if you don't think stray kids are funny, think again

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  • Pubblicato il 24 lug 2018
  • i love these kids so much

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  • you make sTaY kids StRaY

    Jisung: **is trying to eat**

    mr. hwang hyunjin: i thought you were a hippo

    god if that aint me with my friends i love him

  • panda bear
    panda bear 2 giorni fa

    You all were wrong bish

  • Sending Signals To Hyunjin

    1:11 remember when Taehyung said Ny shitty too? R they soulmates or what lmao?

  • Youssra Assamiri
    Youssra Assamiri 4 giorni fa

    I'm sorry but what it the song of the intro its sooo good and I love your videos they're lit and funny love u

  • Sejunnie
    Sejunnie 4 giorni fa

    skz is the definition of crackhead, and if you think otherwise, come catch these hands

    BTS ARMY BTS ARMY 5 giorni fa +1

    1:01 *I'm dying*
    8:27 *I'm dying of laughter*

  • luna_from _mars
    luna_from _mars 5 giorni fa

    may i ask which survival show (i think) the girls in the intro clip are from

  • Full of dreams
    Full of dreams 5 giorni fa

    I'm choking with laughter.

  • ᅣ락ᄉ
    ᅣ락ᄉ 5 giorni fa

    Felix with bright hair.....
    *Male* *Version* *Of* *Elsa*

  • New York Shitty
    New York Shitty 5 giorni fa

    My friend: I still don't know how that happened
    Me: Don't *question* it

  • Amp Hy
    Amp Hy 6 giorni fa

    1:14 When Minho said “New York Shitty” makes me laugh UwU he’s so cute! He’s bias wrecking me!!!!!

  • raga khalafallah
    raga khalafallah 6 giorni fa

    Felix isn't even trying to hide the fact that he regularly watches ASMR videos😂

  • Jooheons Manager
    Jooheons Manager 6 giorni fa


  • Chloe Mottram
    Chloe Mottram 6 giorni fa

    Asmr by Felix just nearly made me fall asleep

  • Эльза Кускарова

    Боже, они такие прелести❤️ умирала на моменте с холодным сердцем)

  • 리에고레이나
    리에고레이나 8 giorni fa

    New york shity HAHA lmao.

  • 이다니옐
    이다니옐 11 giorni fa

    just realized, the lyrics Felix was reading is notfrom Mirror but from 잘하고있어

  • Han is A sqUiRrEL
    Han is A sqUiRrEL 11 giorni fa

    Someone thought the weren’t funny?

  • BeatDroppingBeats
    BeatDroppingBeats 11 giorni fa +1

    Who a re the girls in the intro

    • BeatDroppingBeats
      BeatDroppingBeats 11 giorni fa

      +grac grac thank you! I have major girl crushes on them now I think-

    • grac grac
      grac grac  11 giorni fa +1

      Chungha, Pristin's Rena and Yehana, Twice, Dreamcatcher's Jiu and trainee Rui

  • mono.
    mono. 12 giorni fa

    10:09 not at how woojin stopped the music before they started feeling themselves a little too much 💀

  • Marifyia 213
    Marifyia 213 12 giorni fa +1

    *Intro idols and song please?*

    • grac grac
      grac grac  11 giorni fa

      Song: Girls Gone Wild
      Idols: Chungha, Dreamcatcher's Jiu, trainee Rui, Pristin's Rena and Yehana

  • Marifyia 213
    Marifyia 213 12 giorni fa

    2:46 «*how? How did you read my mind?*

  • Stine Van de Putte
    Stine Van de Putte 12 giorni fa +1

    thank you so much for this video!! thanks to you I started to listen to Stray Kids!! MY BABYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɪs ᴍʏ ʟɪғᴇᴜ ʜᴀʜᴀ

    i'm fine thank u and you

  • mg v
    mg v 16 giorni fa

    *new york shitty*

  • Julz PG-14
    Julz PG-14 17 giorni fa

    There should be a whole ass video of just Felix talking

  • marybeth h
    marybeth h 17 giorni fa

    8:27 felix sounding like every basic white girl ever

  • Niya d.
    Niya d. 18 giorni fa

    OMG! I’m dead. His voice is so deep... Felix. No. Stop torturing me.

