The 2019 Mercedes A-Class Is the Cheapest New Mercedes-Benz

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  • Pubblicato il 14 feb 2019
    The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is now the cheapest Mercedes-Benz. I'm reviewing the A-Class to show you around the new baby Benz, and I'm showing you all the quirks and features of the Mercedes-Benz A220 -- and all of its technology.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  3 mesi fa +3436

    FYI, a giraffe weighs like 2,800 pounds for a male (1270kg), so you don't want one to sit on you.

  • ramisaleh71
    ramisaleh71 Giorno fa

    11:11 check engine light is on WTF

  • itsmadz
    itsmadz 2 giorni fa

    Who would want to buy this when you can get a Tesla model 3 for almost the same price?

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 2 giorni fa +3

    I missed out on a '12 E300 for $16K last year.
    I still hate myself for it

  • Omar Rochet
    Omar Rochet 2 giorni fa +1

    Mercedes Corolla 2019.

  • N V
    N V 3 giorni fa

    No crappy plastics just a crappy tablet propped up in front of you. Honestly is it THAT tough to integrate the panel?
    I'll pass on this car due to declining MB reliability.

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 3 giorni fa +1

    Is it on Sale in Europe? I still haven't seen one

  • Chris stambelos
    Chris stambelos 3 giorni fa

    Well it’s ugly and doesn’t look like a Mercedes it looks like a toyota

  • Aner Osmanovic
    Aner Osmanovic 3 giorni fa

    Me:Hey Mercedes!
    Mercedes:How can i help you?
    Mercedes:Setting the temperature to 70 degrees.

  • MALKton
    MALKton 3 giorni fa

    acceleration 0-60 mph six somethiong seconds
    "two out of ten" x,D

  • 4leafclover
    4leafclover 3 giorni fa

    This is an fugly car!

    • pat the trucker
      pat the trucker 3 giorni fa

      It's really ugly I'd rather have a camry and save about 10,000 bucks .

  • Lai Wenjun
    Lai Wenjun 3 giorni fa

    New car yet raining water can go into the interior... Pathetic

  • Robin D
    Robin D 3 giorni fa

    💖 🚗 💖

  • Justin Cui
    Justin Cui 4 giorni fa +2

    Mercedes: Let's have a smaller product in our lineup and call it the A220
    Airbus: Let's have a smaller product in our lineup and call it the A220

    • Agames 12
      Agames 12 3 giorni fa

      Small Mercedes- A220
      Small Airbus- A220

  • Fandom Universe
    Fandom Universe 4 giorni fa +1

    I just bought one for 35K! Really nice!

  • malan tra
    malan tra 4 giorni fa

    giraffe is the mvp right here

    NOUMAAN AHMAD 4 giorni fa +3

    Doug:- How much does a giraffe weigh.
    Mercedes voice control:- Am I a joke to you.😂😂😂

  • Benramin Prarmin
    Benramin Prarmin 4 giorni fa

    Brand new car... 134 miles... has a check engine light...

    • Simmer Pete
      Simmer Pete 2 giorni fa

      Benramin Prarmin he obviously filmed on different days and edited the footage together. The miles by the speedometer is distance to empty not the odometer.

    • Benramin Prarmin
      Benramin Prarmin 2 giorni fa

      Simmer Pete How would that adjust the mileage?

    • Simmer Pete
      Simmer Pete 2 giorni fa

      Benramin Prarmin he has the car in accessory mode.

  • Benramin Prarmin
    Benramin Prarmin 4 giorni fa

    My assumption is the A class will replace to CLA in terms of price point. The CLA will rise near 40 will the A stays at 32

  • Adi Mujanovic
    Adi Mujanovic 4 giorni fa

    You have to be the cringiest cunt ever

  • Eduardo Santos
    Eduardo Santos 4 giorni fa

    Miles per hour doesn't make sense

  • Han Ding
    Han Ding 4 giorni fa

    Technically we do get the hatchback in North America... it's just coming to Canada. In fact most Canadian dealers now have the hatchback first.

  • Jessie Ceja
    Jessie Ceja 4 giorni fa

    My sissy got her G Wagon here last week I can’t wait to get my car soon 💖

  • Service Tech
    Service Tech 5 giorni fa

    I would so rather a mint condition 98 S600. For like 10k cash.

