All-new Mercedes CLA REVIEW comparison CLA vs A-Class sedan vs C-Class Exterior Interior 2019 2020

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  • Pubblicato il 9 gen 2019
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    In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we present you the All-new Mercedes CLA and also compare it vs the A-Class sedan and the C-Class sedan.
    #Mercedes #MercedesCLA #CES
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Commenti • 581

  • Autogefühl
    Autogefühl  5 mesi fa +22

    ►Mercedes sedan comparisons:
    ►Mercedes CLS review:

    • 김우석
      김우석 5 mesi fa

      이렇게페이스리프트되는구나 ㆍ 겁나 간지나네 휴 ㆍ이디자인이면 판매율 높을듯 ㆍ

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan 5 mesi fa +1

      Ihr wisst schon das sedan wie sedähn und nicht wie sedahn ausgesprochen wird?

    • BigDudeUK
      BigDudeUK 5 mesi fa

      Just talking about this car, I like the design overall but especially I think the rear is very clean looking. It’s one of the very few cars I think look good in white! I’m not a fan of the AMG front seats though ugly and look too big for the car. The number one channel for cars is Autogefühl.

    • 張海鷗
      張海鷗 5 mesi fa

      @Autogefühl 舉發回覆提交遣送出境龐大債務清償處分處理。拆除頻道授權登記分發使用。

    • Abu Mustafa Haitham
      Abu Mustafa Haitham 5 mesi fa

      I really think it's too much!
      A class is enough!
      Thanks autogefühl for your lovely reviews.

  • Mstfmrğl
    Mstfmrğl 20 ore fa

    2019 un otomobili CLA

  • pani albanjari
    pani albanjari 4 giorni fa

    Allahuma shalli 'ala Muhammad wa'ala ali Muhammad.
    Allahuma shalli 'ala Muhammad wa'ala ali Muhammad.
    Allahuma shalli 'ala Muhammad wa'ala ali Muhammad.

  • Lajos Szabó K.
    Lajos Szabó K. 18 giorni fa

    You don't see difference with A-class sedan? Then my friend, you need new pair of glasses:))

  • royalbangal101
    royalbangal101 Mese fa

    The taillights are similar to Infiniti's design theme.

  • Kyz Bourne
    Kyz Bourne Mese fa

    This guys reviews are always very good, only negative is he stated he was 6'1 and claimed that there wasn't much head room left, I went for a test drive yesterday as I was really worried being 6'3... the new CLA shocked me with how spacious it is and easy it was to climb in and out of. my friend sat behind me for the test drive to see how practical the back seats are, he's between 5'8 to 5'10 and sat comfortably... a 6'0 plus would definitely have issues behind me but be alright behind a smaller driver or smaller front passenger

    This car won me over from the c and e class coupes due to 1. price 2. the tech (MBUX system) they don't yet have, looking to order my new CLA within the month

  • Fawzy Abdul Alim
    Fawzy Abdul Alim Mese fa +1

    Nice review and fantastic car

  • zemos777
    zemos777 Mese fa

    Am I the only one who dislikes the free floating instrument cluster as if it was an iPad glued to the dash 🤔

  • leeleefresh
    leeleefresh 2 mesi fa

    I am so convinced to buy this car now after watching this video great demonstration 👌🏽❤️

  • JunHua Shao
    JunHua Shao 2 mesi fa +1

    So for the price of this car it does not come with power tilt steering wheel? SMH

  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim 2 mesi fa +2

    Ill be 21 soon, but i will do what it takes to get this car before im 22

  • Arthur Berner
    Arthur Berner 2 mesi fa

    I think it's stupid to introduce CLA and A class it's just complete misunderstanding I don't know what the company attention just call it FIAT

  • TehNoObSlayer1
    TehNoObSlayer1 2 mesi fa

    Thomas, did you nick that ruler? :D

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  2 mesi fa

      haha, no you ll find it in earlier reviews =)

  • Peter
    Peter 2 mesi fa

    what about the rear seats? i.e. leg room, head room?