  • Chris felix
    Chris felix 19 giorni fa +1

    1:34 his infront of han that's why 😂

  • MIROH #StrayKids
    MIROH #StrayKids 20 giorni fa

    0:08 I hear suengmin, is it skz seungmin???

  • paeaed
    paeaed 21 giorno fa

    stop with promote this baNDS

  • June Ling
    June Ling 21 giorno fa

    3:10 where is the scene with beds from??

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    a-wanderingcloud 0-0 24 giorni fa

    1:53 - 2:25 So sad 😂

  • Aesyulli K-Pop
    Aesyulli K-Pop 25 giorni fa

    I was sitting on my floor when my dad walked in. I jumped and threw my phone. He asked what I was doing 😂 I said stray kids. He was like of course you are,, is it about Felix? I replied YoU ReMemBeR?! He was like it's all you ever talk about

  • Evon Banjo
    Evon Banjo 25 giorni fa

    When they say Felix was like Elsa...I was thinking he was more like Jack Frost😂

  • Jasmin Lopez
    Jasmin Lopez 25 giorni fa

    Whoever that is that 0:37 I need to slap them in the neck bc that was funny😂😂

  • Lisa Mair
    Lisa Mair 25 giorni fa

    I miss you too much

  • Bloom Bloom life
    Bloom Bloom life 26 giorni fa

    love them but I got a problem with Felix & Woojin

  • Imagination Princess
    Imagination Princess 26 giorni fa

    Sorry I don't have think.

  • Jiminloml 95
    Jiminloml 95 27 giorni fa

    9:16 how did BC hold his breath that mf long im-

  • Kpop DongHan . NOORA
    Kpop DongHan . NOORA 27 giorni fa

    Felix's lips and mouth is killing me ❤

  • Astrid Sanixay Molland
    Astrid Sanixay Molland 28 giorni fa

    I’m fine thankyou

  • Felix Sausage
    Felix Sausage 28 giorni fa +1

    "new york shitty" fuck i laughed so hard

  • mikrokosmos BTS
    mikrokosmos BTS 28 giorni fa

    New yorkk shitty yeahhh

  • stray cheese
    stray cheese 29 giorni fa +1

    3:14 BEAUTIFUL

  • Sarah Marie
    Sarah Marie Mese fa +3

    „Verse from the Bible“ I can‘t-

  • Baexo
    Baexo Mese fa +1


  • Daisy_WDW
    Daisy_WDW Mese fa +1

    See... I hate frozen...
    but if it only had let it go sang by Felix in a deep austrailian accent
    boi talk about good moveis

  • jinjin's height
    jinjin's height Mese fa

    i can replay that clip of felix trying to read his writing bc of his deep voice all dayyy

  • Nica Victorino
    Nica Victorino Mese fa

    I click this like I was in a mood of “nah” but when the ASMR KING talk (Felix) I was “woooah” and then my mood lighten up. Thanks to the owner of this channel and to Stray Kids, keep making some wEird tittle yet very awesome vid!

  • Nica Victorino
    Nica Victorino Mese fa

    I click this like I was in a mood of “nah” but when the ASMR KING talk (Felix) I was “woooah” and then my mood lighten up. Thanks to the owner of this channel and to Stray Kids, keep making some wEird tittle yet very awesome vid!

  • noni chan
    noni chan Mese fa

    “Is it photosynthesis?”
    I.N: *WAAAAH~*

  • camille carrillo

    I love you bang chan

  • Rahma Abdulrahman

    11:20 Damn PArk Jimin sounds sooo good wth

  • Rahma Abdulrahman

    3:43 hahahah what was thaattt

  • Rahma Abdulrahman

    1:00 wait that song name??what was it??

