only got 2.2M view😦
    I just love these boys, their songs, and especially 'Beautiful Feeling' to the point that I play Super Star JYP for good😂😂😂

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power 2 mesi fa +2

    This is a beautiful emotion provoking song. Awww, i feel like I'm gonna cry man.

  • Megan Otani
    Megan Otani 2 mesi fa

    I have cried every time I’ve listened to I Loved You...and this song makes me B A W L because I get to hear our baby dowoon’s voice for a solid 7 seconds. Best 7 seconds of my entire life, I want him to get lines man. I can’t believe ppl are okay with him not getting lines just because he didn’t receive extensive training for his vocals🧐😖but I love him and I love day6 and I’m sobbing at 1:30 am bc I love dowoon so much