    • Peter
      Peter 2 mesi fa

      @Autogefühl yup. must have missed it

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  2 mesi fa +1

      ? Did you even watch the video? :)

  • Zleipnir Goh
    Zleipnir Goh 2 mesi fa +1

    I feel the rear resembles a C Class coupe now

    • Goodz_2
      Goodz_2 2 mesi fa

      More like a Infiniti q60

  • Peerawat Phompan
    Peerawat Phompan 2 mesi fa

    I’ll buy this car coz I can’t afford any others Mercedes model

  • enkii82
    enkii82 3 mesi fa

    wish they design the tail light more like futuristic Honda's civic

    • Goodz_2
      Goodz_2 2 mesi fa

      They stole their design from Infiniti q60

  • Roberto Coin
    Roberto Coin 3 mesi fa

    I like your reviews but I hat your overuse of little bit on every other word .

  • Koufaf Yhan
    Koufaf Yhan 3 mesi fa +2

    Sorry I’m busy! Classic

  • K W
    K W 3 mesi fa

    Made in Hungary? I like the country and my girlfriend is Hungarian, while some services I experienced in Hungary are among the best in the world Hungarians seem more of the type of people who knows how to enjoy life, rather than the type who focuses on career, idk if these cars would be manufactured to be reliable

  • Angry TechAddict
    Angry TechAddict 3 mesi fa

    Diese Sitze 🙈 ich verstehe einfach nicht was sich Mercedes bei den Kopfstützen denkt. Das ist doch eine unmenschliche Position wenn man keinen Buckel hat. Aufrecht zurückgelehnt, mit den Schultern am Sitz zu sitzen ist unmöglich... und das ist sogar im S-Klasse Coupé so. Katastrophe und allein schon der Grund der das Auto für mich unbrauchbar macht.

  • Varun Kumar
    Varun Kumar 3 mesi fa

    Car price pls

  • Moustafa Baroud
    Moustafa Baroud 3 mesi fa +1

    When is this model coming out? Looking at buying a new car in a couple of months

  • Bill olu Compton
    Bill olu Compton 3 mesi fa

    Looking like them mazdas

  • royland walker
    royland walker 3 mesi fa

    Awesome review!

  • oi
    oi 3 mesi fa


  • Tim Smets
    Tim Smets 3 mesi fa

    This white cla coupe really needs the AMG design pack and the night pack with the black AMG wheels as extra option to give it a more sporty look... Especially in the back without the amg line is looks boring.

  • Marl Kuznetsov
    Marl Kuznetsov 3 mesi fa

    This is OMG my love edition 1 ))

  • Jeff Gao
    Jeff Gao 3 mesi fa

    Why couldn’t the 2019 c63s get the latest interior and mbu :(

  • Blue Bomber
    Blue Bomber 3 mesi fa +1

    The CLA is now an uglier A-Class that costs way more.

  • toyoungtodie 75
    toyoungtodie 75 3 mesi fa

    prefer cla

  • Jason
    Jason 3 mesi fa

    Very informative video! I love your precision during reviews and previews. It would be nice to see vehicle videos shot at a more telephoto length so we don't see the wide angle lens distortion. Maybe something over 50mm. Keep up the great videos.

  • 4 D TECH
    4 D TECH 3 mesi fa +1

    I want the back of the CLA and the front of the A-CLASS SEDAN. Ok I want a CLS... 😆

    • Bubba J
      Bubba J 3 mesi fa

      my exact thoughts lol

  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali 3 mesi fa

    Instead of clicking the “add location” you could have just said “add location” or “2”

  • renewer
    renewer 4 mesi fa

    THOMAS! :)

  • Adam B
    Adam B 4 mesi fa

    Nice detailed review.
    Are they still doing a Shooting Brake version?

