The New Mid-Engined 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 Is a Supercar Bargain. Here's Why!

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  • Pubblicato il 19 lug 2019
  • ( ) The 2020 Chevy Corvette is all new and now mid-engined. Why is the C8 2020 Chevy Corvette a supercar bargain? Watch this video to learn all about the new 2020 C8 Chevy Corvette!
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Commenti • 6 863

  • The Fast Lane Car
    The Fast Lane Car  Mese fa +185

    Which would you rather own? This New Corvette or the upcoming Ford Shelby Mustang GT500:

    • Phil Melson
      Phil Melson 4 giorni fa

      I!d like to know when the right hand drive C8 will be available for me to buy in the UK .. .

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 4 giorni fa

      I'll buy a ICBM and ride that to the stars

    • Dave Haller
      Dave Haller 11 giorni fa

      Nits not even a discussion. The Corvette is a game changer.

    • Geary Harlan
      Geary Harlan 13 giorni fa

      @Guill Man doesn't look anything like the NSX

    • Geary Harlan
      Geary Harlan 13 giorni fa

      @1989Peanut doesn't look anything like an R8

  • Rob Hicks
    Rob Hicks 14 ore fa

    I would love to see Jeremy Clarkson drive and review this car. 🙂

  • Johnny Greeko
    Johnny Greeko 15 ore fa

    Corvette = Best bang for the buck.

  • Nugg Nugg
    Nugg Nugg Giorno fa

    First American car I’d consider buying.....I’m in love

  • W2OT W2OT
    W2OT W2OT 2 giorni fa


  • W2OT W2OT
    W2OT W2OT 2 giorni fa


  • W2OT W2OT
    W2OT W2OT 2 giorni fa


  • Charles Williams Jr
    Charles Williams Jr 2 giorni fa +1


  • Bradford Tiongko
    Bradford Tiongko 3 giorni fa

    Never been a GM guy, but this is the gut punch the industry needs. Manufacturers have been getting away with overcharging for performance cars for forever.

  • RuVaRoRacing Ruud van Rooijen

    Like it! And will wait for it to come to Europe.
    Great and informative video

  • MrTruckerme
    MrTruckerme 4 giorni fa

    Ladies and gentlemen here it is, Italian supercar wanna be the all new corvette. So basically until 2020, corvette design was a mistake? Ha!

  • micky dee
    micky dee 6 giorni fa

    I'll bet there are many performance shops and tuners that are already drooling over this car with all kinds of upgrades......I'm drooling too......damn it!

  • Tony Wellington
    Tony Wellington 7 giorni fa +1

    chevy gonna race this thing?

  • Mateo34
    Mateo34 7 giorni fa


  • hynz sanchez
    hynz sanchez 8 giorni fa

    Ferrari fighter? LMAO my grandfather laferarri will smoke this car lol

  • torrid94
    torrid94 9 giorni fa

    I'm sure it will be great...until it breaks

  • Dave Haller
    Dave Haller 11 giorni fa

    I am amazed that Chevy built this car. I have no considered an American car for decades, going for German instead. If this is the new direction GM is going in, I think I need to re-think American. This car is a game changer.

  • Franco Sosa
    Franco Sosa 12 giorni fa

    Did you feel confortable inside that 2020 Corvette C8??

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 13 giorni fa

    I did a search for the Ferrari 488 and ended up here??? Is this a Corrari concept?

  • DGgaminguniverse313
    DGgaminguniverse313 13 giorni fa

    Give it a turbo or supercharger an a manual transmission an it might be Ford GTX1 competition not a Ford fanboy but the first gen Ford GT has the crown

  • Kelly Sutton
    Kelly Sutton 13 giorni fa

    That's sharp looking man wish I could afford one

  • PigMine 6
    PigMine 6 15 giorni fa +2

    Would rather have a Ferrari F-40, but 60K for the Vette is insane! Hopefully they sell like hotcakes!

  • Erik Tisdale
    Erik Tisdale 15 giorni fa

    Upon immediate glance at the 2.05 mark I see a Chevrolet made (Ferrari)458.

  • Kaedyn Rowan
    Kaedyn Rowan 16 giorni fa

    My dad has a Ford 20 15 mustang always had mustangs

  • Kaedyn Rowan
    Kaedyn Rowan 16 giorni fa


  • madcow usa
    madcow usa 16 giorni fa

    Pause at 16:17 and just look at that gorgeous car. It's perfect.

  • Dave Biltz
    Dave Biltz 16 giorni fa

    I've got to have one.

  • Jonathan Ellis
    Jonathan Ellis 18 giorni fa +1

    Love how that car looks, bring it to the UK!!

