Unhelpful Guide to Boy Story

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  • Pubblicato il 26 giu 2018
  • Hello guys! I'm back again with another Boy Story video💙
    Some clips in this video credited to Boy Story Book. One of my fav Boy Story fan channel. Plz subscribe to them cuz they uploads eng subbed Boy Story videos. Here's the link
    Please keep support Boy Story! Love y'all 💙💙

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  • Sugar And spice
    Sugar And spice 10 minuti fa

    My bias is Xin Long😫 he maybe have same age like me😄

  • Joud Asia
    Joud Asia Giorno fa

    People my age finally 😂😂

  • Shimar
    Shimar Giorno fa

    They pour the milk before the cereal-

  • Daddy Monoma
    Daddy Monoma 2 giorni fa

    They suck

  • Libby💓💓
    Libby💓💓 3 giorni fa

    The one that can’t hold in his laugh is literally me in the worse times

  • mimivd_uwu
    mimivd_uwu 4 giorni fa

    I have this same feeling as I did when Na Haeun debuted. Just awkward but no hate. Just awkward...😐

    BEAR SCREAM 4 giorni fa

    They're cute but- uhm the top comment is how I feel to be exact so I'd stay stanning 20+ kpop idols cos --

  • Ayat start
    Ayat start 5 giorni fa

    Love you xin long love you

  • Student ViktoriaNatalya Ancog

    Okey so we know the leader is a psychopath because he puts milk before cereal

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  5 giorni fa

      Psychopath? Every chinese did this. show some respect jeez it's not like putting milk first is a crime

  • James Sudhir Sarker
    James Sudhir Sarker 6 giorni fa

    They are still older than meh - _-

  • My Hellevator
    My Hellevator 7 giorni fa


  • My Hellevator
    My Hellevator 8 giorni fa

    I'm older than the two youngest of them

  • optionally gracie
    optionally gracie 8 giorni fa +1


  • Asian Potato
    Asian Potato 8 giorni fa +1

    I have never been almost the same age as a idol but the youngest is still older but who cares cri cri (tears of joy) 😭😭😭

  • Mochi bear and Kookie
    Mochi bear and Kookie 9 giorni fa +1

    I’m 12-13 SO I CAN STAN A GROUP MY AGE :’)

  • Cam Chida uwu
    Cam Chida uwu 9 giorni fa

    1:28 putting milk first huh?

  • Hobi's Beaner
    Hobi's Beaner 10 giorni fa

    Can you imagine how professional and serious they will be when they grow up?

  • Frutiee
    Frutiee 10 giorni fa

    *puts milk before cereal*
    iM tRigGereED

  • Pearl Moons
    Pearl Moons 10 giorni fa

    he did a rubix cube in 40 seconds...I have no words

  • Ermalito bayo
    Ermalito bayo 11 giorni fa

    How old are they?

  • ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ

    This is weird.....do these kids live in a dorm? If they did then, I can't believe it. They are like 10-14 years old, so WTF

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  11 giorni fa

      @ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ luckily older bosses expressed their love and support as parents' love and support. Boss called themselves mama and baba of boy story

    • ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ
      ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ 11 giorni fa

      @kanatamaurèn Oh, if that's the case then....okay. I understand why now. The last thing I am concerned out is their fans. How will that turn out?

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  11 giorni fa

      @ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ it's normal in china for being idol in young ages

    • ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ
      ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ 11 giorni fa

      @kanatamaurèn Ah, I see. I just don't understand why they debuted so early, they still in elementary + middle school

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  11 giorni fa

      They're from different provinces in China not from Beijing so they need to live in a dorm. All the trainees from far countries and or region will also live in a dorm tho

  • JK's wifeu
    JK's wifeu 13 giorni fa


  • Nikto
    Nikto 13 giorni fa

    8:11 really?

  • namtiddies
    namtiddies 14 giorni fa

    this is what got me into boy story

  • yaaass queen
    yaaass queen 14 giorni fa +2

    I came after "We Busy". Finally found something.

