Nayeon being the Nation’s BFF

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  • Guess Who Am I???

    Nayeon is like a fangirl of kpops and is actually a kpop idol too, stan twicepinkvelvet y'all

  • Hafiez Hakimie
    Hafiez Hakimie 2 giorni fa

    Nayeon,Jennie,Jisoo are they from same agency or what before this?..But i really love their friendships..😄

  • The Banana Milk of Kookie


    I'M HAPPY.

  • Cookie
    Cookie 4 giorni fa

    Red Velvet, blackpink and twice Nayeon from twice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lucille Diane
    Lucille Diane 4 giorni fa +1

    I wanna slap this video to faces of people who wants to start fan wars. Stan without hating other group💕

  • KirishimaJunko
    KirishimaJunko 4 giorni fa +1

    Nayeon is so nice with other idols

  • Super Lee
    Super Lee 6 giorni fa +1

    If BLACKTWICEVELVET collab, then haterz will disappear into dust by thanos' snap

  • Dark Aquarius
    Dark Aquarius 7 giorni fa +2

    RV , BP , TW i want them to Perform together!! 😍

  • Heidi Tu
    Heidi Tu 8 giorni fa +1

    This video is so underrated, it deserves more views

  • Fika Rizky
    Fika Rizky 8 giorni fa

    Why seulgi call rose and nayeon unnie?

  • Ansøn Wang
    Ansøn Wang 8 giorni fa

    6:57 this is everything

  • Moonlite_ x
    Moonlite_ x 10 giorni fa

    Im just here waiting for A Nayeon x Astro interaction or uh Nayon x Monsta X Huehuehue

  • Moonlite_ x
    Moonlite_ x 10 giorni fa

    ?: How many friends do you want?
    Nayeon: *yes.*

  • Koh Angela
    Koh Angela 11 giorni fa +1

    The haters are actually envious of her


    I love you nayeon
    Ready to be gay for you



  • 부모욕은참아도성욕은못참는다

    진정한 핵인싸

    KPOP FANGIRL 13 giorni fa

    Idols: *friends*
    Fans: *having a war*

  • Mie Uyên
    Mie Uyên 14 giorni fa +1

    Nayeon is so friendly and cute ❤

  • Who Am I
    Who Am I 14 giorni fa

    Savage maknae n fake maknae is bf i luv it i’m once and reveluv 🥰

  • Itzel Rodriguez
    Itzel Rodriguez 15 giorni fa +1

    Nayeon ending fanwars in a 11:21 min. Video

  • chu
    chu 15 giorni fa

    "red velvet sunbaenim" 💀💀

  • Bell Lippincott
    Bell Lippincott 16 giorni fa

    i’ve never heard someone say rosé unnie until now and idk why i’m shook??

  • Faria Tasnim
    Faria Tasnim 18 giorni fa

    My multifamdom heart ❤

  • HKim0072
    HKim0072 18 giorni fa

    World wide Wes of Kpop groups. (NBA reference that no one will understand)

  • Shane Brannon
    Shane Brannon 19 giorni fa

    This video should be the #1 reason that the fan wars should stop.

  • ONCE_FOR_TWICE since2015

    Everybody: Nayeon is my best friend
    Nayeon: TWICE is my best friend

  • Daniela .I.
    Daniela .I. 23 giorni fa

    I love that

  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini 25 giorni fa

    she is so cute

  • Nicole Gabrielle Pingol

    I want a friend like yeri and nayeon😭😭😭

  • K J
    K J 26 giorni fa

    9:24 I thought she was going to say something mean

  • K J
    K J 26 giorni fa

    Jisoo really likes giving people nicknames huh

  • Twice is love
    Twice is love 26 giorni fa +1

    Im Nayeon 😳 💜

  • Vicky Kitty
    Vicky Kitty 28 giorni fa +1

    Ah my heart too cute ;-;

  • Once&blink :3
    Once&blink :3 Mese fa

    4:08 i laughed so hard 😂

  • Fadhilah Ricoh
    Fadhilah Ricoh Mese fa +1

    blackvelvettwice unite bcs of nayeon

  • 김지수
    김지수 Mese fa +1

    I love twice and blackpink!💫

  • Waverly Lim
    Waverly Lim Mese fa +1

    Did Yeri say that she called Nayeon *TWICE*

  • Sahil Pathan
    Sahil Pathan Mese fa +1

    This video was getting in my recommendation for months but I didn't watch it...I am glad that today I did

