Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation

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  • Pubblicato il 16 giu 2019
  • Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation... (ahhhh)
    We've done boyfriend swaps before, but nothing quite like this one. We swapped boyfriends for the nigh, but this time we're swapping boyfriends on vacation and going on romantic summer dates with each other's boyfriends. Let the cringe begin. #swapping #boyfriends
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    If you see this, comment "Nate and Gabi getting physical woah"
    only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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    We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our swapping boyfriends on vacation video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!
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Commenti • 9 440

  • Molly Mack
    Molly Mack 3 minuti fa

    Yerrrrr weird

  • Lana Huetson
    Lana Huetson Ora fa

    Collin is the ideal boyfriend😭

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 3 ore fa

    this should be called *nate and collen thinking they will be broken up because of cheating for 13 minutes straight*

  • Emilia Mccann
    Emilia Mccann 3 ore fa

    Swapping boy friends and they do your makeup

  • Kenz Travers
    Kenz Travers 4 ore fa


  • School Boss
    School Boss 7 ore fa

    Yessssssss do it pls

  • Naadia Ahmed-Sheehan

    anyone see collin as Ross Lynch in Teen Beach movie???? Especially in the surf shop? xx

  • Dakota Shiley
    Dakota Shiley 9 ore fa

    i went there for my siters brthday

  • sugar cube
    sugar cube 10 ore fa

    I ship niki and collin💗

  • jennifer truong
    jennifer truong 11 ore fa +1

    I’m gonna see how much likes in can get with just saying “hi”

  • Elena LPR
    Elena LPR 13 ore fa +1

    they should swipe boyfriends and go to a random place for vacation
    that would be funny af

  • Scott Angelo
    Scott Angelo 14 ore fa

    I actually think Niki and Collin would look SO CUTE!

  • Alexa Pyszczymuka
    Alexa Pyszczymuka 14 ore fa

    I ship niki+Nate gabby+colon! Even though they are all together

  • blue diomand
    blue diomand 14 ore fa

    Kylie skin alert

  • Sofia Barranco
    Sofia Barranco 15 ore fa

    collin is my fav lol

  • Fish Taco
    Fish Taco 16 ore fa +1

    Gabie is do annoying and always thinks she is Ariana granda guess gabie
    You are not Ariana Grande

  • Fish Taco
    Fish Taco 16 ore fa +1

    I love nikkie because she is kind of tomboyish and hate Gabor because she’s girly

  • Aaliya Nicole
    Aaliya Nicole 16 ore fa

    I lowkey ship Nikki and Collin 😐😐😶😶

  • Mayumi
    Mayumi 17 ore fa

    11:50 😭😭💘💘

  • charbel. frengieh
    charbel. frengieh 17 ore fa

    Colin is not my favorite

  • Isis Moon
    Isis Moon 20 ore fa

    Can I have the I 💗 my crazy bf shirt LMAO

  • Eva N
    Eva N 20 ore fa

    Ur boyfriend nate fell on he's butt niki?!?!?
    Well my friend broke her leg

  • courteout1
    courteout1 21 ora fa

    Life swap

  • Saune Wilson
    Saune Wilson Giorno fa

    You where cute

  • joshua palmer
    joshua palmer Giorno fa +1

    You guys are so pretty but gabi doesn’t let nikis boyfriend pick much to do and I like how niki is always in charector

  • Gangsta Gurl
    Gangsta Gurl Giorno fa

    Collin saying "I'm you're favourite " kinda makes him closers and closers to being my favourite... well played Collin, well played

  • hihihi byebyebye
    hihihi byebyebye Giorno fa

    This kind of makes me hate Nate cuz he doesn't enjoy face masks

  • Solaia Chiaravalloti

    I love how Collin says " and its me your favourite".

  • Summer- Chan
    Summer- Chan Giorno fa +1

    Plz make more of these videos niki and Gabi there funny and nice :3

  • Lonely_Wolves Forever

    Group date

  • Aiyana Lussier
    Aiyana Lussier Giorno fa +1

    You guys should switch clothes with your boyfriend for 24 hours or for a week

  • Rylee Toomes
    Rylee Toomes Giorno fa

    Niki is really lovey on collen kinda like she likes him

  • Hispanic child
    Hispanic child Giorno fa

    They should have a guys day and then u guys have a girls day

  • don't even
    don't even Giorno fa

    And Im your favorite...