  • Stephen Moniaga
    Stephen Moniaga 4 mesi fa

    they should never release the A class sedan

  • chrisdblue
    chrisdblue 4 mesi fa

    All I can think about is all the scratches on the piano black on the center console. I could never own this car based on that reason alone.

    INGO DIETER VIEHWEGER 4 mesi fa +2


  • cui01984
    cui01984 4 mesi fa

    what a beautiful sedan infinity Q60~

  • Min Jeong
    Min Jeong 4 mesi fa +2

    Awesome car, awesome review!

  • Bình dân Úc châu Official Tube

    Look ugly...

  • Drivertilldeath
    Drivertilldeath 4 mesi fa +1

    so pissed usa wont get hatchback. poor move mercedes.

  • li Bohan
    li Bohan 4 mesi fa

    looks like a q60

  • Jason H
    Jason H 4 mesi fa

    Love your reviews and you are exactly the same height as me haha so your reviews are ideal for me to get and idea of my next car!! I used to have the previous generation A45

  • vlad alex
    vlad alex 4 mesi fa

    How would you guys estimate the price of a second-hand new cla 250 with about 35-50.000 km and decent options?

  • Toxxic Chainsaw
    Toxxic Chainsaw 4 mesi fa


  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri 4 mesi fa

    Mercedes is 20 years ahead of BMW and AUDI

  • Kilroy Saunders
    Kilroy Saunders 4 mesi fa

    Nice job merc..Should have been a 2 door coupe

  • Toxxic Chainsaw
    Toxxic Chainsaw 4 mesi fa

    What would this model specifically (with same upgrades) cost??

  • dalal bruxellois
    dalal bruxellois 4 mesi fa

    Prix ???

    TÙNG PHẠM 4 mesi fa


  • m_ requiem
    m_ requiem 4 mesi fa

    9:37 Karl conrad 😄

  • Just Drive
    Just Drive 4 mesi fa

    14:23 , the guy is still anxiously waiting to sit inside xD

  • F 22
    F 22 4 mesi fa

    Really Mercedes, fake exhaust smh!

  • Omar Al Sharif
    Omar Al Sharif 4 mesi fa +1

    Not fair i got cla 45 in 2017 , this look better that the cla45

  • TheAlanBeau
    TheAlanBeau 4 mesi fa

    Hey Thomas, been watching your videos a lot and Im in united states waiting for new bmw 3 series to come over next month. I had an e60 2010 5 series and it seems from your 3 series first look video that the new 3 series is same size dimensions and overall size as e60 5 series of 2 generations past. That e60 was perfect size for my preference so can you please confirm interior space similarity? Number measurements look about the same as well.. you seemed so impressed and excited when reviewing the new 3 series so i think i will love it as well! Thanks for reading

    • TheAlanBeau
      TheAlanBeau 4 mesi fa

      Autogefühl Yes I have and the m340i seems amazing! Truly a beautiful design from all angles and in my opinion looks most sporty and cool compared to the other models. I cant wait to test drive and see how it feels to drive. I hope the 4 series variant will be revealed soon because i may perfer the coupe version depending on front cabin space comparison and exterior design. I like the idea of 2 big doors on that new model design, im sure they will make it hard to decide lol.

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  4 mesi fa

      Have u also seen our 3 series full review?

  • Gerard Martín
    Gerard Martín 4 mesi fa +1

    i prefer the a class sedan

  • Cohen Carv
    Cohen Carv 4 mesi fa

    love it how he say,, um i am busy here! A man on a mission!

  • Cohen Carv
    Cohen Carv 4 mesi fa

    I love dual clutch transmissions, best auto you can get. Power of a manual but quicker shifts!