  • Ivan Creencia
    Ivan Creencia Mese fa


  • nd jenner
    nd jenner Mese fa +1

    Nayeon is actually everywhere... beware once LMAO

  • Only Bts,Red Velvet and Blackpnk

    My favourite is Twicepinkvelvet😍

  • Hannah Doque
    Hannah Doque Mese fa

    The thumbnail tho 🤩💗💯

  • Axele Rose Mendoza

    Nayeon and jennie

  • Nayeon Park
    Nayeon Park Mese fa +1

    That's why I love her she very friendly girl like me 😊😊
    So pls stop the fanwar 😊

  • Once Zara Zulaikha Shamsul Kamal

    that’s not only Nayeon, TWICE IS NATION BEST FRIENDS!

  • 有飞碟哥哥
    有飞碟哥哥 Mese fa


  • Lona stay
    Lona stay Mese fa +2

    Her extroverted personality makes her everyone's friend 👍 i love nayeon 💕

  • arisa marie
    arisa marie Mese fa


  • Ilham Alfatihah
    Ilham Alfatihah Mese fa

    "My artists may not be the best singers, but I'm sure they have the best personalities" - JYP

  • Andrie's Crafties

    I already know Nayeon & JenSoo are close, but how did they become close?

  • HallyuOtaku
    HallyuOtaku Mese fa

    Nabong is Bi, she's attracted to a lot of pretty girls.. xD

  • Backpacking Villager

    Why she is hated because look the early video between her and Tzuyu. How she treated her so badly.

    • keply g at bikini bottom smooth jazz festival
      keply g at bikini bottom smooth jazz festival 28 giorni fa

      delusional. Tzuyu has even said herself before that Nayeon takes good care of her and is always worrying about her like an unnie, then Nayeon said she felt guilty for taking such good care of Chae and Tzuyu but not doing the same for Dahyun

  • NinjaPlatypus
    NinjaPlatypus Mese fa

    This is why fanwars are stupid everyone just loves each other :)

  • Rona 2006
    Rona 2006 Mese fa

    To be honest at first, I didn't really liked Nayeon becaise I thought that she was a little weird but when I got to know her personality I really love her now 😊💕✨

  • Cassandra Santillan

    Nayeon Haters: She is mean!!! even in camera she still shows disgust to some people!

    A little information for some of you
    1. She makes faces that looks like she is disgusted by something but she is trying to understand something that she finds weird.
    2. People say she hates some of the members of twice... BRUH search stuff on youtube about Nayeon and other members and you will see that they are very close to each other
    3. Her confidence, bruh, all idols should have high confidence... I don't even have to explain why...

  • Wiimilozy
    Wiimilozy Mese fa +1

    I remember an interveiw with Mamamoo Moonbyul saying that for Nayeon got her a gift (i think it was for her birthday). This was during one of those big awarding shows,so Nayeon went to Mamamoo's waiting room to give her the gift with a letter that Moonbyul said "It made me feel emotional".
    She is the angel who will end the fanwars, y'all.

  • Qahera  Ansari
    Qahera Ansari Mese fa

    She is miss universe 😍

  • Aqilah Amin
    Aqilah Amin Mese fa

    She such a friendly person

  • Javiera Mansilla Cofre

    she is nation's bff but why she can't be mine as well? like bruh, i need her in my life

  • Jungkook's EuphoriaTM

    She's such a nice girl. I love her 💜

  • Carebonara Lachibolala

    and they still saying that nayeon it’s problematic and mean?

  • Carebonara Lachibolala

    nayeon ending fanwars we must stan.

  • Jessica Lyngkhoi
    Jessica Lyngkhoi 2 mesi fa

    She's literally friends with everyone.. like EVERYONE!!!

  • Fiolalis torres
    Fiolalis torres 2 mesi fa +1

    I would love if nayeon has a boy bestfriend in any of the boy groups

  • lee soo vyen
    lee soo vyen 2 mesi fa

    How.... Twice are so busy they barely have time to themselves, when did she find all the time and energy to socialize lol

  • Fkais Crusher
    Fkais Crusher 2 mesi fa +5

    Blink: our girls are the best
    Reveluv: no, our girls are the best
    Once: no, our girls are the best
    Multifan: NO, OUR GIRLS ARE THE BEST **tips fedora**

  • yuqi is babie
    yuqi is babie 2 mesi fa

    but her name is im nayeon not so nayeon?

