Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

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  • Pubblicato il 17 giu 2019
  • WE STRUCK GOLD... literally.
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  Mese fa +5733

    UPDATE: Garrett eventually found the ring after the trophy presentation... It was in the pool. Marriage = SAVED. haha

  • Mythical Blader
    Mythical Blader 8 ore fa

    Did anyone notice that the metal detectors had Garrett’s name on it

  • MattyYoungcloudsArt

    I hope the curiosity of what is in the well EATS YOU ALIVE!!

  • Kyan McComiskey
    Kyan McComiskey 9 ore fa

    This is the best 😀😃and insane 😎😎😎😎😎😎😄😁😃😀😂and sometimes funny. I watched it 7 times already

  • Jackson Spradlin
    Jackson Spradlin 9 ore fa

    I would’ve flown to Petersburg, VA

  • Jgboys 0608
    Jgboys 0608 10 ore fa +1

    Go Back Home get Completly covered in clothes and go back in that well

  • Jgboys 0608
    Jgboys 0608 10 ore fa +1

    Do A 3rd Part Plz

  • Dario Tejada
    Dario Tejada 12 ore fa

    More trick shots

  • Nathaly Baiza
    Nathaly Baiza 12 ore fa

    I love you so much

  • Dep Kat
    Dep Kat 12 ore fa

    Coby that looks like my phone

  • HaTe_ Clan
    HaTe_ Clan 13 ore fa

    Someone Says garret is still trying to find his wifes ring

  • Conner Leach
    Conner Leach 14 ore fa

    but i didn't see a splash

  • Mark Schear
    Mark Schear 14 ore fa

    He panned the gold anyway cheater😄

  • Cooper Lee
    Cooper Lee 16 ore fa

    When garret realizes he threw the ring to hard

  • M4G1C D1R7ZYZ
    M4G1C D1R7ZYZ 16 ore fa

    Garret:What a bueteful day
    Tyler:we're gunna die!!

  • System Broke
    System Broke 17 ore fa

    Just how rich are you guys?

  • The 3 Bro-sketeers
    The 3 Bro-sketeers 23 ore fa

    Um... Why was Millager in the pantry?

  • SupaSmash
    SupaSmash Giorno fa

    At the beginning he sounds like a girl when he screams

  • Akun Oppo
    Akun Oppo Giorno fa

    Indonesia like 👌

  • Santiago Espinosa
    Santiago Espinosa Giorno fa

    Please sub español !!!!!

  • michaela burkhardt
    michaela burkhardt Giorno fa

    an old woman's watch (ha ha ha)

  • Ansh Patel
    Ansh Patel Giorno fa

    I love how he found real gold and yet still got 2nd
    Great job metal detecting expert

  • AgarKarma
    AgarKarma Giorno fa

    Milliger just came out of the closet

  • Carlystorie Storiecarly

    I think gar threw the ring in the pool

  • futfhifa k
    futfhifa k Giorno fa

    I would want to ride on the dude perfect helicopter

  • 69X2Coochie Sniper
    69X2Coochie Sniper Giorno fa

    8:25 they hid him in the pantry

  • Jayson Brown
    Jayson Brown Giorno fa

    Garret’s ring? ( bottom left corner) 7:49

  • koh69r
    koh69r Giorno fa

    Best part of the video ... *Chipmunk!*
    Rewind .. watch ... rewind ... watch!

  • كلاشينكوفا
    كلاشينكوفا Giorno fa +1

    لكل عربي عم يشوف تعليقي .🌺🌺الكل يعلق (هلب عملاق )خلي الاجانب يدورون عالغوغل ومايلاقوا شو يعني.
    😂😂😂بعدين حط لايك مشان يطلع التعليق واشترك في قناتي واكون لك شاكره😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Michael Soltis
    Michael Soltis Giorno fa

    5th garett
    Houses and thousands and thousands of people come every summer guaranteed when deserted island there is no thrill when you are Metalwood pregnant Uncharted area