  • Ahmed Booby
    Ahmed Booby 4 mesi fa

    Im seriously a big Mercedes fan because the brand is the best in the world in everything !! This new CLA is lovely especially the interior looks like your going to fly BUT i want to say that the old CLA really does look better, richer and sexier.In case you like more technology then get the new-shape but otherwise go directly to the old-shape. :)

  • mtrappy44
    mtrappy44 4 mesi fa


    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  4 mesi fa

      Compare it here:

  • Al Petrangelo
    Al Petrangelo 4 mesi fa

    What an excellent review, really well done! I have first generation 2014 CLA, so I can appreciate the different nuances of the 2019-2020 model. Also, nice comparison to the A class and the C class. I am 5 ft, 4 in tall, so the CLA with the short roof-line is no problem for me, I love it. Thanks for the great review!

  • 高山泰弘
    高山泰弘 4 mesi fa

    去年、私はcla shooting breakを買ったばかりなのだ。;(

  • ioovds
    ioovds 4 mesi fa

    The rear is basically the one of the insignia. Halogen lamps as standard?! Seriously?! It's also a matter of safety while driving!! Other than that I'd still choice the cla over the a class also for this generation, no doubt about it!!

  • BlackBirds93
    BlackBirds93 5 mesi fa +1

    Tip for the reviwers, I watch for you to tell me what you think, not ask me what I think constantly

  • BlackBirds93
    BlackBirds93 5 mesi fa +1

    "Younger target audience"
    Damn I am 25 and can't afford a c-class coupe or c300 coupe so I am gonna buy this, they nailed it

  • gothops154
    gothops154 5 mesi fa

    17:00 I think that’s a smart phone holder so you can place the phone on the bottom and the little arm that comes out angles the phone towards the driver. Just a theory

  • Shiv Bhardwaj
    Shiv Bhardwaj 5 mesi fa

    I'm pretty confused between A4 / Cla/ C class in petrol variant

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  5 mesi fa

      youtube search "autogefuehl audi a4" etc. - so you can always find the according review. We have reviews of all those cars

  • Sampson Wu
    Sampson Wu 5 mesi fa +1

    I think Mercedes has one of the best seat control design. People can adjust the seat before they get into car.

  • 森哥哥的飞机
    森哥哥的飞机 5 mesi fa

    sorry 太丑了,还是BMW吧

  • In es
    In es 5 mesi fa

    C'est une catastrophe, Mercedes à bousillié toute sa ligne... Design vieillot, ressemblance extérieur avec d'autres marques... bref je suis déçue moi qui suis une grande fan de la CLA

  • A. Semih A.
    A. Semih A. 5 mesi fa +1

    this car ist HAYÄÄÄÄT

    • Ovo Xo
      Ovo Xo 5 mesi fa

      A. Semih A. Are you kurd

    • A. Semih A.
      A. Semih A. 5 mesi fa

      @Ovo Xo hab deutsche pass🤙🏿

    • Ovo Xo
      Ovo Xo 5 mesi fa

      A. Semih A. 😂😂bist du kurd

    • Ovo Xo
      Ovo Xo 5 mesi fa +1

      A. Semih A. EREEEEE

  • william carter
    william carter 5 mesi fa

    The CLA AMG 45 is a head turner an the fact am black in a black car in a black hoodie the reactions RRRRRRR PRICELESS !!!

  • kapkaplui
    kapkaplui 5 mesi fa

    Where can I get that ruler

  • Farhan Fahim
    Farhan Fahim 5 mesi fa

    The rear style (and lighrs) are a total copy of Infiniti Q60 Coupe!! Common Mercedez

  • Kaushik Das
    Kaushik Das 5 mesi fa

    Backside looks so horrible of CLA

  • Breyzipp
    Breyzipp 5 mesi fa

    New A class Sedan vs new CLA: in my opinion this CLA looks way sexier! I absolutely love the front and the rear looks.