  • legend bra
    legend bra Giorno fa

    They way they said uh at 5:05 had me weak 😁 😁

  • sarah reder
    sarah reder Giorno fa


  • sarah reder
    sarah reder Giorno fa

    yoo niki and collin are literally so social and outgoing with eachother and then theres nate and gabi, ques *awkward silence*

  • Kendall D
    Kendall D Giorno fa

    They should have just Collin and Nate go on a date that would be funny

  • Summer Lees
    Summer Lees Giorno fa

    Gabi must be an really annoying girlfriend but o feel like Colin’s personality fits it

    WILDWOLFIE Love Giorno fa

    Who’s the Breyer kisser challenge 😂🤣

  • Liz Soussan
    Liz Soussan Giorno fa

    Swap dogs for a day love you two.

  • Morgy Weier
    Morgy Weier Giorno fa

    Gabi- “look you angered me” 😂

  • Morgy Weier
    Morgy Weier Giorno fa

    The shirt Collin bought for Niki 😂😂

  • Tiffxster
    Tiffxster Giorno fa

    haha collin & gabi , nate & niki r so cute - but collin and niki would make great bestfriends

  • Desire Weideman
    Desire Weideman Giorno fa

    Nate is my fav not collin

  • Golden bb
    Golden bb Giorno fa

    yea u guys should do like a bachelorette date

  • Buggy J
    Buggy J Giorno fa

    Do a boyfriend swap but on the same date

  • Venicey C
    Venicey C Giorno fa

    Niki and collin literally have such a fun time! They are best friends! Gabi and nate are more like the romantic couple!

  • shxnxx 2812
    shxnxx 2812 Giorno fa

    niki and collin are like really comfortable and having fun while gabi and nate are like awkward and like kinda falling for each other lol

  • • Brooklyn •
    • Brooklyn • Giorno fa

    Tbh I ship collin and niki

  • Charles Funderburk
    Charles Funderburk Giorno fa

    gabbi bf looks like austin off of austin and ally

  • Jelena Hiku
    Jelena Hiku Giorno fa

    Collin is hilarious p.s I love you niki

  • Brandie Hightower
    Brandie Hightower 2 giorni fa

    12:11 and I oop-

  • ryleejog
    ryleejog 2 giorni fa +1

    2:47 That laugh was so cute, Niki! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lily Haywan
    Lily Haywan 2 giorni fa

    I stared cry for my dad but you made me laugh

  • Caleigh Smith
    Caleigh Smith 2 giorni fa

    Collin you are so so cute I love you

  • Anna Sorrentino
    Anna Sorrentino 2 giorni fa

    Niki and Collin:couple
    Gabi and Nate: sibilings

  • Anna Sorrentino
    Anna Sorrentino 2 giorni fa

    “Nate and Gabi getting physical woah”

  • Francheska K.
    Francheska K. 2 giorni fa

    Collin should get his haircolor back! 🧐
    Who agrees?

  • NDN
    NDN 2 giorni fa

    Nate strated of so mean it pissed me off tbh

  • Garrett Jephcott
    Garrett Jephcott 3 giorni fa

    8:56 had me dying she so cute

  • sofia morant
    sofia morant 3 giorni fa


  • Angie Barrientos
    Angie Barrientos 3 giorni fa

    I tried iceskating and let's just say, I'm never going back 😂

  • suk king man
    suk king man 3 giorni fa +2

    You guys should swap for 1 whole week!

  • dunsin bisiola
    dunsin bisiola 3 giorni fa

    Nate looked so funny when he was doing the facials...Niki and Collin are super cool together

  • Ahsanullah k
    Ahsanullah k 3 giorni fa

    Niki and collin are cute when they were roller skating

  • Xx DevilsAllure xX
    Xx DevilsAllure xX 3 giorni fa

    Niki and Colin look so comfortable together and they actually really suit each other I ship Niki and Colin I can't believe how well they match 💙💙

  • Annx 06
    Annx 06 3 giorni fa

    gabi and collin have more much in common, so i kinda ship them better...

