Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?

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  • Pubblicato il 19 apr 2019
  • Today we're testing out the properties of sticky tack- how strong is it, does it burn, and what happens when it freezes?
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random  3 mesi fa +893

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  • Gacha Cupcakes for life

    When they were freezing it it kinda is like whne you chew on dubble bubble and it’s gets hard and doesn’t stretch anymore😩🤣
    Like if you agree

  • Jaana Price
    Jaana Price 18 ore fa

    A metal sink

  • Jaana Price
    Jaana Price 18 ore fa

    Can you fix a metal single with Ramen noodles

  • wonder thoughts
    wonder thoughts Giorno fa +1


  • huggledemon32
    huggledemon32 Giorno fa

    And now I’m imagining a prank where u freeze dry a bowl made of blu tak and freak people out when it re warms and deforms lol

  • naejar foy
    naejar foy Giorno fa


  • Boxcat 23
    Boxcat 23 2 giorni fa +1

    8:45 ur welcome

  • Christopher Galope
    Christopher Galope 3 giorni fa +1

    9:14 she’s holding the string in a way she said not to hold rope in another video lol

  • Carmelo Agosta
    Carmelo Agosta 3 giorni fa

    I found the hidden symbol

  • PeterMb3 Ho
    PeterMb3 Ho 3 giorni fa

    Be careful kids that’s a lot of sodium

  • DBZ gang
    DBZ gang 4 giorni fa

    Freeze dry Oobleck

  • Ashlin Gunderson
    Ashlin Gunderson 4 giorni fa

    Whenever I got my hands on sticky tack in elementary school I would allllllways make a snail

  • It’s me Neisha Neisha

    Can u guys make Edible glue

  • Nexus Thecreature
    Nexus Thecreature 4 giorni fa

    I can only imagine the struggle in getting that off your ceiling along side the boards. lol

  • Sophia Spies
    Sophia Spies 5 giorni fa

    Nate: *licks it*
    Calli: dont!
    Nate: im seeing if it has any flavor.
    In Nate's mind: ooh the things i do for you tube

  • Reuven Dove
    Reuven Dove 5 giorni fa

    do slime burn it vacum chamber it burn it freeze it.

  • Zoey Swindle
    Zoey Swindle 5 giorni fa

    Can you make a bed of slime

  • Daniel Briseño
    Daniel Briseño 5 giorni fa

    I saw n+k!

  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint 6 giorni fa

    Sometimes I feel like you 2 are in high school.

  • Cristodarey Naranjo
    Cristodarey Naranjo 6 giorni fa

    Bro the sticky stuff holded you guys because you added nails to the roof

    • AndrewK
      AndrewK 4 giorni fa

      They added nails so they would have something to tie the strings to

  • Gwen Porce
    Gwen Porce 6 giorni fa

    "Is it toxic?"
    "No! Actually it's non toxic!"
    *Immediately decides to lick it*

  • Dolphin Playz
    Dolphin Playz 7 giorni fa

    Did anyone else see that logo at 8:16

  • Leolionross
    Leolionross 7 giorni fa

    2017: homemade flamethrower
    2019: wE"Ve g0t pUDdy!

    But they do crazy stuff to it so I'll give you that

  • Everything Infrequent
    Everything Infrequent 8 giorni fa

    6:33 6:34 why was there a plus sign

  • Miss Kim
    Miss Kim 8 giorni fa


  • Rueben Francis
    Rueben Francis 8 giorni fa

    In the uk is Common to get this and is called blu-tack

  • Kimbarbar Underfood
    Kimbarbar Underfood 8 giorni fa +1

    are y'all married? If so you're such a cute couple!!!

  • Mober Ember
    Mober Ember 8 giorni fa

    Mix sillypuddy and sticky tack

  • Kayda Rowberry
    Kayda Rowberry 10 giorni fa

    I want to see you vacuum chamber water

  • Penguin 8
    Penguin 8 10 giorni fa

    I love the look they gave to each other before putting it in the flame

  • Luke Trinley
    Luke Trinley 10 giorni fa

    1:34 "so if you accidentally have a kid"

  • George Lytle
    George Lytle 11 giorni fa

    Can you put different types of candy in you’re vacuum chamber? And/or do other stuff with them?

