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  • Pubblicato il 9 apr 2019
  • We ate everything at Taco Bell. Spoiler Alert: It did not go well.
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    #SmoshPit #TacoBell #Mukbang

Commenti • 2 402

  • fatima huq
    fatima huq 8 ore fa

    Courtneys commentary is the best in this one.

  • Vivian X
    Vivian X 16 ore fa

    I wanna see the box!

  • SpookyBoy147
    SpookyBoy147 4 giorni fa

    Watching people spit up food and gag isn’t great

  • Kassy Guyette
    Kassy Guyette 5 giorni fa

    Taco Bell is my SHIT I could’ve destroyed this😂

  • 2024  Vasiliki Kostakis
    2024 Vasiliki Kostakis 10 giorni fa

    Chick-fil-A!!!!!!!!!!!!! With everyone

  • • Jade’s gacha studio •

    Olivia: I have anxiety because you all know iM hEaLtHy.
    Also Olivia: *goes straight to cinnabons*

  • Kyra Lorden
    Kyra Lorden 11 giorni fa

    I think the editor had too much fun with this video lol

  • Rebekah Kaufman
    Rebekah Kaufman 11 giorni fa

    This is what I envision the last supper being.

  • what ?i¿!
    what ?i¿! 11 giorni fa

    Thank you mommy!!😂

  • Greg Tarrieux
    Greg Tarrieux 11 giorni fa +5

    "This taste like Disneyland" 😂😂

  • SwimmingBird
    SwimmingBird 12 giorni fa

    Kieth was so LMFAO in this one xD

  • I'mKat
    I'mKat 12 giorni fa

    Okay but as someone who worked at taco Bell you guys shouldve ordered just one of everything. Like you guys forgot chips and cheese and the other dips and stuff, the mini quessadillas, spicy potato soft taco, and other stuff. Especially the QUESORITO

  • Michael Outerbridge, JR

    I know he is 22 but...NOAH? DRUNK!? NO!?

  • Sedona Case
    Sedona Case 14 giorni fa

    do more mukbangs their so funny

  • FaithDoesLife 123
    FaithDoesLife 123 14 giorni fa +1

    Only in America

  • Sor Ath
    Sor Ath 14 giorni fa

    Who come here after The try guys ?

  • Dipayan Dey
    Dipayan Dey 14 giorni fa +1

    And Anthony Loves Tacos !!!

  • GabrielleDoesThings
    GabrielleDoesThings 15 giorni fa

    I literally felt gassy watching this 😯😯🤭💨💥

  • Anna Armfield
    Anna Armfield 16 giorni fa +1

    ok, but the breakfast from taco bell is the best

  • :3 •-•
    :3 •-• 18 giorni fa

    Smosh: eats everything at Taco Bell
    Keith: *BRUH*

  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 18 giorni fa +5

    Ian: This is not fresh
    Courtney: What do you expect this ain’t Subway

  • • Gøthįçćč •
    • Gøthįçćč • 18 giorni fa

    Does anyone else want Taco Bell now??

  • Charlie Power
    Charlie Power 22 giorni fa

    Now I want taco bell

  • Three Fluffy Puppies
    Three Fluffy Puppies 23 giorni fa

    Cinnamon twists are just fried pasta covered in cinnamon sugar

  • UlteriorSkate96
    UlteriorSkate96 24 giorni fa

    Whomever edited this is a schizophrenic

  • Cole Sharp
    Cole Sharp 25 giorni fa

    Or baked you eat that much drunk or baked

  • Joe Luis
    Joe Luis 26 giorni fa

    So walls work?

  • TangerineTurtles
    TangerineTurtles 27 giorni fa

    Nobody has ever picked the box on the right

  • pegsies
    pegsies 29 giorni fa

    okay a veggie burger with fries in australia costs like 10 dollars, you guys could effectively feed an entire nation with 30??? how is anyone ever hungry in america, no doubt unhealthy, but goddamn
    (i really hope you were joking about it being 30 dollars i swear to god i will cry if its true)

  • Kristin m
    Kristin m Mese fa


  • Jack Wright
    Jack Wright Mese fa

    Is this supposed to be a challenge?

  • RamenKing05
    RamenKing05 Mese fa +1

    How many people think that diablo sauce isn’t spicy

  • blue apple
    blue apple Mese fa +1

    "Fine then you get the hot sauce back" *starts gagging*

  • Low-key Emo
    Low-key Emo Mese fa


  • Javofire
    Javofire Mese fa

    i love it and im not ashamed for that

  • Noah _08
    Noah _08 Mese fa +1

    I really enjoy your guys friendship and I want something like that in my future

  • irene reyes
    irene reyes Mese fa

    Courtney really annoyed this whole video.

  • Phantom Bonnie
    Phantom Bonnie Mese fa

    I really wanted to be there, I freaking love Taco Bell, I eat it literally every single week

  • Elizabeth Ishii
    Elizabeth Ishii Mese fa

    I love Noah so much, he’s so iconic

  • Conor Lopez
    Conor Lopez Mese fa

    I amJEaLoUs

  • NAcHO1713
    NAcHO1713 Mese fa

    The best food from there was the spicy chicken Crunchwrap supreme... but it’s been gone for about a decade.

  • that bicth patricia

    You shuld all get like a lottt of susieee

  • Anni C
    Anni C Mese fa

    When Courtney said this ain’t subway did you see what Keith did

  • Aakifah Alleyne
    Aakifah Alleyne Mese fa

    I couldnt find anyone else who commented on it, but it made me sooo uncomfortabe. Noah managed to do nothing else could.

  • David Marsh
    David Marsh Mese fa

    This video has only increased my attraction to Courtney. Lol

  • Tanner Gillham
    Tanner Gillham Mese fa

    Thank u MOMMY!!!

  • Avanthikaa Narayanan

    I cant believe I watched 17 minutes of people eating Taco Bell but I'm happy so it's okay

  • Caleb Swain
    Caleb Swain Mese fa

    Courtney:I'll bang anything
    Single people: 👁👄👁

  • TheMusicmaxxx
    TheMusicmaxxx Mese fa

    Why is Courtney me in this video?

  • Nader Amir
    Nader Amir Mese fa

    Why does Noah look sexy all the time

  • Unstoppable Apple
    Unstoppable Apple Mese fa +1

    Just please put auto generated subs on

  • Ryan Voss
    Ryan Voss Mese fa

    You guys are honestly the best

  • Z Wenz
    Z Wenz Mese fa

    Anyone else get irrationally angry when people (Olivia) don’t finish their food?

  • Toke
    Toke Mese fa

    4:00 We need Shayne in this video

  • Sister T
    Sister T Mese fa +3


    Olivia: WHatS ThaT FriSbEe LoOkin ThInG

  • Miranda S.
    Miranda S. Mese fa

    watching this made my stomach hurt and made me wanna poop

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young Mese fa

    13:17 f**k Keith and Olivia dude!!!

  • MadMover
    MadMover Mese fa

    Go mukbang each other.