4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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  • Pubblicato il 21 mag 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
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    4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Commenti • 7 453

  • Clash With Trung The Asian

    Where The hell The Chopsticks

  • Hayashi Shirou
    Hayashi Shirou 20 ore fa

    even level 1 better than mine x.x

  • Marcos
    Marcos 20 ore fa

    that lady has a FAT camel toe

  • blake ware
    blake ware 22 ore fa

    I’m sorry but ain’t no black people putting water in their eggs😂

  • WelcomeToJ
    WelcomeToJ 23 ore fa

    *Dear Barb, you did not need a piping bag for your filing.*

  • Unkamen Ramen
    Unkamen Ramen 23 ore fa

    Lorenzo is the level 3

  • Unkamen Ramen
    Unkamen Ramen 23 ore fa

    Ok Emily you can actually put ketchup on this

  • Derek Dotinga
    Derek Dotinga 23 ore fa

    Level 3 chef: "I like to do an up and down motion when i whisk my eggs cause side to side doesn't work."
    Level 3 chef: *whisks side to side except front to back*

  • Renji170
    Renji170 Giorno fa +1

    Did somebody say Omelette Du Fromage?

  • Toki
    Toki Giorno fa

    Lorenzo is best man

  • welp.
    welp. Giorno fa

    Level 1: It looks crispy so its good
    Level 2: Lots of toppings and looks crispy so its good
    Level 3: Hers looks soggy and sick so i wouldn't want to try that

  • COZmic_Galaxy
    COZmic_Galaxy Giorno fa

    I just put the veggies in the bowl and mix it so all the veggies are inside and cooked

  • Dereck W.
    Dereck W. Giorno fa +1

    Kid expert

  • Luke Tony Denham
    Luke Tony Denham Giorno fa

    I feel like lorenzo is the best but whatevs

  • carry me to victory

    is this the infamous girl who put ketchup on her french toast 😷😷🤧🤧🤧🤧 lmaooo

  • Jacky-boy Alex
    Jacky-boy Alex Giorno fa

    I’d eat level 2s omelet

  • Je llie
    Je llie Giorno fa

    Whatever Lorenzo makes. It always looks more good than the professional cook

  • Mermaid Atlantica
    Mermaid Atlantica Giorno fa

    who is this toddler food scientist?
    "I salt the eggs"
    Gordon ramsay is disgusted

  • Jasmit Kahlon - Thorndale PS (1440)

    But are their three

  • kateofthecity
    kateofthecity Giorno fa

    Levels 1 & 2: "This looks delicious!"

    Level 3: "So, I'm really happy with how this turned out."

    I love how higher levels are taught humility in the kitchen.

  • CrystalGachaNightcore 123

    These mushrooms are going to be ROASTED 😎 your going down mushroom 🍄

  • Rainbow Foxes
    Rainbow Foxes Giorno fa

    I'm a simple person. If I see Lorenzo I like the video

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Giorno fa

    No one:
    Not even Shrek:
    And not even Friend donkey:
    Lorenzo: **Has a orgasm eating his food**

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Giorno fa

    Lorenzo is kinda aesthetic with he's food and it looks AMAZING

  • completely inadequate

    Is there any point in a level 4 chef? Just rename them to judge

  • GG_ Meizi
    GG_ Meizi Giorno fa

    Not trying to be rude, but can you please bring back the other food scientist, she felt more genuine and knowledgeable. Thanks

  • Krivy Pesos
    Krivy Pesos Giorno fa

    the levels 3 chefs mushrooms looked like poop

  • Kim Nilsson
    Kim Nilsson Giorno fa

    The ”PRO” chef is trash

    AREEDA KHAN Giorno fa

    Lorenzooooo won

  • Hero Suprayetno
    Hero Suprayetno Giorno fa +4

    level 1: looks okay
    level 2: looks delicious
    level 3: looks fancy

  • RingingEagle
    RingingEagle Giorno fa

    5:40 my food tech teacher is a Muslim and that bacon is not halal

  • Putthatinur Pipe
    Putthatinur Pipe Giorno fa

    Oooh...A Lorenzo episode. Guess Ill see you next time

  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren Giorno fa

    Why do Americans say herbs without the h they say erbs

  • nikegaming 3
    nikegaming 3 Giorno fa +1

    Level 1 is kairostime s wife

  • nikegaming 3
    nikegaming 3 Giorno fa +1

    For real

  • nikegaming 3
    nikegaming 3 Giorno fa +1

    Lol lv one is kairostime wife

  • Simulation Operator
    Simulation Operator Giorno fa +7

    Not a soul:
    Emily: I found these eggs on the street when I was 7, so I guess I'll use them.

