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  • Pubblicato il 9 apr 2019
  • We ate everything at Taco Bell. Spoiler Alert: It did not go well.
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    #SmoshPit #TacoBell #Mukbang

Commenti • 2 256

  • Bradl3y 54
    Bradl3y 54 12 ore fa

    So wasteful and gross how Olivia spit her food in a Taco Bell container lol

  • Music Jammer
    Music Jammer Giorno fa +1

    Omg you all are high on hot sauce I’m laughing so hard because of this and now I want taco bell

  • Beaup 601
    Beaup 601 Giorno fa +1

    Anyone realized how Keith didn’t even do diablo he just did the orange medium 🤣

  • Andrew Tiede
    Andrew Tiede Giorno fa +1

    I love that Courtney is slowly morphing into Courtney Freaking Miller.

  • Frank Swift
    Frank Swift Giorno fa

    I feel full just watching

  • Deathfoxy M
    Deathfoxy M 2 giorni fa

    It edible lol

  • Stitch Girl101
    Stitch Girl101 2 giorni fa

    Just give me all the nachos and Doritos locos tacos

  • Mary Tesic
    Mary Tesic 3 giorni fa +1

    Mary Tesic
    Me: I would like something with meat, beans, cheese and some lettuce, please
    Taco bell casher: *well I guess she wants the whole menu then*

  • Coli Pooh
    Coli Pooh 3 giorni fa +1

    Damien: What's a diabetes spoon my man?
    Me: immediately turns bright red and let's out a screech laugh

  • JAsparklefret7
    JAsparklefret7 4 giorni fa

    More mukbang please!!

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 5 giorni fa

    Olivia is that friend who is like I don’t eat things like this I’m healthy duh but ends up eating everything 😂😂I freaking love her ❤️❤️😂❤️❤️

  • Emily Ledford-McAninch

    Olive Garden, eat everything at Olive Garden, if Keith Habersberger can do it on his own, the six of you can do it.

  • Joel Cecala
    Joel Cecala 6 giorni fa

    I love taco bell way too much

  • Night
    Night 7 giorni fa

    If someone sends me the list I would be so happy

  • Adeline Levin
    Adeline Levin 7 giorni fa

    Noah’s little moment 😂😂

  • Ana Marija Plays
    Ana Marija Plays 7 giorni fa

    Ian always looks drunk

  • Ryan oneill
    Ryan oneill 8 giorni fa +1

    Keith and Olivia shouldn't be on

  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith 8 giorni fa

    Banana 🍌

    LAINEY LOU 8 giorni fa

    What is Courtney’s workout plan because she eats all of this and is still super skinny and that’s like my inspiration

  • Sabrina Mantooth
    Sabrina Mantooth 8 giorni fa +1

    I got a McDonalds add before the video😂😂😂

  • Olivia S
    Olivia S 9 giorni fa

    Do a Dairy Queen MB

  • Nicolas Garcia
    Nicolas Garcia 10 giorni fa

    They should have traded Olivia for the food

  • Jamie Travis
    Jamie Travis 10 giorni fa

    first i watched them eat jack in the box and i got so hungry cause it looked so good, then i watch maccas and now im watching them eat mexican food which is my favourite and now im soooooo hungry

  • Spidey611
    Spidey611 10 giorni fa

    Shayne isn’t in it? I’m out

  • Commander1SUV
    Commander1SUV 10 giorni fa +9

    Is it just me who gets really anxiety when people don't finish whatever they're eating and just go and eat whatever and it's all messy and shit like this
    This video low-key disgusts me 😂

  • Alyssa's Dome
    Alyssa's Dome 11 giorni fa

    Taco Bell = Enjoyable Laxative

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 11 giorni fa +2

    *Damien* = I have ghost pepper flakes at my house
    *Me* = I drink water when I have a mild taco sauce

  • Meggy C
    Meggy C 12 giorni fa

    In this video Olivia reminds me of a puppy

  • Wade Ragland
    Wade Ragland 12 giorni fa

    Now I want some damn Taco Bell

  • Sage Marie
    Sage Marie 13 giorni fa +1

    I saw this and drove my happy ass to Taco Bell 😂

  • Yanaisazum
    Yanaisazum 13 giorni fa +7

    also olivia: you guys want to watch me stuff all these in my mouth

  • Melissa Grace
    Melissa Grace 13 giorni fa

    Just a video hating on Olivia

  • Cy H.
    Cy H. 14 giorni fa

    is it weird that i find Courtney's burps extremely cute?