  • 미류네
    미류네 2 mesi fa

    나연이 없었으면 어쩔 뻔ㄷㄷㄷ

  • vi rose
    vi rose 2 mesi fa

    me: aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. i ship.

  • elliemydear 989898
    elliemydear 989898 2 mesi fa

    you should’ve added interactions between Nayeon and Irene in ISAC :D

  • Brenn Dave Balanza
    Brenn Dave Balanza 2 mesi fa

    Wait nadong or nabong?

  • Gita Rahma
    Gita Rahma 2 mesi fa

    I'm a blink but i love red velvet and twice as well. ACTUALLY I JUST CAN'T RESIST GIRL GROUP! And i love their interaction. So instead of arguing who's the best, you guys better love them, cuz they have their own path not to be compared for. Key bye.

  • larajean duron
    larajean duron 2 mesi fa

    When someone said Jennie close to Nayeons look at Lisa's Face(jealous)?

  • Yaaru Gamlin
    Yaaru Gamlin 2 mesi fa

    She's so cute and cheerful.... Nayeon unnie saranghae


    Truth Twice hates Red Velvet

  • SuB SONiC
    SuB SONiC 2 mesi fa

    Nayeon is so unapologetically basic. So refreshing.

  • ubaid Khoiri
    ubaid Khoiri 2 mesi fa

    Nayeon so friendly

  • Crisalyn Caganda
    Crisalyn Caganda 2 mesi fa

    I wondered how people ship both yeri and nayeon to jungkook? hmm. hahaha.


    Nayeon is not close to momoland

  • AnnaVann
    AnnaVann 2 mesi fa

    twice cutie: so nayeon, who are your best friends?
    nayeon: yes

  • 건방진εηίαηα
    건방진εηίαηα 2 mesi fa +1

    Please stan twipilet

  • Hani Choi
    Hani Choi 2 mesi fa

    The one who hates Nayeon must be a monster. I mean, how can you hate this sweet and loving creature?😩

  • kim sooohyung
    kim sooohyung 2 mesi fa

    Why others hate her

  • Random Stan
    Random Stan 2 mesi fa

    i love it ends with the team 💖

  • Naheed Wasim
    Naheed Wasim 2 mesi fa

    Blacktwicevelvet forever...stop fighthing

  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali 2 mesi fa +1

    Nayeon so beautiful

  • Game boy
    Game boy 2 mesi fa +3

    Nayeon and Yeri for girl
    Heechul for man

  • Game boy
    Game boy 2 mesi fa +2

    Nayeon: I have so manny friends
    Me: Im no friends 😢

  • 포피[Popi]
    포피[Popi] 2 mesi fa +1

    thrice, blonks, &rv haters: hates on others' faves
    tw, bp & rv: BESTFRIENDS

  • Shuffled Gaming
    Shuffled Gaming 2 mesi fa

    That's called real nayeon

  • marvin allidap
    marvin allidap 2 mesi fa +1

    UNNIE of all girl idols😃

  • riya adhangle
    riya adhangle 2 mesi fa

    Nayeon's personality matches with everyone 😆❤️

  • Cherry Ann Cura-Manabat

    Unnie respect other group not like nancy. Nancy hate other group cause she like shes the best to all

  • Flcty .d
    Flcty .d 2 mesi fa +1

    Can you do Sana and eunha's friendship?

  • once twice
    once twice 2 mesi fa +1

    Twice nayeon ❤

  • Yuri Productions
    Yuri Productions 2 mesi fa +1

    Bias in Twice: Nayeon and Sana (Wrecker: Dahyun
    Bias in BP: Jisoo (Wrecker Lisa)
    RV Bias: Wendy (Wrecker: Yeri)

  • Bull 2083
    Bull 2083 2 mesi fa

    Wendy every time she sees Yeri Talk about Nayeon:SHE IS TAKING MY CRUSH

  • Mayang WP
    Mayang WP 2 mesi fa +4

    I hope to see Nayeon with G(I)-dle, too 😊

  • ms korea kim jisoo
    ms korea kim jisoo 2 mesi fa +4

    Jyp artist= friendly, cheerful and social butterfly
    Yg artist= afraid to interact to other idols because of Sajangnim strict rules
    Sm artist= friendly to those friendly, they dont give a fck if you hate them