  • Tony Cavallo
    Tony Cavallo Giorno fa +1

    Garrett screwed his marriage with his wife

  • Nimesh Gayan
    Nimesh Gayan Giorno fa

    I like video love you

  • Branden Kemp
    Branden Kemp Giorno fa


  • Adam TGK
    Adam TGK 2 giorni fa

    More more please

  • Tecnical Straight
    Tecnical Straight 2 giorni fa

    Subscribe My Channel All Guys Thnks

  • Trang Miền Núi
    Trang Miền Núi 2 giorni fa

    Hello I'm Vietnamese. I like did youtuber . Can you help me? Ok

    MAB IDEAS 2 giorni fa

    My dream is to have a life like them, the have so much fun every day!!

  • Zach Attack
    Zach Attack 2 giorni fa


  • Van Darryl De Guzman
    Van Darryl De Guzman 2 giorni fa

    Ty...congratulations you have found an megalodon teeth

  • Shane Donis
    Shane Donis 2 giorni fa

    Imagine Garret telling his wife

  • samsam wapa
    samsam wapa 2 giorni fa

    Just found out that Garrett shaved his head

  • King Kal
    King Kal 2 giorni fa

    The Phoenix gold mine is actually haunted ghost adventures actually did a episode there and they heard rocks being thrown seeing shadows and hearing voices and the mines have been close for years and years

  • Libby Craven
    Libby Craven 2 giorni fa


  • Libby Craven
    Libby Craven 2 giorni fa

    Did Garrett ever find his wife’s ring

  • yer maw22
    yer maw22 2 giorni fa

    Did he find his ring

  • Jaeden Sports
    Jaeden Sports 2 giorni fa

    I love this! Seriously I have watched this AT LEAST 6 TIMES IN ONE MONTH

  • Tony Barnes
    Tony Barnes 2 giorni fa

    You are the best

  • Tony Barnes
    Tony Barnes 2 giorni fa

    You are the best

    DOOM ETERNAL 2 giorni fa

    Garrett: Throws ring behind back
    Pool: plop

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy 2 giorni fa

    Yeah, I wonder why Garret hasn't won in so long, he puts no affort into it.

  • GaŁâχƴ
    GaŁâχƴ 2 giorni fa

    He had gold 🤣🤣🤣 and did not win... Get a better judge 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexei Smirnoff
    Alexei Smirnoff 2 giorni fa +1

    They should do a metal detector battle 3 with Dallmyd

  • Reap YT
    Reap YT 2 giorni fa

    Gold? pssssshhhh. walkie talkie? yeeeeee boi

  • Toottootmickbubble Donald trump

    Dude you found my necklace were I lost at the beach it’s the one with the T

  • Isaac Sanders
    Isaac Sanders 2 giorni fa


    COD GAMING 2 giorni fa +1

    Tyler fans hit like for comment

  • Nicola Estefani Espiritu

    Omyyy the Squirrel is Cute😍

  • Damarsatrya Permana
    Damarsatrya Permana 3 giorni fa

    I am Indonesia mister

  • Ape PaX
    Ape PaX 3 giorni fa +8

    Cant tell difference from cody and coby both sound and look the same no offence

  • Melissa Mendez
    Melissa Mendez 3 giorni fa

    Cody should not have won.Cory found pure GOLD!

  • Telstic
    Telstic 3 giorni fa

    Is no one gonna talk about 10:22 ? 😂

  • Macjunyer Amac
    Macjunyer Amac 3 giorni fa

    My yard is a lot bigger

    STEEN MACHINE 3 giorni fa +1

    during corys interveiiw rock falls 2 seconds later it resumes with him wearing a helmet