  • Dylan Mitchell
    Dylan Mitchell 14 giorni fa

    The best thing to get from Taco Bell is a cheesy potato griller add steak, creamy jalapeño, and chipotle and minus sour cream

  • Jordan Palma
    Jordan Palma 14 giorni fa

    Taco Bell is BAE, Taco Bell is LIFE, GIVE ME TACO BELL NOW

  • Fat Jesus
    Fat Jesus 14 giorni fa

    You ever edits the spiderman and elsa videos must have edited this

  • Arisnaely Diaz
    Arisnaely Diaz 15 giorni fa +2

    1:13 Do you see Courtney holding Damien’s hand awhhhh🥰😍 so cuteeee i ship themmmmm

    • Come Walrus
      Come Walrus 4 giorni fa +1

      Arisnaely Diaz she also leant on him at 15:27

  • Susanna Cordone
    Susanna Cordone 15 giorni fa

    These videos are a absolute chaos and I’m here for it.

  • PooPie Pie
    PooPie Pie 17 giorni fa


  • Ever Gwyn
    Ever Gwyn 17 giorni fa

    Where is shayne?! Also Courtney is possessed

  • kyleigh Tremblay
    kyleigh Tremblay 17 giorni fa +1

    Mmmmmh Damien❤

  • Mine Furu
    Mine Furu 18 giorni fa

    i'm shiping...things...here x3

  • Mine Furu
    Mine Furu 18 giorni fa

    i'm shiping...things...here x3

  • Rainier Acojido
    Rainier Acojido 19 giorni fa

    who thinks of the try guys

  • Ryan Hooper
    Ryan Hooper 19 giorni fa

    Ian was the only one that actually tried to eat anything.

  • chloe threets
    chloe threets 19 giorni fa

    i love that courtney calls ian dad. and she used to call anthony and ian dads

  • RamenKing05
    RamenKing05 20 giorni fa

    It’s pronounced muckbong instead of bang but besides for that i love this channel

  • RamenKing05
    RamenKing05 20 giorni fa +3

    Yay olivia actually pronounces muckbang correctly

  • Fuzzy Bubbles
    Fuzzy Bubbles 20 giorni fa

    I had a charmin toilet paper add before this video... how ironic... 😂

  • nosypolerbear23
    nosypolerbear23 21 giorno fa

    Thank you mama

  • Kaelynn peter
    Kaelynn peter 21 giorno fa

    I'm full watching this ._.

  • Melissa Breau
    Melissa Breau 21 giorno fa

    You all now super diobedis

  • Andrew Cummings
    Andrew Cummings 23 giorni fa

    More mukbang

  • Dungeons And wagons
    Dungeons And wagons 23 giorni fa

    You dont get drunk on alchohol, you get drunk on tacobell

    I have a theory tacobell puts alcohol i their food

  • Evelyn Buckels
    Evelyn Buckels 24 giorni fa

    I thrown up after I eat too

  • Jocelyn Osburn
    Jocelyn Osburn 24 giorni fa

    This made me so hungry and now I’m mad

  • Atalia Lakes
    Atalia Lakes 25 giorni fa

    What about the 7 layer burrito?

  • Dal La Oasis
    Dal La Oasis 25 giorni fa

    I wish they would just open a Taco Bell in the Philippines.

  • Th Aniel
    Th Aniel 26 giorni fa

    Damien's getting paid to drink diablo sauce! My friends dare me to all the time.

  • NightWolf Animates
    NightWolf Animates 26 giorni fa

    This is absolutely amazing, I'd do this all on my own

  • chemicapsule
    chemicapsule 26 giorni fa

    6:05 Courtney is an absolute mood

  • Queenwolf Girl
    Queenwolf Girl 26 giorni fa

    I don’t have a wall

  • Katelyn Adams
    Katelyn Adams 27 giorni fa

    "Thank you MAMIII!!" ❤

  • Adyson Welker
    Adyson Welker 27 giorni fa

    Courtney:Thank you mommy

    DAISY ALVAREZ 27 giorni fa

    Olivia- I don’t do this!
    *Still puts in her hand with the group*

  • Life’s A Party :D
    Life’s A Party :D 27 giorni fa +1

    Courtney: BANG ME DADDY
    Me: 🤭

  • JB’s Cheesesteak
    JB’s Cheesesteak 27 giorni fa

    bufelo wing

  • Random Lady Q_Q
    Random Lady Q_Q 28 giorni fa

    The first ever tacobell was in Mexico

  • xSirDingo
    xSirDingo 28 giorni fa +3

    Courtney: BaNg Me DaDdY!!!

  • Pidgeon Draws
    Pidgeon Draws 28 giorni fa

    Were is that Panda that we were promised?