  • blukompressor
    blukompressor 5 giorni fa +1

    I like how the check engine light is on lol

    • blukompressor
      blukompressor 2 giorni fa

      Was just coming back to say the same. My Benz always had weird things going on with it. Loved it tho

    • Brad Polk
      Brad Polk 2 giorni fa +1

      +Simmer Pete the car was on lol look at the rpm gauge

    • Simmer Pete
      Simmer Pete 2 giorni fa

      He is in accessory mode! Duh!

    • Brad Polk
      Brad Polk 3 giorni fa

      blukompressor and the airbag light !

  • rupesh v
    rupesh v 5 giorni fa

    You talk too much man, it makes me sleep. Keep it short

  • osu!
    osu! 5 giorni fa

    16 minutes of infotainment

  • EzClapz
    EzClapz 5 giorni fa

    Looks like a Lexus from the side

  • Vlad B
    Vlad B 5 giorni fa

    I like how there was a check engine light on during the whole video on the dash board 😂😂😂

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty 6 giorni fa +4

    Can’t wait to get this in black then cop me 22 black rims . All black everything playa

  • IAF Jaihind
    IAF Jaihind 6 giorni fa

    Try paying for mb service, suckers

  • Aditya Marathe
    Aditya Marathe 6 giorni fa

    Doesn't this car have better tech and features than the Genesis G70, which has an old and non-luxury-brand infotainment. Both got the same scores.

  • The Universal Mike
    The Universal Mike 6 giorni fa +3

    t=23:51 The only part of this video worth seeing. 🤣😂🤣😂 Doug, you are too much!


    Still a hitler car

  • Drew Boogie
    Drew Boogie 6 giorni fa

    I would be embarrassed to purchase such a thing let alone drive one on a daily basis

  • Ellen
    Ellen 7 giorni fa

    i think car manufactures need to stop having all of this touch screen shit... like just go back to the basics... i don’t want a ipad in my car lol

  • Little Johnny
    Little Johnny 7 giorni fa

    I'm a simple man, I see cheap...I click.

  • Tristen Neron
    Tristen Neron 7 giorni fa

    In Canada, we have the hatch option!

  • Mathieu
    Mathieu 8 giorni fa +1

    North America is not just Usa like it sounded lol! We have the hatch in Canada.

  • Utkucan K
    Utkucan K 8 giorni fa

    Km/h is better than mph

  • Mackenzie Stanton
    Mackenzie Stanton 8 giorni fa +2

    Who else thinks this is one of the best looking even though it’s the cheapest

  • fizz
    fizz 9 giorni fa +37

    Score for Doug DeMuro

    styling: 2/10 His sense of style with clothing isn't great
    Acceleration: 5/10 He gets a 5 because of his long legs, but doesn't workout
    Handling: 7/10
    Fun Factor: 8/10 He seems like he's a fun guy to hang out with
    Cool Factor: 1/10 He's not the coolest guy in the room
    Total Weekend Score: 23

    Features: 4/10 He gets a 4/10 because he has a couple of quirks
    Comfort: 4/10
    Quality: 10/10 For his videos
    Practical: 10/10 He seems very practical and doesn't seem to buy unnecessary things
    Value : 8/10
    Total Daily Score: 36

    Total DougScore: 59/100 which puts him right in the middle.

    • SunlessKhan
      SunlessKhan 3 giorni fa +2

      Features 4/10? After watching Doug DeMuro out of context and seeing his many quirks he seems like an 8/10

  • Dr. William Luther Pierce

    Ohhh the negros are going to be alllll over this.

  • Frank Pirolo
    Frank Pirolo 9 giorni fa

    This thing would look nice on the back of a tow truck. #buyatoyota

  • Radu
    Radu 9 giorni fa

    40k for this car is cheap af, well if it was in the netherlands. But yeah in the usa cars are almost free lmao

    GAMING AND TECH 10 giorni fa

    doug score for bentley and i8 were 65 if i remember

    GAMING AND TECH 10 giorni fa

    i like it how this guy soends nore time with buttons and infotainment system

  • Bryson Mills
    Bryson Mills 10 giorni fa

    So this is an infotainment on wheels.....

