Kylie Cantrall Covers China's Calling All the Monsters! | Just Roll With It LIVE! | Disney Channel

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  • Pubblicato il 5 ott 2019
  • Tonight all the monsters gonna dance! We're comin' to get ya! 🎶 Kylie Cantrall (From Gabby Duran & The Unsittables) covers China Anne McClain’s Calling All the Monsters in Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE! The special one-hour Halloween-themed live telecast aired Friday, October 4 (6pm PT /9pm ET) on Disney Channel.
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    Just Roll With It is centered around the blended Bennett-Blatt family’s crazy adventures! Blair (Kaylin Hayman), often a rebel without a cause, is the polar opposite of her strict ex-military mom Rachel (Suzi Barrett). Owen (Ramon Reed), a born athlete with a taste for organization, is always trying to manage his charismatic father, Byron (Tobie Windham), a morning radio show host. While the actors will have a complete script, they WON'T know which scenes will force them to improv while still staying on story. Our cast will have to ROLL WITH IT as the audience makes them think - and act - on their feet!
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  • Disney Channel
    Disney Channel  2 mesi fa +1735

    Show Kylie some love for her ~killer~ cover of China's song!

  • BD Superfan - Mal Stage 2

    So, my issue is people are taking this image of "Trash Disney" and placing it onto this really talented, passionate little girl who has idolizes old Disney and had a big dream to be part of the Disney Circle of Stars which she's now living. Like, Kylie most definitely felt pride and gratitude in being able to cover China's song, and China supported Kylie on this 'cause she understands that her era of Disney stars: the old era can't just stay in place forever, because a new era has to be born at some point. There's no reason why the accomplishments of the old Disney stars should be preserved in a way that it keeps the new stars from being able to live their dreams and make their own accomplishments. And, there's no reason that we should let our nostalgia for our childhood get the better of our judgement, 'cause sure, the standard and quality of today's Disney shows don't meet that of the old ones. But, they aren't super far apart either. I love Disney and I know both eras really well, and the shows they've been putting out recently (Raven's Home, Coop and Cami, Sydney to the Max, Gabby Duran) are pretty decent imo. They all teach very important life lessons, and have unique, interesting plotlines. So, the shows aren't exactly the same as they were when we were growing up, but it's still the same corny, heart-quenching stuff Disney's been producing for years. So, stop hating on this girl. She didn't steal a song. She didn't screw with anyone's childhood memories. She's doing great things, and she's getting to be a part of something great. China thinks so, and so should we.

  • Rachael Williams
    Rachael Williams 7 ore fa

    This was just straight up disrespectful.... Like I don't mind covers if they are good. But this was TERRIBLE....

  • Lillian Gervais
    Lillian Gervais Giorno fa

    You did so good baby! Keep working, you sound great!!!😍

  • Rodney Allgood
    Rodney Allgood 2 giorni fa

    kylie is cool

  • Rodney Allgood
    Rodney Allgood 2 giorni fa

    good job kylie

  • Slimedancer444
    Slimedancer444 2 giorni fa


  • Slimedancer444
    Slimedancer444 2 giorni fa


  • Slimedancer444
    Slimedancer444 2 giorni fa

    let her do her thing peeps

  • Thailin Newton
    Thailin Newton 2 giorni fa

    You made China mad you stole her 😡😠😡 song

  • Gloria Salazar
    Gloria Salazar 2 giorni fa

    Disney is horrible nowday tbh

  • Nicole plays Roblox adopt me

    get this rip-off out of here get get this rip-off out of here

  • Jay Whitt
    Jay Whitt 3 giorni fa


  • Aayden Guy
    Aayden Guy 3 giorni fa

    She did really good

  • Aayden Guy
    Aayden Guy 3 giorni fa

    Yeah sorry

  • Maria Uriostegui
    Maria Uriostegui 4 giorni fa +2

    Am I the only one that notices that kylie is from gabby Duran and not just roll with it ???

  • Minklesdacat167
    Minklesdacat167 5 giorni fa

    Is she actually singing

  • Pauline Robinson
    Pauline Robinson 5 giorni fa +2

    Quit hating on my twin kylie we got the same Birthday june25 2005

    JOE LOUISE 6 giorni fa +1

    She dances better but I don’t think she sings better🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Delux Drumms
    Delux Drumms 7 giorni fa

    Hey this is China’s song

  • raygil9567
    raygil9567 7 giorni fa +1

    Dancers needing a good pay check be asking how they ended up being with a 14 year old girl

  • nicole nicole
    nicole nicole 7 giorni fa

    NopeNopeNope i love you kali but this is a original babe

  • Charis Perryman
    Charis Perryman 9 giorni fa +1

    Omg she can sing better than me 😢literally her voice is beautiful ❤️

  • RobbyIsFromTheShire
    RobbyIsFromTheShire 9 giorni fa

    I’m gonna be real I really didn’t like this cover it has no beat and just the choreography is just cringy

  • Satin Squash8443
    Satin Squash8443 10 giorni fa

    So I see we have no say

  • passionparker
    passionparker 10 giorni fa


  • loona
    loona 10 giorni fa

    you'll never be glamour

  • Angelina couture
    Angelina couture 10 giorni fa

    No just ruined it

  • j o h n y
    j o h n y 11 giorni fa +3

    sorry um, who’s this?? this isn’t china...

