[JYP vs YG Battle] STRAY KIDS - Matryoshka (Changbin & Jisung) CUT

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  • Pubblicato il 22 nov 2017

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  • Wika Wiki
    Wika Wiki 23 ore fa

    3:11 Yedam is *shooked*

  • zombieRAWRxx
    zombieRAWRxx Giorno fa

    Changbin threatening the YG trainees the whole time... and that voice... damn

  • Kye Huann
    Kye Huann 2 giorni fa

    2:39 I thought Jisung said "Oooo where my dick at"

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez 2 giorni fa +1


    Changbin is baby Changbin off the stage but on the stage savage

  • Liv And Danny
    Liv And Danny 3 giorni fa

    Changbin's face in 0:57 I DIED

  • 범한최
    범한최 4 giorni fa

    Still iconic!

  • Liza Sakura
    Liza Sakura 6 giorni fa

    Why doesn't anyone talk about how Jisung used to say Russian words? ;-;

  • LuiYurei
    LuiYurei 8 giorni fa +1

    jisung's flow is a whole other level...

  • bts is life
    bts is life 9 giorni fa

    Is it only me who get breathless watching changbin rap ?

  • Teen Dale
    Teen Dale 9 giorni fa

    Qual o nome do outro grupo que estava assistindo ?

  • Suho le pp
    Suho le pp 9 giorni fa

    That’s lit

  • Emily Vu
    Emily Vu 11 giorni fa

    That "Maaatryoshka" is my ringtone. Period.

    MULTIFANDOM HERE 11 giorni fa

    2:40 they hit the “woo” before it was even trending

  • Huney.Hyunjin 1997Kookie
    Huney.Hyunjin 1997Kookie 11 giorni fa +2

    YG is secretly regretting his life choices because he wishes he took them in himself

  • baby stay
    baby stay 13 giorni fa

    They both is seriously a treasure in jyp

  • Rin
    Rin 13 giorni fa

    I keep re-watching these videos and when Changing said his *I C O N I C* "MAAAAATRYOSHYKA" I had to take some time to collect myself lmao

  • MaplePancakes 13
    MaplePancakes 13 14 giorni fa

    I love how they pronounce матрёшка 😂

  • B Baekkie
    B Baekkie 14 giorni fa


  • Some Person
    Some Person 14 giorni fa

    Oh geez . . . I love them. Both of them.

    Although Jisung is my bias:3, sorry Binnie

  • дженни джи
    дженни джи 16 giorni fa +2

    *МАТРОСИКА , БАБУШКА БУШКА, ДЭВУШКА ДЭВУШКА😂😂 Кто нибудь остоновите моооой ОРРРРРРРРРРРРРРР🤣🤣🤣🤣 Матросика блятб😂*

  • S T A R M Y
    S T A R M Y 16 giorni fa

    Should I marry Changbin? But there's Han and also Chan then there's 6 more WTH

  • fida illah
    fida illah 17 giorni fa


  • Kenma Kozume & BTS forever Sweet Sweet Suga

    3:20 Woojin being the cutest bean ever ❤️

  • The Beautiful wall
    The Beautiful wall 22 giorni fa

    How the heck can 86 people dislike this?!

  • Loka Hus
    Loka Hus 24 giorni fa

    2:58 stray kids reactions 3:32 Felix baby 🍼

  • Chanlix's Wife
    Chanlix's Wife 25 giorni fa +1

    That raw voice, when Changbin sang: ,,Matryoshka''
    Well, I guess I died.

  • Giuliana Lemon
    Giuliana Lemon 25 giorni fa

    this was legendary and i will never get over it

  • Caitlyn Malfoy
    Caitlyn Malfoy 25 giorni fa

    Changbin is really out their being the best kpop rapper.. Han really be out there as kpop's most well rounded idol. I stan

  • Elizabeth Touth
    Elizabeth Touth 26 giorni fa

    My baby CHANGBIN💚❤💚❤❤

  • plants
    plants 27 giorni fa

    yg really out here comparing 3racha to onions i'm wheezing

  • Annasuke16
    Annasuke16 27 giorni fa +1

    I’ve just realized that Han Jisung has been asking for reactions (0:15) since the beginning of time...