  • Owen’s Game Mania OGM64

    Awesome I love your vids

  • Narte Uzuha
    Narte Uzuha 3 giorni fa

    he should have just dropped it in front of him so he doesnt lose the ring

  • Afsalkv Afsalmndy
    Afsalkv Afsalmndy 3 giorni fa

    Respect.... For your efforts..... Cony is cuttttieeeee

  • Hasret Kutlu
    Hasret Kutlu 3 giorni fa


  • 3boyzlab ST
    3boyzlab ST 3 giorni fa +1

    1 more

  • Milinium 5000
    Milinium 5000 3 giorni fa +9

    So mr milliger was just waiting in the closet for the moment

  • Uriel Blue Gutierrez
    Uriel Blue Gutierrez 3 giorni fa

    Ty is wearing the same necklace coby found 5:33 coby found it

  • Ryan Gunter
    Ryan Gunter 3 giorni fa +1

    Legend has it that Garret is still looking for the ring👀

  • David Sac
    David Sac 3 giorni fa

    I hate that he got another one

  • Vince Rodriguez
    Vince Rodriguez 3 giorni fa

    Is metal detecting fun? I'm going to get one!

  • Benji_019
    Benji_019 3 giorni fa +5

    I feel like i would be scared of mines if I ever go to one. They make me feel claustrophobic and I would imagine that the rocks would collapse on me.

  • Axel
    Axel 3 giorni fa

    LoL I Remember Dude Perfect

  • Apolo Romero
    Apolo Romero 3 giorni fa +1

    How are they so talented.

  • Sturdy Wood
    Sturdy Wood 3 giorni fa

    Do a number 3

  • V.O.L.K Geiming
    V.O.L.K Geiming 3 giorni fa


  • Ruth Kirchhofer
    Ruth Kirchhofer 3 giorni fa

    I DEMAND A REDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gamer Ball
    Gamer Ball 3 giorni fa

    2:08 where the white hat ;-;

  • rod french
    rod french 3 giorni fa

    listen carefully 6:29

  • Адам Алиев
    Адам Алиев 3 giorni fa +1

    Кто русский?

  • Brock Lesnar
    Brock Lesnar 3 giorni fa

    Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Agan Zaini
    Agan Zaini 3 giorni fa

    Narai gawi tu nah..??

  • Joel Greenwood
    Joel Greenwood 3 giorni fa

    i love this channel

  • Jet Sullivan. T71
    Jet Sullivan. T71 3 giorni fa


  • Max Ersgård
    Max Ersgård 3 giorni fa

    3:39 tyler seems fake

  • Merp Merpinson
    Merp Merpinson 4 giorni fa

    6:30 anyone else hear that f bomb?

    ELMEN FREEFIRE! 4 giorni fa

    Like si hablas español xd

  • Owner of the. Goat Simulato R

    Guys do saw the lightning

  • Steele The goat
    Steele The goat 4 giorni fa +2

    Garrett was like “ I think I should win by throwing my wife’s ring in the back of my yard”
    His wife Garrett where’s my ring

  • Kaleb Gobezayhu
    Kaleb Gobezayhu 4 giorni fa +2

    I have to say you guys are amazing more than 40,000,000 subscribers

  • Cursed Agnostic
    Cursed Agnostic 4 giorni fa

    Gold won that battle. Hands down!

  • فــٰصلـــهـًـ F S L H —

    وتا فك هاي آر يو قتت ذا الذهب

  • Chithra Karunakaram
    Chithra Karunakaram 4 giorni fa

    I like it you are amazing

  • mitchell Miller
    mitchell Miller 4 giorni fa

    2:18 says "Stay in a tube" Coby not in a tube

  • Rohan Tomar
    Rohan Tomar 4 giorni fa +2

    Even if gar would have found the ring "judge" would have said im not a blah blah so i dont know what that is smh

  • south floriida sports cards

    i cant wait for the day IT-clip stops paying youtube accounts revenue for ads....then lets see how many people make home made videos to generate ad commissions...then they will have to get out in the real world and get a REAL job and not eating cheese doddles in their moms

  • arda pamir sucu
    arda pamir sucu 4 giorni fa

    türkleri görek

  • Young Rad Shreksters
    Young Rad Shreksters 4 giorni fa +7

    I love the memes everyone is making about garrett