  • Jordan Sept
    Jordan Sept 11 giorni fa

    🤨something ain’t right

  • griffin james
    griffin james 11 giorni fa

    Y’all better have kept the receipt because we are asking you to return this

    NO JUMPER 12 giorni fa

    Ok I’m not gone lie she got vocals,but the original is always going to stay dear to my heart.

  • Marcus Ruggs
    Marcus Ruggs 12 giorni fa

    This is actually disgusting.

  • That girl Darien
    That girl Darien 13 giorni fa

    She sounds good and I can tell she’s a very talented girl but this cover is missing something that the original had .but I think she could be the next big thing for Disney she’s all around a talented person and gives me old Disney vibes

  • Yarely
    Yarely 13 giorni fa

    I understand that we said we miss old disney but this and the hs musical series wasn't what we meant.
    I am going to say this only once:
    If it isn't the original cast or artist I don't want it.
    I want nostalgia not a completely new thing...

  • Lisa Griffiths
    Lisa Griffiths 13 giorni fa

    Alright this is so awesome!!

  • Cupcakes 360
    Cupcakes 360 13 giorni fa

    China come get your song back IMMEDIATELY

  • Chatternat Vlogs
    Chatternat Vlogs 13 giorni fa

    I thought that was the girl from Just Roll with It

  • Kennedy Cox
    Kennedy Cox 13 giorni fa +8

    so someone just told me that they’re remaking the “calling all the monsters” video without china anne mcclain, and i wanna know if they’re also rewriting the bible without jesus because i just don’t-

  • bbyg Kay
    bbyg Kay 13 giorni fa

    this ain’t it chief 😭🤢

  • livia rose
    livia rose 13 giorni fa +1

    ok so yeah. they really did rewrite the bible without Jesus

  • Paige hatten
    Paige hatten 13 giorni fa

    This is trash I am outraged China is disappointed.

  • I liek mudkipz
    I liek mudkipz 14 giorni fa

    Disney: Show Kylie some love!
    comment section: *Bring in the nuke*

  • Bad Cavity
    Bad Cavity 14 giorni fa

    She sounds good just not her song.

  • justyoonie
    justyoonie 14 giorni fa

    no shade not tea but whoever this is ruined calling all the monsters for me

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 14 giorni fa

    I'm sorry but who said you could try to challenge the queen China did it better

  • KingPrincess Xx
    KingPrincess Xx 14 giorni fa +1

    Okay so your missing a black girl sooo I don’t know if that was obvious

  • Jeremiah Ahofofno
    Jeremiah Ahofofno 15 giorni fa

    Disney is just running out of ideas now

  • Jeremiah Ahofofno
    Jeremiah Ahofofno 15 giorni fa +2

    She just doesn’t give me the chills China gave me.

  • Orion Garcia
    Orion Garcia 15 giorni fa


  • Hello my Name is
    Hello my Name is 15 giorni fa

    Kylie is carrying Disney rn.. this cover isn’t bad at all it’s great.. just not better then the original and China should of sang it all grown up

  • Kαтну
    Kαтну 15 giorni fa

    DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT!!

  • Live Love Laugh with Lexie

    Ngl I think she served China justice

  • London Duval
    London Duval 15 giorni fa

    Kylie Cantrall is my idol

  • Sujeidy Alvarez
    Sujeidy Alvarez 15 giorni fa

    You guys couldn't afford China to come in and do it?

  • Easter Has Big Gay
    Easter Has Big Gay 15 giorni fa

    Omg you seriously don’t have China in here-

  • Kandace George
    Kandace George 16 giorni fa

    Kylie you are amazing

  • Jabuari Davidson
    Jabuari Davidson 16 giorni fa

    Haters: China's better
    China: Kylie's better
    Like if you've seen China's video sticking up for Kylie

  • Tatiana Scott
    Tatiana Scott 16 giorni fa

    Everybody being so mean saying chinas was better but they both did good with the song

  • Kaliyah Bey
    Kaliyah Bey 16 giorni fa