  • Tapashi Devi
    Tapashi Devi 15 giorni fa

    Finally,there is a whole group of boys in which all the members are younger than me 😰😰😰😰😰

  • Sprites good
    Sprites good 15 giorni fa

    *and that kids is how I became a kpop idol* hahah like that's ever gonna happen. But honestly Boys Story inspired me that I can still be a kpop singer even if I am 11. *cough* shu yang *cough*

  • Spill the NCTea
    Spill the NCTea 15 giorni fa

    I know this is late but can someone tell me where the video of mingrui at the airport eating is from

  • Kpop Fan named Tiffany
    Kpop Fan named Tiffany 15 giorni fa +1

    They're still older then me 😭😭😭 I'm eleven yet they're still older 😭😭😭

  • Scarlet 117
    Scarlet 117 15 giorni fa

    wow, these kids are doing more in their lives than I ever did when I was their age...

  • Victoria Barrios
    Victoria Barrios 16 giorni fa

    10:05 I was thinking that

  • Princess Adindu
    Princess Adindu 16 giorni fa

    Eye- I feel old wtf I’ve never been older than a male k-pop idol before 😳

    THAT WEIRDO 16 giorni fa +3

    I thought they were dancing to I’ma boss a** bit**

    • Hiraimai *
      Hiraimai * 13 giorni fa +1


  • Rise Kirishima
    Rise Kirishima 17 giorni fa

    Okay but is there a fandom name?????

  • I am, , Yoongi's bitch
    I am, , Yoongi's bitch 17 giorni fa

    I CAN'T OMG I LITERALLY HATE MYSELF SO MUCH when I saw this 7:04 the first thing that came to mind was the can you eat pxxxy like that vine OOOHHH NOOOO WHY AM I LIKE THISSS 😔😭😢

  • Jiyang Xie Vlogs
    Jiyang Xie Vlogs 17 giorni fa

    2:03 they treat each other more respectfully than band members usually do :). In Chinese he even said, gege (korean = hyung, English = Brother) sit down, how nice

  • Nevaeh WLker
    Nevaeh WLker 19 giorni fa

    Wait that boy isnt actually jacksons brtoher ay

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  19 giorni fa +1

      Yes ofc not they're just really close to each other🤣

  • Carrot Girl
    Carrot Girl 19 giorni fa

    I hate the fact that im younger than the youngest in the group by 7 months

  • Lily Kim
    Lily Kim 20 giorni fa

    She Yang is still freaking older than me by a month ㅠㅅ ㅠ

  • sean lynch
    sean lynch 20 giorni fa


  • nekori666
    nekori666 20 giorni fa

    and we are shipping Jia Bao and Gou Gou bc we don't needa sexualize them but make them soft and cute uwu

  • nekori666
    nekori666 20 giorni fa

    By now there's also Enough, Oh My Gosh and Too Busy

  • Viviene Carlos
    Viviene Carlos 21 giorno fa

    I've never Stan a group around my age and right now it feels...weird or either awkward

  • joisme
    joisme 21 giorno fa

    Wowie finally a group I can fantasize about meeting without it feeling creepy cuz of a age gap lol

  • Chae yunnah
    Chae yunnah 21 giorno fa +1

    Xin long give me got7 youngjae Vive
    He kinda look like him
    LAUGH so hard too😂

    IGOT7 STAYS 21 giorno fa

    Wh- what is going on-
    Y'all are going to jail PERIOOOD
    [Sorry, but i had to put in the meme refrence 🙄]
    ( ish got me dumb triggered lowkey.. and then they had the nerve to warm that shit up🤧😧😒😂)

  • Haley pilgrim
    Haley pilgrim 21 giorno fa +2

    SINNERS they poured the milk first ;-;

  • OT7RM
    OT7RM 21 giorno fa +1

    I’m a noona now

  • Peachii Yeonjun
    Peachii Yeonjun 21 giorno fa +1

    5:06 what's that tiny little thing rolling in the bg ruining qiqi's dance off!? >-

    TAEHEE TV 22 giorni fa +4

    I have .0001% dating the members because of their age but...........
    0000000x0000000 because I’ll never go to where they live!