  • lisa
    lisa 19 giorni fa +1

    I'm thinking about opening a mid engine car driving school for red necks

  • ousi00
    ousi00 19 giorni fa +1

    This is more like a modern NSX than the "NSX"...

  • widukind 66
    widukind 66 19 giorni fa


  • Chet Baigh
    Chet Baigh 19 giorni fa +1

    You’ll want to get in here.. The C8 Corvette Owners group on Facebook. Lookers welcome too 🙂 -

  • Magicmeatbag
    Magicmeatbag 20 giorni fa

    That white color looks so good.

  • mjr102395
    mjr102395 22 giorni fa

    Lexus can get 560 horse out of a naturally aspirated 4.8 ltr engine. The most these clowns could do is 490 from a 6.2.. Im sure it will break down after the warranty runs out as do most gm's .. And i own a 2015 silverado.. So yes i know

  • Astroxy
    Astroxy 22 giorni fa

    Is it true youre going to get more speeding tickets in this car?

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 23 giorni fa +1

    Too bad it’s got a Camaro ass

  • Rich Hilton
    Rich Hilton 23 giorni fa

    Looks like a crummy camero in the back and a Ferrari on crack in the front!! Chevy junk

  • chedda 3000
    chedda 3000 23 giorni fa

    Patiently waiting on the Z06...

  • Jason V.
    Jason V. 23 giorni fa

    Complete perfection. The design is art work......Mr. Peters should NOT are in your prime after seeing this. The only one thing I would scrap are the tragic Camaro rear lights. A++++ job.

  • randy beard
    randy beard 23 giorni fa

    Zero to sixty under 3 sec.--folks that is Fast...

  • stephen g
    stephen g 24 giorni fa

    what about oil cooler(s)? trans cooler(s)? and why is the car heavier than a c7, they got rid of the drive shaft, torque tube (which is steel on base models)t and 10 feet of exhaust pipes -that should equate to at least a couple hundred pounds weight savings...skid pad? launch control? weight bias? rear axle ratio? and why the skinny sorry to say this but the new "base model" doesnt look like a "poor man's ferrari", it looks like a rich man's honda....there..i've said too much and i promiosed myself i wouldnt cry...i think ill keep my c5z06

  • I
    I 24 giorni fa +2

    Enjoy the giant row of tacky plastic buttons taken from the Chevy Cruze and the Camaro rear end they just slapped on there! It looks like a child's rendering of a sports car with swoopy lines and scoops everywhere his little hands could draw them. What a disjointed, hideous abomination of car design! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
    P.S. No manual!? What a p.o.s!

    • Faithful Servant
      Faithful Servant 23 giorni fa

      Check it out over at Leno's.
      Wait to you hear the NO engine sound👎 that goes with the Camaro rear end.👎🤣

  • Corazon del Oro
    Corazon del Oro 24 giorni fa +1

    the white one just looks freakin' elegant.

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 24 giorni fa +1

    60k :o. I want one, please sell in Colombia, greetings from Bogota.

  • Noneyalls Biddness
    Noneyalls Biddness 24 giorni fa

    I need to have more kids to that I can buy a C8. NOW.

  • Epic Sloth
    Epic Sloth 24 giorni fa

    I need to hurry up and pay my truck off so I can trade it in for the C8.

  • Motor Cidy
    Motor Cidy 24 giorni fa

    Mine will be Orange!!!

  • Aquaman Aquaman
    Aquaman Aquaman 24 giorni fa

    I love it!

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 25 giorni fa


  • madcow usa
    madcow usa 25 giorni fa

    Drive a beat up Prius commuter box approaching 200K miles, but, damn, that's a nice looking car with super sport motorcycle acceleration. Has me interested down the road.

  • Dante E
    Dante E 25 giorni fa

    Is a $7,000 down payment and chapter 7 bankruptcy on my credit report good enough to get me approved for this car? 😍😍😂

  • Stephen Scott
    Stephen Scott 25 giorni fa

    Bravo Chevy! A new mid -engine Vette with almost 500 HP and 0-60 under 4 seconds for $60K? Wow! This may be the greatest bargain in high performance cars ever. Wow!

  • J. Vaughn
    J. Vaughn 26 giorni fa

    For the DIY modding type of fellas, an entry level brand new vette at 60k has HUGE potential... for us not so hands on folks, additions would and will get pretty pricey when ya sitting there negotiating, and realizing what you want and what that base model has, if you truly want more than being able to pull up in a vette... as my guy in the video says "if you want a super car, you gotta have super car features" that's gonna and gotta be more than just aesthetics...