  • Mohamed Hanafi
    Mohamed Hanafi 5 mesi fa

    frankly i thought it was a hiundai accent !! omg so disapointed with these nes generations of mercedes !! :o

  • mitford
    mitford 5 mesi fa +2

    another great video, this could be my next car

  • William
    William 5 mesi fa +2

    Holy Shit I thought this was CLS. I really hope I can buy this yeear XD

  • Mo Tzu
    Mo Tzu 5 mesi fa

    Love CLA and CLA SB.

  • Mark G
    Mark G 5 mesi fa

    Thomas, are you going to do the Genesis G70 3.3T AWD with sport package? I've recently test driven one with RWD and it was awesome. It has permanently cured me of the German car snobbery. I think it's a BMW beater even though I own an M240i xDrive. I'm looking forward to your take on the Genesis G70. It seems to me it's more European in its character than the BMWs and Mercedes.

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  5 mesi fa +1

      hard to get those here in Germany, very uncommon! but i ll see what i can do

  • Nile Jones
    Nile Jones 5 mesi fa

    2015 cla was the best exterior model imo

  • ekim andersom
    ekim andersom 5 mesi fa

    Sedan cars suck.

  • summitrevival
    summitrevival 5 mesi fa

    Could you tell me how much your height is?

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  5 mesi fa

      Stated in every interior part in every car review

  • Master Yi
    Master Yi 5 mesi fa

    can't stop waiting...

  • TheBowerbird
    TheBowerbird 5 mesi fa

    Drinking game! Every time he says "sporty" in any his his videos, take a sip. (I

  • Carpediem06
    Carpediem06 5 mesi fa

    CLA is the "coupify" version of the A class, the CLS of the S class, so will they make the CLE? I think they did the same think w/ their CUVs, the GLA has the GLC, and the GLE the GLC.

  • Asha Sri
    Asha Sri 5 mesi fa

    CLA looks stunning from front but rear looks like its another front view. Finish is not as accentuated as expected

  • nussed
    nussed 5 mesi fa

    10:34 haha

  • Zeus54321
    Zeus54321 5 mesi fa

    I like the rear lights. They look like they are extruded from the body (a bit like in the Mazda concepts). Really cool.

  • R44JNX
    R44JNX 5 mesi fa

    The gloss finish interior will get marked up within weeks.

  • mata knezevic
    mata knezevic 5 mesi fa


  • 김우석
    김우석 5 mesi fa +1

    간지3세대 페이스리프트된 cls가 젤 이쁘다 ㆍ첨부터이렇게나오지 ㆍ아싑다ㆍ 영어ㅂㅅ이라도다 알아들음ㆍ응ㆍ엉,

  • ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ Ραπτοπουλος

    The back reminds me my thoughts about the back of an s90. Love it or hate it. I still love them both❤️

  • neumi107
    neumi107 5 mesi fa

    @ Autogefühl/Thomas - At 22:14 you write that the A-Class Sedan has a bit less legroom than the CLA. How so, don't they share the same wheelbase ?

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  5 mesi fa

      Yeah. So well, the only thing we can do is organise the exact mm-Figures. Trying to do that, bbl

    • neumi107
      neumi107 5 mesi fa

      @Autogefühl Ok, thanks for the quick answer :-). The b class is higher built, so I understand the difference in room management but the CLA and A-class Sedan look rather identical to me up to the c pillar.

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  5 mesi fa +1

      E.g. bclass is also same platform and wheelbase but has way way more legroom

    • Autogefühl
      Autogefühl  5 mesi fa +1

      Maybe due to different seating, difference was not too big though so it can also depend on seating position and the picked seat trim

  • philip danielsson
    philip danielsson 5 mesi fa

    Wanna see the Shooting Brake. I don't like the 'coupe'.

  • G.P. Rufino
    G.P. Rufino 5 mesi fa

    MBUX asks "How can I help you?" but on the screen it says "How may I help you?" I know it's a small discrepancy but details do matter.

  • javi moon
    javi moon 5 mesi fa

    This is Deutsch-English Hybrid!!!