  • Kelly Le
    Kelly Le 3 giorni fa +1

    “Feed your girl seafood”


  • Stella Cooke
    Stella Cooke 3 giorni fa

    I feel like Collin and Nikki should be dating

  • Saman Ilyas
    Saman Ilyas 3 giorni fa +1

    I don't know but Collin and Niki have the perfect match....why were they not together😁

  • Yourgirl Isabel
    Yourgirl Isabel 3 giorni fa

    Collin: and I'm your favorite... COLLIN!
    me: True...

  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson 4 giorni fa

    When Collin was like I’m Collin....your favorite 🙂 I FELT THAT SMILE!

  • Joslynn Griffin
    Joslynn Griffin 4 giorni fa

    Next time they should do a video where Nate and Collin have a "date" and Nikki and Gabi should have a "date" 😅

  • Kervenlee Louisdor
    Kervenlee Louisdor 4 giorni fa +1

    I’m not kidding but I just love seing Niki and collin together so funny 😂💜

    GALAXY GIRL 4 giorni fa +1


  • Aesthetically Annoying

    Me: *sees gabbi's date outfit*
    Also me: SINCE WHEN!?!

  • shannon osullivan
    shannon osullivan 4 giorni fa

    This is only something twins could do. Fuckin weird unless I had a really close friend which I don’t

  • Siobhan Garland
    Siobhan Garland 4 giorni fa

    I ship Niki and collin

  • Yvonne Mcadams
    Yvonne Mcadams 4 giorni fa

    Gabby 🤔how do you not know how to play golf I know how to play and I'm 9 years old🤔

  • Karina Hernandez
    Karina Hernandez 4 giorni fa

    I was laughing so hard at this video 🤣🤣🤣 Nikki and Collin are hilarious

  • Shannon Carter
    Shannon Carter 4 giorni fa

    My best freind is ubsest with niki and nate. And with your show

  • Nicole Nizama
    Nicole Nizama 4 giorni fa

    Tom boy and girly switch bfs WTH WTHHHH

  • Sarai Sanchez
    Sarai Sanchez 4 giorni fa

    U saw how Colin kinda grabbed on to Niki hwhe they were about to fall

  • Sarai Sanchez
    Sarai Sanchez 4 giorni fa

    The sound Collin made at 5:04 omg 😂😂

  • Sarai Sanchez
    Sarai Sanchez 4 giorni fa

    I ship Nikki and Collin 100%! They make a great couple bc they are both fun and Nate and Gabi are both really kinda quiet

  • Nakkeran Nakl
    Nakkeran Nakl 4 giorni fa

    Idiots idea swapping girlfriend?

  • Teshia Jackson
    Teshia Jackson 4 giorni fa

    Do a switch room challenge

  • Mary Todua
    Mary Todua 4 giorni fa

    Is it only me who ships Colin and Niki

  • Carolin Steinbach
    Carolin Steinbach 4 giorni fa


  • Isabela Enciso
    Isabela Enciso 4 giorni fa

    Nikki and Gabi should swap

  • Holly Broderick
    Holly Broderick 4 giorni fa

    I liked this video straight after I saw Nikis iceskating skills, I was left actual shook wtf!

  • Sabrina Eilish
    Sabrina Eilish 4 giorni fa


  • Gacha Girly
    Gacha Girly 4 giorni fa +1

    People in 2019: *Switching Lives with my blah.* *Switching in Drive-thru Challenge*
    People in 3019: *Switching Souls with my blah!* *Real Killing in Drive-thru*

  • EmBearz
    EmBearz 4 giorni fa

    Oh my goodness niki and Collins are so cute together! 😍❤️❤️❤️💓💞💕

  • Kiji Hurd
    Kiji Hurd 4 giorni fa

    Nikki and Nate are my faves forever

  • Angie Houck
    Angie Houck 5 giorni fa

    This is sooo cute❤️

  • lovelysunflower
    lovelysunflower 5 giorni fa


  • Ivy Inveninato
    Ivy Inveninato 5 giorni fa

    I doubt I'll get s reply. But I relsly need to know where to get that blue dress with puffy long sleeves and short

    • Ivy Inveninato
      Ivy Inveninato 4 giorni fa

      @Basic Af I been looking all over google for 2 days

    • Basic Af
      Basic Af 4 giorni fa

      Ivy Inveninato same it was cute

  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer 5 giorni fa +1

    You should do swapping boyfriends for 48 hours and niki and gabi need to say yes to whatever they say