  • Xiumin
    Xiumin 27 giorni fa

    0:30 YG dont look interessed and he should show some respect to the JYP trainee

    • Aksa
      Aksa 24 giorni fa

      he does watch the whole video

  • i only love one h0e, it's minhOe

    If silver boys just debuted together, it will be amazing to have collab with Skz😔

  • Kamal Chail
    Kamal Chail 29 giorni fa +1

    This was one year already omg

  • mosqyeeto
    mosqyeeto Mese fa

    *uH mAaaAaatRyoOoshKaA*

  • hannah
    hannah Mese fa

    They are honestly the most pure and precious people ever.Jisung and Chanbin killed it,they are so young yet talented.I think I fell in love with this group 😩💘.

  • Sander
    Sander Mese fa

    I come back to this video about once per 3 months

  • Kim TinA
    Kim TinA Mese fa +2

    бабушка бушка😂👌

  • Anahis Garay
    Anahis Garay Mese fa

    They are 2 stray kids??

    • Anahis Garay
      Anahis Garay 22 giorni fa

      I mean the other group is named stray kids too??

    • Aksa
      Aksa 24 giorni fa

      no 9 altogether

  • once you jeongin you cant jeongout

    It's already 2019 and this song is still bop

  • 최강전기공학
    최강전기공학 Mese fa +2

    창빈은 ..진짜 랩갓이다.

  • Erin Patience
    Erin Patience Mese fa

    The first time I heard of Stray Kids was by hearing a snippet of Matroshyka, this song is a bop

  • radchan
    radchan Mese fa

    i got a statefarm ad that aint gonna cover my medical ill from my hear attck cause by these crackheads

  • Misty Piner
    Misty Piner Mese fa


  • Myriam l
    Myriam l Mese fa

    I must say that jisung's facial expressions are so on point... Like damn boy I'm gonna start rapping too 😎

  • ZE ZE
    ZE ZE Mese fa +2

    이제 랩은 jyp

  • oh yess tess
    oh yess tess Mese fa

    why is bo ine talking about my bb jisung

  • Yen Jjang
    Yen Jjang Mese fa +1

    how can "baby changbin" be like this ㅠㅠ

  • Felix Biased박연연

    0.1% of stays - have 1 bias
    99.9% of stays - have 9 biases

  • Adelina Sherifi
    Adelina Sherifi Mese fa +1

    Seeing this after so auch a long time makes me feel so proud because they were so good and got even better.💞💞💞

  • Gunawan Gunawan
    Gunawan Gunawan Mese fa +1

    I❤ stray kids han jisung
    Yg suka jisung like ya☺☺☺

  • Cherie Gesta
    Cherie Gesta Mese fa

    Can somebody tell me where I can find the eng sub

    • eunsangdotnet -
      eunsangdotnet -  Mese fa

      Cherie Gesta Hi, all episodes of stray kids were subbed by Team DSML :)



  • Malia Fmk
    Malia Fmk Mese fa

    Still here✋🏽

    i GOTSVTSKZ Mese fa

    am I the only one seeing the glitch??

  • Dana Cazares
    Dana Cazares Mese fa

    This is the anthems of the anthems 👌

  • hyuwujin *
    hyuwujin * Mese fa

    4:08 LMAO JISUNG

  • Antalia_V
    Antalia_V Mese fa +1

    Let's just appreciate that Woong (AB6IX) is vibing with my boys
    Stan SKZ and AB6IX

  • e r i k a a n n e
    e r i k a a n n e Mese fa +2

    The goosebumps are REAAAAALLLL

  • e r i k a a n n e
    e r i k a a n n e Mese fa +2

    I don't remember how many times I've watched this over and over again. It's too GOOOODDDD

  • Csilla Kane
    Csilla Kane Mese fa

    Why r u posting this back tho?What if mnet and jyp ask u for copyrights?

  • nabeeha xd
    nabeeha xd Mese fa +1

    i’ve noticed how jyp always gives them a warm smile skskskskkssksk

  • Tzuyu's Bae
    Tzuyu's Bae Mese fa +2

    I love how Jyp looks like a proud father and Stray kids looking like proud brothers💞💞💞

  • appa seungwoo x adeul dongpyo

    Wow! I see Lee Mi Dam and Woong! Please support Mi Dam in Produce x101 & Woong, he's making a debut with AB6IX!!