    BIGMELLOWTASTY Films 11 giorni fa

    I use sticky tack for my animations all the time

  • Drawing,Painting,And Sketching

    You should see what would happen if you vacuum chamber a hambuger,taco,and ice and other foods

  • Ion McKinney
    Ion McKinney 11 giorni fa

    Test Labs..

  • Inboundrocket
    Inboundrocket 11 giorni fa

    make a dry ice tornado like a flame tornado

  • Allison Barletta
    Allison Barletta 12 giorni fa

    At 2:47 who holds the camera?

  • Mahmuna Chaudhary
    Mahmuna Chaudhary 13 giorni fa

    There are multiple methods of burning it. Callie: I KnOw ThEm AlL

  • WhyAreYouReadingThis
    WhyAreYouReadingThis 13 giorni fa

    8:13 logo flicker at the right

  • Noreen Aniban
    Noreen Aniban 13 giorni fa

    What if you put an empty permanent marker on open flame??

  • Desiree Mathews
    Desiree Mathews 13 giorni fa +1

    Use the tack to hold a hammock

  • cotne chejia
    cotne chejia 14 giorni fa

    Can STICKY TACK pull a car??

  • Haboo's World
    Haboo's World 14 giorni fa


  • ZTZ Pure
    ZTZ Pure 15 giorni fa

    try to make a smoke bom

  • Lindi Nhlebela
    Lindi Nhlebela 16 giorni fa

    Is this not like Bosstick, Pritstick type of thing

  • Olivia Walden
    Olivia Walden 16 giorni fa

    You should vacuum chamber seltzer.

  • that one girl
    that one girl 17 giorni fa

    I swear nate acts like a child somerimes its so funny

  • Lili Jahanpour
    Lili Jahanpour 17 giorni fa

    can you boil, freeze and burn kinetic sand?

  • off line
    off line 18 giorni fa

    Dip a diamond in liquid nitrogen my dude what do ya think?

  • River Dale
    River Dale 18 giorni fa

    Can you freeze paper

  • William White
    William White 18 giorni fa

    1:34 If you accidentally have a kid

  • Ju Gamer
    Ju Gamer 19 giorni fa

    Try out things with flex tape

  • joseph ryan
    joseph ryan 20 giorni fa

    why the subliminal KoR logo

  • Roblox4 Ever
    Roblox4 Ever 20 giorni fa

    Place catches on fire
    Police:how did this happen
    Nate:umm we set a strip of blue wall mounting putty on fire
    Police: ................

  • Tammie Cowan
    Tammie Cowan 21 giorno fa

    Who else thought he said, "With instructions suggest you EAT IT till it gets warm and Cali has done that"?? Lol I had to rewind and hear it again! Lmao 🤣 😂 but he actually says, "Heat It till it gets warm"! Lmao 😂🤣 😂

  • owo trash
    owo trash 21 giorno fa

    :o epic

  • Cherry Dan
    Cherry Dan 21 giorno fa

    Why are you the king of random?

  • Christopher Mick
    Christopher Mick 22 giorni fa

    can sticky tack hold 100 thousand pounds

  • Christopher Mick
    Christopher Mick 22 giorni fa

    can sticky tack hold 100 pounds

  • Lewis Stevens
    Lewis Stevens 22 giorni fa


  • LuisAndLaura
    LuisAndLaura 23 giorni fa +1

    I think the sticky tracks can hold a person

  • Allison Stenger
    Allison Stenger 23 giorni fa

    If u accidentally have a kid😂😂😂

  • Leon Awesome Videos!
    Leon Awesome Videos! 24 giorni fa

    Of you watched closely you could see

  • Trigger funny 3
    Trigger funny 3 24 giorni fa

    Is sticky tac worth a rac

  • Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy 25 giorni fa

    In the UK its blue 5ak

  • WeeWolfcute
    WeeWolfcute 25 giorni fa


  • WeeWolfcute
    WeeWolfcute 25 giorni fa

    8:14 king of random glitch

  • David Ohman
    David Ohman 25 giorni fa

    The king of random:don’t play with fire Tends to burn down house

  • Sasha Wade - lilvampirexd

    "Nate putting things in his mouth compilation" 😂

  • Yahir Garcia
    Yahir Garcia 26 giorni fa

    Making a blue tack bounce ball

  • Mahd Farooqi
    Mahd Farooqi 27 giorni fa


  • obsidianorchids
    obsidianorchids 27 giorni fa

    "It's non-toxic."
    I must lick it then.