  • - MrMajiicmini
    - MrMajiicmini Giorno fa +12

    Level 1: YuMmY!

    Level 3: wTf YoU dIdNt GrOw YoUr OwN eGgS?

  • SpArGaToRuL
    SpArGaToRuL Giorno fa

    I'm level 5

  • Maya Seybold
    Maya Seybold Giorno fa

    You know, I actually like this food scientist better than the other one. She doesn’t just slam the level 1 chef for like 75% of her food science-ing

  • skullier13
    skullier13 Giorno fa


  • AquaMarineDolphinTeeth

    level 1 chef: exists

    Food Scientist: Hahaha, no

  • Raka Siwi
    Raka Siwi Giorno fa

    Am i the only one seeing Emily not putting salt in the omelet?

  • Tobias Huber
    Tobias Huber Giorno fa

    There could be only one Chef in this one: FISK!

  • Danimal Planet
    Danimal Planet Giorno fa

    French style without browning tastes so much better IMO. Also way less room for error.

  • Subuluf
    Subuluf Giorno fa

    Team Emily!

  • Vishnu Haridas
    Vishnu Haridas Giorno fa

    Just realized I'm level 0

  • Devara FT
    Devara FT Giorno fa

    I think this is the first time that the level 3 chef's food doesn't really look weird and overly complicated

  • squink
    squink Giorno fa

    I always like the level 2 chef-

  • Bagus Prihastomo
    Bagus Prihastomo Giorno fa

    Why I'm not discover this show more earlier, whyyy!?!? 😭

  • Crantrex
    Crantrex Giorno fa

    1:20 i swear i saw him in a lifelock commercial

  • ÅłwåyśMårgø
    ÅłwåyśMårgø Giorno fa

    When the level 3 put the paste, it sorta looked like poo...

  • BlowFish
    BlowFish Giorno fa

    Level 5 it-clip.net/video/s10etP1p2bU/video.html the classic French is art. I was kinda underwhelmed with the Pro omelette tbh.

  • anon 2000
    anon 2000 Giorno fa +1

    5:05 the filling low-key looks like a turd

  • Roland sucks at skating

    Where is frank, did she even lay her own eggs and sit on them for months like frank would?

  • ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo
    ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo Giorno fa +38

    *_sees new scientist_*
    **(X) DOUBT**

  • chloe said
    chloe said Giorno fa

    Yea I’ve noticed almost always think the level 2 cook is the best the level 3 cook omelet looked horrible, Just to complicated/unnecessary. The level 1 cook bless her she was just trying her best. Idk why she thought it was a good idea to cook your eggs that way.

  • Kaiya A
    Kaiya A Giorno fa +5

    Excuse me???!!! Who are you new expert???? Im personally offended!!

  • Kookie _taekook
    Kookie _taekook Giorno fa +1

    Lorenzos food always look so appetizing

  • Sofia M
    Sofia M Giorno fa +3

    Lorenzo's looks the best and sounds the best. He knows what he is doing in this series lol

  • pxtrova
    pxtrova Giorno fa

    Lorenzo is the best. Every. Damm. Time.

  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen Giorno fa

    0:40 - you can tell she's a level 1 chef because she can't hold a knife properly

  • InfernoHyper 76
    InfernoHyper 76 Giorno fa +1

    How come they don’t flip them

  • Dev 23
    Dev 23 Giorno fa +2

    Hell nah who the new mf

  • Chemical Z
    Chemical Z Giorno fa +12

    Level 1: it’s burned and undercooked
    Level 2:hahahahaha
    LEVEL 3: “laying the eggs”

  • Chemical Z
    Chemical Z Giorno fa

    Level 1:It’s burned
    Lorenzo = HAHA
    Level 3: make my own fire to make the food with

  • Dan the man
    Dan the man Giorno fa

    Barb is so generous

  • Maximilian Mus's Spy
    Maximilian Mus's Spy Giorno fa +1

    Pornhub intro: 2:54

  • Brandon Evans
    Brandon Evans Giorno fa

    why is she holding that stick?