  • Sean Santiago
    Sean Santiago 10 giorni fa +1

    shits ugly

  • Wayne
    Wayne 11 giorni fa +3

    4:30 - what a nightmare that dinky little gear shifter would be for people used to wiper controls on the right.
    Hopefully you can’t shift into park, reverse or neutral while you’re in drive.

  • She Man
    She Man 11 giorni fa

    11:49 is called stupidity. The bigger font means its the selected option.

  • Bob Job
    Bob Job 11 giorni fa

    This car is ugly as shit

  • M A L A B A R
    M A L A B A R 11 giorni fa

    Not a big fan of small, baby cars but a AUDI A3 is acceptable

  • M A L A B A R
    M A L A B A R 11 giorni fa

    way better options out there for $32,500(just saying)...who the fuck is going to buy this piece of shit car

  • M A L A B A R
    M A L A B A R 11 giorni fa

    I'm tired of luxury brand cars with 4 cylinder turbo(STAY IN YO LANE) cock got soft when he mentioned the hp

  • ed low
    ed low 12 giorni fa

    MB USA wouldn't allow it in until it got huge, not the government nor MB Germany.

  • billstirini
    billstirini 12 giorni fa +1

    Well, if Mercedes is rolling out the A class in America, Audi should roll the A1 subcompact hatchback too.

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 12 giorni fa

    I priced one out. It looks like the *starting price* of the A-Class is less than the C-Class, but once optioned out, it can get more expensive. I don't know why one would do that...

  • Ali Alrashidi
    Ali Alrashidi 12 giorni fa

    In summary: The infotainment system copies smart phones.

  • philyphil85
    philyphil85 13 giorni fa

    How much does a giraffe weigh? hahaha

  • impete r
    impete r 13 giorni fa

    Doug the type of guy to review his clothes before wearing them

  • ioan pena
    ioan pena 13 giorni fa

    This car share engines with french build half priced Renault cars...or 3x cheaper romanian build Dacia cars !!! Why pay pemium for a cheap engine ...

  • Ramba YT
    Ramba YT 13 giorni fa


  • Niyaz Rahman Year 11
    Niyaz Rahman Year 11 13 giorni fa

    Is this coming to the UK????

  • Prince Prodigy
    Prince Prodigy 13 giorni fa

    It looks like a Camry from the side lol

  • Troi Cadaoas
    Troi Cadaoas 13 giorni fa +1

    might as well save your money and buy a c-class than this or cla

  • huanuoya
    huanuoya 14 giorni fa

    Money pit

  • John Christensen
    John Christensen 14 giorni fa +1

    You have to give Mercedes credit for designing a great technology package. I wish I would have seen this review before buying my 2019 Volvo XC90. The voice system on the Volvo is terrible. I can barely look up an address without error, you can't change channels on the Sirius system without multiple commands (and even then I get numerous errors). The digital driver display is nice, but it only shows very basic information. No car status information is included. Frankly, I"m already counting down my lease months to get rid of this car. Pretty bad, considering I have 35 more months to go. Hopefully, Mercedes will have these features available in 3 years.

  • Oualid Abboussi
    Oualid Abboussi 14 giorni fa

    it is ugly

  • SomeBlackDude
    SomeBlackDude 14 giorni fa

    *Scotty kilmer has left the chat*

  • Michael Cena
    Michael Cena 14 giorni fa

    make it all glass roof and with autopilot and I will be first buying it... ice or electric as long those things are in the car

  • Sir De Lavito
    Sir De Lavito 15 giorni fa

    That is one ugly car!!

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 16 giorni fa

    5:36 that was a stupid test. what next? you want to have a conversation with your car as you are driving? this sums up everything that fucked up cars in general.

  • Jay steven
    Jay steven 16 giorni fa +1

    Lol msrp 32,000....with options more like 40k+

    • FreshBeats
      FreshBeats 15 giorni fa

      Jay steven for 40k I would probably buy a Tesla Model 3, it is wayyyyyy better than this trash.

    • Jay steven
      Jay steven 15 giorni fa

      FreshBeats yeah I know right if your going to get a Mercedes might as well get something decent

    • FreshBeats
      FreshBeats 15 giorni fa

      Jay steven Yea, and I'm saying that people will buy this cheap car to do so. Or they'll buy a used $10,000 Benz from 2005 or something.