  • ONCE ARMY BLINK aghase

    Repeat again and agaain urrgghhh!! I can't get over to this video!💖✨

  • Strawberry Hyunjin


  • Cha kdanielle
    Cha kdanielle 2 mesi fa +1

    Can't believe.. they are too young to be this talented 😭😭😍😍👏👏👍👍 I will always be stay 👌

  • Belen Carrillo
    Belen Carrillo 2 mesi fa +1

    They definitely won that round 🤤

  • Misany SES
    Misany SES 2 mesi fa +1

    This is legend, where's my wig?

  • Ким Даль
    Ким Даль 2 mesi fa

    Не удивлюсь если стрей победили, "сокровище yg" и если это так,то это первая победа jyp

  • 포도잼
    포도잼 2 mesi fa

    0:58~1:06 1:56

  • Cookie Cloud
    Cookie Cloud 2 mesi fa

    YG really is enjoying it.

  • Multi-fandom Bish
    Multi-fandom Bish 2 mesi fa +1

    Idk why but why does yg looks like a bulldog when he smiles??😂

    HOLLY BTS 2 mesi fa +1

    these kids literally slay!
    changbin's rap style & voice gets me weak! & jisung's flow is superb bye

  • yee haw
    yee haw 2 mesi fa

    0:45 omg that was so cute ✊😔💞

  • Just Jyn
    Just Jyn 2 mesi fa

    3:01 my friends when i perform somethin in class 😂

  • нет имени
    нет имени 2 mesi fa +2

    И тут все русские к-поперы начали петь "мааатресикаааааа"

  • 林曉昕
    林曉昕 2 mesi fa

    4:22 Han is super cute~~~

  • Yasmine lajdel
    Yasmine lajdel 2 mesi fa +1


  • meow gacha
    meow gacha 2 mesi fa

    i dont known what any of them said but yes.

  • izma tariq
    izma tariq 2 mesi fa

    Still waiting for 3racha debut

  • Samantha Kristine
    Samantha Kristine 2 mesi fa

    Who goes back to this song to hype your self up?

  • /sxturn
    /sxturn 2 mesi fa +3

    So I've listened to this so many times but SPEARB/Changbin’s matroshkya(idk how to spell it) still send chills down my spine

  • somi somi
    somi somi 2 mesi fa +2

    its 2019 and i’m still here

    RACK REACT 2 mesi fa

    4:05 jyp look like an proud dad

  • its Haggy
    its Haggy 2 mesi fa +1

    Am I the only one thinking they look like Mark and Yugeom from GOT7.

  • alexa medina
    alexa medina 2 mesi fa +1

    Ji-Sung oppa 😍😍

  • Tati Bloomie
    Tati Bloomie 2 mesi fa

    Dios amo mucho a Changbin 💕💕💕😭

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan 2 mesi fa

    Ооооооо даааааа
    Рашн лэнгвидж ин май харт

  • Nom Noms
    Nom Noms 2 mesi fa

    This blows me away every time

  • Chrysvel Chiong
    Chrysvel Chiong 2 mesi fa

    THESE RAPPERS ARE SO TALENTED!!! They can pass as siblings. Hahaha

    JOHAN SHEENA 2 mesi fa

    Changbin at 0:46 says “oh you dont know whats coming old man”

  • my i-gotstayzen heart
    my i-gotstayzen heart 3 mesi fa +1

    im a new fan and fjasjjsn changbin reallly caught my eye ugh

  • 11Th Strawhat
    11Th Strawhat 3 mesi fa

    Gangster level rapping. They are so cool like everyone there too. Are they preparing to bomb the world or what?

  • Forever Young
    Forever Young 3 mesi fa +1

    Ничего не поняла из начала он услышала что-то про Россию ))

  • Raegan Mira A
    Raegan Mira A 3 mesi fa

    I only understood 20% of this, but god, everyone’s reactions. i love that the rest of skz was hyping them up, like i wasn’t ready for the fanchants lol

  • Talking Cracker
    Talking Cracker 3 mesi fa +2

    No fucking joke changbin and jisung are the best fucking rappers I have heard in kpop. help.

  • Mafe Kim
    Mafe Kim 3 mesi fa

    When no entiendes nada pero aun asi estas feliz porque ellos están feliz :D

  • shanelle
    shanelle 3 mesi fa +1

    im so glad that finally jyp got to have *real rappers*

  • Ritalila kim
    Ritalila kim 3 mesi fa +7

    창빈이란 분 딕션 왤케 좋냐 ㄷㄷ