  • Julian_Is_A_Bot 07
    Julian_Is_A_Bot 07 Giorno fa

    I feel like Lorenzo is a better chef than the the level 3's

  • Chosen Mango
    Chosen Mango Giorno fa +1

    Level 1 Chef: level 1 confidence
    Level 3 Chef: level 3 confidence
    Level 2 Chef: NONE SHALL DEFEAT ME

  •  Giorno fa +1


  • Katie Niday
    Katie Niday Giorno fa +3

    Level 1 chef: Didnt get any shells in it so now I'm a professional

  • Ricky The Humanoid
    Ricky The Humanoid Giorno fa

    Bruh , you can *tell* that the Level 4 is reading a teleprompter 😂

  • Ricky The Humanoid
    Ricky The Humanoid Giorno fa

    Level 1 : An omelette you make at home
    Level 2 : 5 Star Hotel/Restaurant somewhere in a rich city
    Level 3 : *Looks like a burrito*

  • Lilith Kooks
    Lilith Kooks Giorno fa

    I will eat level 3.

  • Sallynice
    Sallynice Giorno fa

    4 ways and 3 levels?

  • Peter Alexis
    Peter Alexis Giorno fa +4

    By the time you finished the level 3 chef omelet, it would be dinner time

  • Kenny L.
    Kenny L. Giorno fa

    Lorenzo is so confident that it’s cocky and annoying

  • Shauna O'Toole
    Shauna O'Toole Giorno fa +2

    I like the joy Lorenzo has in cooking! I have that same joy.
    I always learn something new in these videos. Thank you, Epicurious!!

  • Justin
    Justin Giorno fa +1

    I thought the food expert was a little girl

  • Vortexion Elite
    Vortexion Elite Giorno fa

    I’m 11 and I cook better than expert

  • BulletBeats
    BulletBeats Giorno fa

    Chefs when a IT-clip Chanel scientifically breaks down the process of an omelet: 0o0

  • sujay talanki
    sujay talanki 2 giorni fa

    Who the hell makes omelets for dinner?

  • snow bunny
    snow bunny 2 giorni fa

    the home cook food usually looks better in all these episodes 😂

  • MeDontKnowMeName
    MeDontKnowMeName 2 giorni fa

    Literally nobody:

    IT-clip algorithm: OMELETTE!!!!!

  • DeepCFisherman
    DeepCFisherman 2 giorni fa

    It bothers me so much that they say there is four levels of food when its only 3.

  • Danish Anton
    Danish Anton 2 giorni fa

    #2 won big time

  • Runathehammer
    Runathehammer 2 giorni fa

    Level 2

  • アスクAsko
    アスクAsko 2 giorni fa +3

    We definitely need a black mom level

  • Dr.Gaming
    Dr.Gaming 2 giorni fa +1

    Lorenzo’s dishes are always the best to be honest

  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando 2 giorni fa

    There is the legend that Lorenzo is level 4 chef

  • StylishMoose__
    StylishMoose__ 2 giorni fa


  • Hi Bruh
    Hi Bruh 2 giorni fa

    Let’s be real, the level 3 chief is to much of a drag, who’s gonna do all this when hey first wake up and are hungry?

  • Thomas The Tank
    Thomas The Tank 2 giorni fa +5

    bruh barb's omlet lookin like mixed yellow and green playdough

  • Briksawse
    Briksawse 2 giorni fa

    Why does Lorenzo’s food also look better than the experts food

  • jordie ann mcfarlane
    jordie ann mcfarlane 2 giorni fa

    "I usually just give in and make scrambled eggs with stuff in it"....... totally me

  • Anthony Jose-sillah
    Anthony Jose-sillah 2 giorni fa

    Level 2 chef is better than pro lol

  • indianCoolGuy
    indianCoolGuy 2 giorni fa

    This new fit food scientist

  • Torva
    Torva 2 giorni fa +1

    Why Does Barb's Omelet Look Like A Level 1 Omelet? And Lorenzo's Omelet Look Like A Level 3 Omelet And Emily's Omelet Look like a Level 2 Omelet.