  • Zyvo2
    Zyvo2 27 giorni fa

    But will it blend?

  • ather the furry
    ather the furry 27 giorni fa

    Try to see the durability of a stuffed toy! ( please, I would love to see it) your the best!

    Things to tests
    How much can they be ran through the wash without busting open?
    How hard can they be pulled on?
    ( like 2 kids fighting over it)
    And you usal tests ( fire, liquid nitrogen, air thing)

  • OliveTheSnowman
    OliveTheSnowman 27 giorni fa

    8:14-8:16? What’s that?

  • Shaina Thukral - Tribune Drive PS (1446)

    I don't think I have seen anyone say this but I kinda ship them for some reason
    I mean like the first time I saw them I thought they were dating

  • Keyshawn Skinner
    Keyshawn Skinner 27 giorni fa

    Wait calssafied

  • Tee
    Tee 27 giorni fa

    ah man i left my accident out again

  • Xander Gross
    Xander Gross 27 giorni fa

    Carbon monoxide actually kills quicker than cyanides

  • Ms.Wanna die
    Ms.Wanna die 28 giorni fa

    My entry: " Sticky tak can hold Calli but can it hold Nate?"


  • Fortnite Propiper
    Fortnite Propiper 28 giorni fa

    Put playback speed on 0.25X then go to 8:14

  • Juice clan 420 1
    Juice clan 420 1 28 giorni fa

    8:15 the thing popped up

  • Elfin Fob
    Elfin Fob 28 giorni fa

    Can you climb with only stick tack being on gloves and shoes

  • your nans grandad
    your nans grandad 28 giorni fa

    Soo it’s just blue tak...

  • ocb Sharri
    ocb Sharri 29 giorni fa

    U should see if u can melt a rock

  • cookiesquad forever
    cookiesquad forever 29 giorni fa

    9:47: you seem far away are you hiding from something? No of course not
    Cup: yea

  • X_Life_x 217
    X_Life_x 217 29 giorni fa

    In Australia its call blue tack.

  • Ariyah Cage
    Ariyah Cage 29 giorni fa

    Sometimes I don't understand there language
    When I mean language:too smart lol

  • Rogue AI67
    Rogue AI67 29 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who thinks Nick and Calli were married for the longest time even if they weren't... But I literally had to search it up for know that they weren't.. They just look like their married these days

  • Not Nulcx
    Not Nulcx 29 giorni fa +1

    Callie:so how much did you buy
    Nate:throws like 30 packets of sticky tak
    Nate: a little bit.
    BtW tomorrow is my bday can I get a like please

  • Hayden Spicer
    Hayden Spicer 29 giorni fa

    9:55 you just have to pay a like

  • Fletcher Young
    Fletcher Young 29 giorni fa

    Britain squad where you at🇬🇧

  • ValuedDragoon
    ValuedDragoon Mese fa +1

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly he is held by the tacc

  • Glutoix
    Glutoix Mese fa

    Mix that with hand soap

  • Joel Black
    Joel Black Mese fa

    Nate has to do the taste test with everything and we luv

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Mese fa

    my -dog- kid ate this

  • Silvas Bug
    Silvas Bug Mese fa

    bo stuff with magnatic puty
    1. slam it on the grownd
    2. but it in a facum chamdr
    3.bern it
    4.but it in a pool
    last but not lest 4. be save in have fun

  • Nola Vercesi
    Nola Vercesi Mese fa

    What is the vacume chamber and what does it do

  • ravi Kumar
    ravi Kumar Mese fa

    How you going to remove the stick y tack