  • YuirZa Hani
    YuirZa Hani Mese fa

    Minho is giving Chan panic gay attack XD 1:17
    You made rolling XD

  • Damayanthi Ifthiqar

    Stray kids are so cute

  • baekhyung
    baekhyung Mese fa

    2:57 jeongin's little smileee

  • Aka Admin
    Aka Admin Mese fa

    Jeongin: ,,I cAn spEak inglish‘’ 😂❤️

  • marie berry
    marie berry Mese fa

    Woojin is so cute😂😍

  • kim henao
    kim henao Mese fa

    1:01 algo hizo click en la cabeza de hyunjin al decir great jsjsj

  • skz bap jiyong
    skz bap jiyong Mese fa

    Im in public watching this (coz i waiting my father to get out of the church) and i laugh as af i am at home...there's people watching me

  • skz bap jiyong
    skz bap jiyong Mese fa

    0:19 all of koreaboo pretending to speak korean, but the only thing they are able to say is "oppa" and "annyeong"

  • Reva Kumar
    Reva Kumar Mese fa

    Omg they are literally my favorite boy group 😂😂😂

  • Nicole
    Nicole Mese fa +1

    “We have a website?”
    “Yeah... I think so”
    Chan and Felix literally share one brain cell oml.

  • stan STRAY KIDS for clear skin

    3:43 life with Mak is shakiNg

  • han jisung owns my heart

    11:02 i legit died aduwehfwehfhwe

  • zmr mts
    zmr mts Mese fa

    Somebody please I need hyunjin "no I dont know" on loop

  • cream peach
    cream peach Mese fa

    *Felix: now we have this beautiful album in our website*
    *Chan: wait we have a website??*
    *Felix: Yes... I think so- we have a CD and photo cards*

  • Sarah Anzaldo
    Sarah Anzaldo Mese fa


  • ERROR_
    ERROR_ Mese fa


  • i am a THRICE
    i am a THRICE Mese fa

    *_I'm fine, thankyou and you?_*

  • jisung's fluffy hair


  • park_ ChimChim
    park_ ChimChim Mese fa

    The Felix dancing part fvckk I played it too many times I need holy water HAHAHA FELIX DRIVING ME CRAZY 😱😂

  • yoojin
    yoojin Mese fa

    what is the background song in 0:58

  • Big Titty Namjoon


  • Loreen Egbers
    Loreen Egbers Mese fa

    Felix‘ deep Voice is giving me all the chills

  • umji hwang
    umji hwang Mese fa

    In 7:55 who was in the back

  • Jan from January

    1:06 BGM

  • Peggy
    Peggy Mese fa


  • DrawnSteelHero
    DrawnSteelHero Mese fa

    Chan ought to be careful about consuming love; I've seen how that plays out with Clifford the Big Red Dog...
    Also, Seungmin is _way_ too nice to be a prosecutor... :P

  • TY AF
    TY AF Mese fa

    7:05 song???

  • Jill Garcia
    Jill Garcia Mese fa +1

    Im here after 1st win
    Congrats to our bois once again

  • Dé Bé
    Dé Bé Mese fa

    Hi i'm Woojin and i'm your freestyle dance teacher.
    *insert footage of Woojin chicken-dancing*

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Mese fa +1

    *nEw YoRk ShiTty*

  • Taymaa Hamaideh
    Taymaa Hamaideh Mese fa +1


  • Mimi Mimista
    Mimi Mimista Mese fa

    I was wearing a face mask watching this video , it was a bad idea:(

  • Grimmjaw 18
    Grimmjaw 18 Mese fa

    Minho: “ New York _shitty_ ”

  • FoxxyChanChan
    FoxxyChanChan Mese fa

    I just felt tears dropping off my eyes because I laughed too much

  • teen sunshine
    teen sunshine Mese fa

    7:17 this bitch just unhinged his jAw

  • Daniel Farshipov

    Merci beaucoup!! I love them so much. And you give us the opportunity to see more interesting things we might skip!!

  • Remy Ramy
    Remy Ramy Mese fa

    Soy la única que en el minuto 4:00 a Bangchan diciendo ``cuidao the cd ´´

  • Giuliana Lemon
    Giuliana Lemon Mese fa

    these two i’m KSJSKDKDKEKRIR

  • hissyfet
    hissyfet Mese fa

    i.n is so fucking cute i just cant stop uwuing

  • Devi Withanage
    Devi Withanage Mese fa

    Idina Menzel who? I only know Lee Felix

  • okayedits
    okayedits Mese fa

    ahh most of them are younger than me, i'm feeling so old

  • shakira barrett
    shakira barrett Mese fa

    "I'm fine thank you and you"
    Reminds me of jin at the BBMA'S 😂😂

  • life is OOF
    life is OOF Mese fa

    At 4:08 chan almost dying, and Felix struggling to get ice cream 😂😂