    • Jay steven
      Jay steven 15 giorni fa

      FreshBeats lol you forreal? A lot of people want to be able to say that

    • FreshBeats
      FreshBeats 15 giorni fa

      Jay steven Someone who desperately wants to say to people: "Yeah, I whip a Benz."

  • Based D
    Based D 17 giorni fa

    4:26 That 12.1 mpg tho

  • QueenT 18
    QueenT 18 17 giorni fa

    Did this man type in downyflake

  • sled necks
    sled necks 17 giorni fa +4

    Why is the check engine light on in a brand new car?

  • sled necks
    sled necks 17 giorni fa +2

    Country roaaaaad 12:27

  • sled necks
    sled necks 17 giorni fa +5

    5:59 my Russian friend when I ask him if he wants Vodka

  • Rienne Tesoro
    Rienne Tesoro 18 giorni fa

    A220 is the model. I think the airbus a220 is now a vehicle.

  • brado jacko
    brado jacko 18 giorni fa

    How is this better than a suped up mkz with tech packages other than if you need a giant touchscreen? Why this over an mkz reserve 2 which seems much better.

  • H U N T E R
    H U N T E R 18 giorni fa

    *Just $32,500*

  • Facts only
    Facts only 18 giorni fa +1


  • deanyang1982
    deanyang1982 18 giorni fa

    does it have a sunroof? looks pretty big how come you never mentioned it?

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith 18 giorni fa +5

    doug that type of guy to use heated seats during summer

  • Serkan Koçak
    Serkan Koçak 18 giorni fa

    The exterior looks good (for a Mercedes-Benz that is) but the interior is uuuuuuuugly

    • Bubba J
      Bubba J 18 giorni fa +1

      lmao u got no style

  • frankgambil
    frankgambil 19 giorni fa

    What is that feature called? When you say hey Mercedes..Does a 2018 E300 have it? I wonder if my car does that lol

  • JustADude WithAnIQ
    JustADude WithAnIQ 19 giorni fa

    "...and today, I'm going to review it." You don't say.

  • Zayn Abbas
    Zayn Abbas 19 giorni fa

    Why you never talk about sunroof?

    VÈNØM GÅMÈS 19 giorni fa

    ok Km/hr is way better than mph!!!! Other than USA the rest of the world uses KM/hr!! besides Mercedes is from Europe

    VÈNØM GÅMÈS 19 giorni fa

    since when Mercedes was cheap?!? give me a break

  • Oresti Taulla
    Oresti Taulla 19 giorni fa

    Lmao new Mercedes Benz with a check engine light

  • Bannoura
    Bannoura 20 giorni fa

    starts at 32 grand. 2000 oil change and check up every 5K miles .

  • Mcypress5 M
    Mcypress5 M 20 giorni fa

    Great video ,and super nice car for "entry level". Finding one at $32,00.00 will be almost impossible. Not one in my area at that price. They start at $38,000.00, and go up to $49,000.00 plus. If it's anything like the 2 qty., 2014 BMW's I had, depreciation is terrible. Will NEVER drive prestige again. Again, great video as always!

  • AssRamming FatPeople
    AssRamming FatPeople 20 giorni fa

    The A Class has come a long way, from an ugly, cheap box car to a good looking sedan and hatchback.

  • NewShockerGuy
    NewShockerGuy 20 giorni fa

    Damn, that is so plain and ugly looking. It saddens me knowing that so many cars are beginning to take the same bland shape and styling.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones 20 giorni fa

    Looks like the new jaguar xe

  • Borris Müller
    Borris Müller 21 giorno fa

    Doug ... more like Robert :3

  • MinoritiesRlazy
    MinoritiesRlazy 21 giorno fa

    The warning chimes sounds like jingle bells oh yeaaaa lick my balls lick em oh yea they’re all sweaty lick my sweaty balls. Oh yea. Death to Israel 🇮🇱

  • ammar khan
    ammar khan 21 giorno fa +1

    The hood underside seems to be missing the sound proofing carpet

    • Carlos R
      Carlos R 19 giorni fa

      I know, maybe Doug took it for a his puppy to play with