  • xMina
    xMina 23 giorni fa

    I’m 13
    just realize that I’m better than Zi Hao at Rubik’s cube

    I’m happy

  • bts whore
    bts whore 23 giorni fa

    they cute im 13 but do i have a chance? no. not at all

  • Insomnia Armyland
    Insomnia Armyland 23 giorni fa +1

    I am older than Shuyang by 2 months and he is freaking short! No disrespect though.

  • Ashton and samanta play
    Ashton and samanta play 24 giorni fa +2

    *Me trying to be not ashamed cuz I am 1 year younger than the youngest member*

  • Ok
    Ok 24 giorni fa +2

    But how old are they?

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  24 giorni fa

      Hanyu (2004), Zihao (2004), Xinlong (2005), Zeyu (2005), Mingrui (2006), Shuyang (2007)

  • fļøŕą Jűñē
    fļøŕą Jűñē 24 giorni fa +4

    Wtf- I should be doing my homeworks. What am I doing here???😂

  • Britney Gomez
    Britney Gomez 24 giorni fa +1

    If these boys get haters, ima fight a bitch🔥🔥💢💢

  • Britney Gomez
    Britney Gomez 24 giorni fa

    I think 3 of the members are at least my age😂🥰🥰and course I've been standing them

  • Tannah LEWCZUK
    Tannah LEWCZUK 25 giorni fa +1

    My bias and I can’t hold in our laughs. He’s two years older than me :P 😂

  • sophywithluv _
    sophywithluv _ 25 giorni fa +1


  • Sunwoo’s Vocals
    Sunwoo’s Vocals 25 giorni fa

    Han Yu has my heart

  • Keysha Audia
    Keysha Audia 25 giorni fa

    Hanyu at the same age with me but he is very independent😭😭😭😭

  • Hot Tae and Kookies
    Hot Tae and Kookies 25 giorni fa +1

    Xin Long’s laughs are so freaking adorable wtf

  • Kami The Gymnast
    Kami The Gymnast 25 giorni fa

    I’m still younger than them

  • m.107
    m.107 25 giorni fa +1

    they look too young how old are they ????

    • kanatamaurèn
      kanatamaurèn  25 giorni fa

      Hanyu (2004), Zihao (2004), Xinlong (2005), Zeyu (2005), Mingrui (2006), Shuyang (2007)

  • sanisa massart
    sanisa massart 25 giorni fa

    Well i was born in 2006 soo makes good

  • Jaehyun’s_ Dimples
    Jaehyun’s_ Dimples 25 giorni fa


    *my last braincell during a test*

  • phili paris pari ma belle
    phili paris pari ma belle 25 giorni fa +3

    Yoongi : THAT'S MY SON!!

  • Olta Rama
    Olta Rama 25 giorni fa

    How old are they even?12?13?Whaaaaaaat...?

  • Lena
    Lena 25 giorni fa

    i’m finally a noona! well only a noona to the maknae but still

  • AnimeLover1234
    AnimeLover1234 25 giorni fa

    I felt very untalented and unaccomplished watching this
    But then again when do I not

  • 8-Bit Sketch
    8-Bit Sketch 25 giorni fa

    I’m like the same age yet these kids make me feel old

  • The Mighty Derp
    The Mighty Derp 25 giorni fa

    whispers jjJJjyyYYyPPPppp

  • PreŤŤy ŠumiŇa
    PreŤŤy ŠumiŇa 25 giorni fa +1


  • Iroda Kakhorova
    Iroda Kakhorova 26 giorni fa

    At first I was like they all are younger then but when I went and checked there profiles I was like wth wow I thought I was older then them all but I am actually younger them all , but I atkeast would be older then the youngest member if I was earlier than him 😂🤣 I am just a couple months younger youngest member