  • Frank Mummolo
    Frank Mummolo 26 giorni fa +3

    I have never been a Corvette fan. That has all just changed. Wow!

  • The Real c too
    The Real c too 26 giorni fa

    Super car? Super cars don't get left behind at the stoplight by family sedans (Model S is a family sedan). The tech in the Corvette C8 was obsolete years ago. Time to move on.

  • Buktownx
    Buktownx 26 giorni fa +2

    Doesn't look like a Vette least bring back the round taillights.

  • Etienne 777
    Etienne 777 26 giorni fa

    So it's between this and the model 3?

  • dipxor
    dipxor 26 giorni fa


  • Rafael Brown
    Rafael Brown 26 giorni fa

    Poor man's Ferrari.

  • Z3 VT
    Z3 VT 26 giorni fa

    How fast? Sale day: $0-$60,000 in less than 3 seconds! 👍

  • Art Laz
    Art Laz 26 giorni fa

    That alien looking old guy designed the c8?

  • Justin McRoberts
    Justin McRoberts 26 giorni fa

    And just like that, the resale value of the C7s have PLUMMETED even worse than normal!!! When it comes in dark green with tan leather, I will buy one. My first Corvette was when I was 27 years old in 2008. Im 37 years old and Im interested in the new C8 as a daily.

  • Octane Street
    Octane Street 26 giorni fa

    The pricing of the car is easily the most staggering thing about the presentation. I love that this Beautiful car won't necessarily be a rare sight and instead you'll get to hear and see one fly by possibly often on a nice summer day; and it's all thanks to that pricing.

  • Michael Ortega
    Michael Ortega 26 giorni fa +1

    I anticipate the death of corvette maintenance should be much more expensive because they must take out the entire engine to perform any repair vs vehicle value?

  • Arizona Tea
    Arizona Tea 26 giorni fa +1

    Am I getting this Ferrari-challenger for quarter the price vibe just like the NSX did back in the 90s? If so wow

    • T Croft
      T Croft 25 giorni fa

      Well it a lot slower than the top F's even in Z51 but on price..but then if you want a F price isnt a big thing

  • Ray Wright
    Ray Wright 26 giorni fa

    Compared to the old corvette, this is a 10. Compared to most cars in this price point, which is closer to 80+ with basic options you need, this corvette is a 7.5.

  • sodrav
    sodrav 26 giorni fa +1

    Love it ... love it ... love it ... can't wait for the RHD versions to make it to Australia :0)

  • Cesar Gianella
    Cesar Gianella 26 giorni fa

    Corvette NEVER Is going to be a super car ... super car is reserved for a TRUE super car ... Corvette is in a domestic league...

    • John Potter
      John Potter 24 giorni fa

      You saying this doesn’t make it true. Let’s wait for some track times and reviews.

    • Cesar Gianella
      Cesar Gianella 24 giorni fa

      Corvette is a want to be a super car ... over night is not going to happen

    • John Potter
      John Potter 25 giorni fa

      Cesar Gianella it’s damn close tho

  • Taylor Rhodes
    Taylor Rhodes 26 giorni fa

    A deal too good to be true usually is. Where did they cut corners? There’s a reason no mid-engine supercar in history has been cheap. This thing is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • John S
    John S 27 giorni fa

    A new owner will have to learn the center row of buttons blindfolded, otherwise you have to take your eyes off the road for a moment or two to find what button you want.

  • GQwitanother1
    GQwitanother1 27 giorni fa

    what if they put the zr1 engine in the 2020 model it will make over 800hp OMG🤫🤫

    • guitarplayergeek
      guitarplayergeek 24 giorni fa

      I heard that they had more power but decided it didn't help performance. This is the optimal hp/torque Chevy says.

  • ETOutdoors
    ETOutdoors 27 giorni fa

    Its hideous, looks like something Ferrari built 10-15 years ago.

  • Jim Pittman
    Jim Pittman 27 giorni fa

    I want the ZO6

  • Black Ocean
    Black Ocean 27 giorni fa +4

    You can rent a mustang at enterprise for 30 bucks a day. I see cheap bland base mustangs everywhere I go and I grew to not like them

    • Black Ocean
      Black Ocean 23 giorni fa

      Reel Deal facts

    • Reel Deal
      Reel Deal 25 giorni fa +1

      Black Ocean same here I wanted on so bad but realized later on they're not worth dream car is a Corvette Grandsport and I'm looking to stunt on those horses in a few years

  • BitMex Trades
    BitMex Trades 27 giorni fa

    775 mil retooling wtf